This 18-year-old cartoonist promotes positivity through a genderless, pink bean


Harry Hambley from Cardiff is only 18, but he’s something of an Instagram sensation.

In June 2016, Hambley put up his first cartoon on Instagram.

U found me 🐉 #no1

A post shared by Ketnipz (@ketnipz) on Jun 7, 2016 at 12:38pm PDT

Hambley is the artist behind the webcomic . It’s an odd name for a comic, and purposefully devoid of meaning.

“The name doesn’t really mean much, except that it sounds fun and that it’s a lot different from typical titles,” Hambley told Mashable. “It’s purposely ambiguous, so that it doesn’t get associated with anything in particular — meaning I can keep using it when I decide to explore different creative fields or ideas.” Read more…

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Give Pink some love: She's trying to sing at the Super Bowl with the flu


This year’s flu season keeps getting worse. Its latest target is none other than Pink, who’s supposed to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

In a distressed Instagram post, the singer wrote that “one of the biggest honors of my life” is now “slowly becoming a sort of nightmare.” Presumably a snot-filled, exhausting nightmare.

She asked fans to spread the love and hold the germs in an Instagram post featuring a photo of the singer, bleary-eyed and wrapped in a scarf, trying to practice before the big game. 

“Trying to practice the flu away,” she wrote — and we’re not doctors, but we’re pretty sure that’s not how it works, unfortunately. Read more…

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Rose Pink Galaxy S8 and S8+ launch in the UK

Last June, Samsung announced Rose Pink color options for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, but it was initially available exclusively in South Korea and Taiwan, with the promise that it would make its way over to Europe later in 2017. Well, Samsung missed the deadline by a hair (or two), but the rose-colored S8 and S8+ are finally launching in Europe  albeit only in the UK at the time being.
The new color variation, which Samsung describes as “inspired by nature,” “sophisticated and modern,” joins the existing color lineup of Arctic Silver, Midnight Black, Coral Blue, and …

"Exclusive" rose pink Galaxy S8 will soon make its way to Europe

Rose pink Samsung Galaxy S8 units will soon hit the shelves in Europe. Dutch retailer Belsimpel has the phone available for pre-order on its website. 

This particular color variation of the 2017 Samsung flagship was initially distributed solely in Taiwan, where nearly 30% of the handsets sold are tinted in some sort of rose hue. It was assumed that rose pink would remain exclusive to Taiwan and South Korea, but it looks like this won’t be the case. Last month, Samsung confirmed that it will launch the Galaxy S8 and …

A regular Galaxy S8 in Rose Pink may actually exist

Around the end of June, we got word that Sammy is preparing a Galaxy S8+ in a bright and sparkly pink color. The bad news was that it was a limited run for the Taiwanese market only and that only the large S8+ would have the paint job.

Well, we suppose it did OK, because a new rumor claims that another run of pink Sammy flagships is about to launch — this time, we are expecting a Galaxy S8 in Rose Pink hitting Eastern Europe.

The report comes from serial leakster Roland Quandt, who is usually quite on point with his predictions. According to him, the new color is about to launch on …

Samsung just announced a flashy pink Galaxy S8+ variant, and you can't have it

Given the current overcrowded smartphone market, it’s a bit of a mystery why most manufacturers choose dull, lifeless colors for their flagship phones: surely chasing the best-in-line specs doesn’t imply not caring about looks, no? Still, a couple of the big names on the market have been making baby steps toward a more colorful future: HTC and Huawei are the first that come to mind, but it might be time to add Samsung to this list, as well.

This is, you see, because its latest flagship, the Galaxy S8, has had its fair share of unorthodox variants: apart …

Hands-on with the Bronze Pink Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Earlier this week, Sony announced a Bronze Pink variant of the Xperia XZ Premium – the company’s latest flagship smartphone. Today, at a Sony event, we had the chance to go hands-on with the Bronze Pink XZ Premium, and we’re more than happy to share photos of this particular model with you.

Now, the Bronze Pink Xperia XZ Premium certainly looks interesting, but we wouldn’t say that this is a color for everyone. Nevertheless, it can be a great choice for customers who may not find the other two color versions of the phone (black and chrome) too appealing.

Sony says that the Bronze …

Sony Xperia XZ Premium gets a new Bronze Pink color variation

Sony’s 2017 flagship, the Xperia XZ Premium, will be available in one additional color variation upon release. The Japanese tech giant took to Twitter to announce a brand new “Bronze Pink” hue for the device.

Introducing #Xperia XZ Premium in Bronze Pink… Turning heads with warm, blush tones and diamond-cut:— Sony Xperia (@sonyxperia) April 24, 2017

As you may know, Sony managed to surprise many at this year’s MWC with the introduction of the XZ Premium. Although the large bezels …

iPhone 6S pink phone skins making machine

iPhone 6S pink version can be customized by DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine within 1 minute all by yourself. It can cut the translucence pink vinyl film into phone skinsfor iPhone 6. Once apply the pink cell phone skins on iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 becomes pink iPhone 6S! Amazing!

The phone skins software in above picture is called the 3D Daqin mobile beauty master, which is a stand-alone version of software that run on windows computer. It’s used for designing customized mobile skins for more than 3,000 models of smartphones in the world.

To produce pink iPhone 6S skin, firstly we need to run the software and then select brand Apple and model iPhone 6. The template of iPhone 6 will be displayed in the editing area. The cutting plotter will cut the phone skins according to this highly accurate template. Secondly take an A4 size sheet of pink color translucence vinyl film from DAQIN, and then put it into the phone skins machine for cutting. Within 30 seconds the cutting process will be completed and you can take the well-made cell phone skins out.

The apple logo, camera and camera flash will be exposed while other parts of the phone will be covered with the translucence vinyl skin. The pink translucence skin has increased the visual appeal.

Except for the pink color, there are many other colors to choose from for the DAQIN translucence vinyl film, such as blue, green, yellow, black, red, purple, orange, white…etc. Also, there are multiple opaque films can make custom mobile skins. Each opaque film material are with different textures and visual effect, such as the crocodile leather film, zebra-striped leather film, wood grain film, desert rocks film, lightning ink film, 3D water drops film, color shining film, super shining film…etc.

Additionally, DAQIN cell phone machine can not only produce skins for iPhone, but also for many other brand mobile phone such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Blackberry, Coolpad, Lenovo, ZTE, Xiaomi and many other mobile phone brand in the world. Newly published model of smartphone will be added into the software in time, such as iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The DAQIN machines are for commercial purpose, which can be used for starting your own small business of custom mobile phone stickers for any brand smartphone, tablet and laptop in the world. 1 person is enough for the whole making process of one cell phone skins of any brand.

Custom Cellphone stickers, phone skins and cell phone skins are the popular Mobile Phone Skin Design System and these deals are available on DAQIN MOBILE PRINK.

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