Nokia 6 (2018) leaks in real-life pics just before its rumored debut tomorrow

New-fangled Nokia fans already know that the company is prepping itself to reveal a refreshed version of its Nokia 6 soon, uninterestingly dubbed the Nokia 6 (2018), which will be boosting things up with a a speedier series-600 chip, more RAM, and up to 64GB of native storage. The rest of the specs so far seem to be the same as the ones of last year’s regular Nokia 6. 

Supposedly, the slightly-revamped Nokia 6 could see the light of day as early as tomorrow, January 5, though that’s merely a speculation just yet.
Just like that, however, a bunch …

How to take better looking foodie pics with your smartphone

If you follow me on social media, you probably notice this theme of me sharing a ton of foodie pictures quite frequently. I’m not afraid to say I have a huge appetite, especially for dishes that arouse the nasal passages, but when it comes to sharing what I’m about to feast on, I’ve managed to iron down the process that’s required to take some drool inducing photos using my smartphone. Seriously, some of the shots I’ve taken myself caused me to salivate looking back at them – then again, the way the shots were composed initially really helped to capture the essence of these foodie pics.

Today’s …

Good intentions that might lead to hell: 40,000 profile pics scraped from Tinder for AI experiment

There are numerous privacy concerns about online dating and there are many good reasons behind them. A recent event gives us a great example and makes us wonder if pictures posted to Tinder and other similar platforms are as secure as we are used to believe. Because, as TechCrunch reports, a user of the machine-learning platform Kaggle downloaded 40,000 selfies posted on the dating platform … and it was a piece of cake.

This act is a typical example of good intentions that might pave the road to hell. The report says Stuart Colianni snatched the people’s profile photos from Tinder, with …