The Galaxy Note 9 may include a physical shutter button that can also take screenshots

Following in the footsteps of the Galaxy S9 series, the Galaxy Note 9 was initially expected to include a volume rocker alongside a power key and a dedicated Bixby button. However, thanks to a recently-leaked Galaxy Note 9 case, the existence of an unknown extra physical button was revealed. Now, if new information obtained by Korean news outlet Herald is anything to go by, it turns out the button may actually be quite practical.

According to the publication, Samsung recently filed a trademark for something called “perfect capture technology,” which hints at the new button being a shutter …

Report: Next Apple Watch to trade physical buttons for touch-sensitive ones

Apple’s next smartwatch is likely to bring some design changes that will actually differentiate it from the previous models. Apparently, the Cupertino-based company plans to drop physical buttons in favor of touch-sensitive ones.

Fast Company reports that a source with knowledge of Apple’s plans says that the next Watch will feature the same button configuration as the current model, but the new buttons will be based on haptic feedback, which means they will vibrate at the user’s touch.

As with all things it uses, Apple has its own name for this technology – Taptic Engine. While the …

10 phones with terribly designed physical keyboards

Rarely spotted in the wild nowadays, there was a time when the majority of smartphones featured physical keyboards. In the early 2000s, we saw a barrage of these so-called “smartphones” attempting to bridge the gap between the phone and mobile computing experiences – with the aid of physical keyboards, of course. They definitely helped to emulate the desktop experience on a mobile scale!

With the arrival of touchscreens, especially ones that employed capacitive technology, physical keyboards soon saw themselves in decline. Eventually, smartphones opted to go with the all-screen …

BlackBerry shows you how to use the KEYone's physical keyboard to manually adjust the camera (VIDEO)

The BlackBerry KEYone’s physical QWERTY keyboard is one of the best ever attached to a smartphone. Not only does it make typing fun again once you get the hang of it, the KEYone QWERTY also doubles as a trackpad and each letter can be used for two shortcuts. Saying that this is the most versatile keyboard ever found on a handset would be an understatement. And today, a new video released by BlackBerry Mobile shows you how to manually adjust the camera using the keys on the physical QWERTY keyboard.

With the manual mode, you can use the KEYone QWERTY to focus, adjust the white balance, …

BlackBerry KEYone now available in physical Sprint retail stores

Sprint is the carrier to go in the United States if you are looking for exotic phones. The nation’s fourth largest mobile operator also sells the newest BlackBerry KeyOne phone, one of very few in 2017 to have a full QWERTY keyboard.
But up until now, you could only buy the BlackBerry KeyOne online, and you could not find it in Sprint’s physical retail stores. This changes today, as the carrier is bringing the phone to its network of brick and mortar stores, and you can just walk in and get yours.
The BlackBerry KeyOne …

Unreleased Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset leaks with physical QWERTY in tow

Amid the excitement generated by the physical QWERTY keyboard on the BlackBerry KEYone, a leak has revealed that back in 2012, Nokia had a Windows Phone powered handset prepped for the business market. Featuring a front-facing physical QWERTY keyboard, the handset ran an early version of Windows Phone 8 but was never released. The unit was known as the Nokia RX-100, and photographs of the phone have been discovered on a website in China. The device does show a  resemblance to the 2011 Nokia E6, which also was equipped with a physical QWERTY keyboard, but was powered by Symbian.

The …

This is what the Galaxy S8 would have looked like if it had a physical home button

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ changed the brand’s design more than any other Galaxy before them. Not only that they went nearly bezel-less, but they’re also the first of the Galaxy family to get rid of the physical home button.

This made for an impressive jump in design, but this may not have always been the final plan for the Galaxy S8 and its bigger sibling. Thanks to a patent filed with the European Trade Mark and Design Network, we now have the chance to see how these two phones would look with actual, physical home buttons.

As you can see by the images below, the difference …

Company developing a physical QWERTY keyboard Moto Mod will meet with Lenovo and Verizon

Last month, we told you about a company called Livermorium that is developing a third-party physical QWERTY keyboard Moto Mod. The accessory is listed on Indiegogo where the company is trying to raise the $100,000 it needs to guarantee production. With 15-days left on the crowdfunding site, Livermorium has raised a tad more than $47,000 from 638 backers. If you like the idea of adding a QWERTY keyboard to your Moto Z device, you might want to donate $60 for a Super Early Bird model. The company plans on selling them for $120 at retail, if it can get the necessary funding.

Looking very similar …

BlackBerry KEYone preview: let's bring the physical keyboard back from the dead!

… because, why not?

The BlackBerry Mercury has been living a strange life thus far – announced by TCL & BlackBerry back in January, but left unnamed (aside from the unofficial ‘Mercury’ tag). They’d show it to us, but they wouldn’t tell us exactly what we’re looking at. Well, today the makers of the phone are finally ready to reveal more about it, including its real name, and THANK GOD it’s not DTEK-something. That was the good news. The bad news is it’s called BlackBerry KEYone, which doesn’t feel like much of a step up from DTEK.
Naming troubles …

What do you get when you combine a smartwatch with physical watch hands? The MyKronoz ZeTime

If you’re someone who still hasn’t picked up a smartwatch to accompany your phone, chances are the slew of new products from major manufactures aren’t swaying your decision in the slightest. While the LG Watch Style and Sport are nice showcases for Android Wear 2.0 and the Huawei Watch 2 looks to be a promising wearable for someone who’s a fan of rugged and sporty designs, there’s nothing all that revolutionary about these gadgets when compared to their predecessors.
MyKronoz is a company that you’ve likely never heard of, but the company just announced one of the …