Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccino tastes like sugar and regret (but I took many photos)


Nothing says Christmas like a cold cup of sugar. 

At least that’s what I kept telling myself as I took a sip, and another one of the Christmas Tree Frappuccino. It’s Starbucks’ latest concoction that has people running out to corporate coffee shops, where they spend $5 and most likely take a bunch of smartphone photos to later post on social media. 

Like this: 

I have amended this

— Kerry Flynn 🐶 (@kerrymflynn) December 10, 2017

Like any good business reporter, I jumped on the trend Sunday. After my editor shared a piece by The Denver Post reviewing the drink and some tweets of people’s reactions, I asked if I could go get one and try it myself. Because that, my friends, is reporting.  Read more…

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Google Photos creates automatic holiday-themed movies from your old Christmas photos

image source: Android Police

Seems like Google is expanding the automatic slideshows in Photos to include festive, Christmas-themed shots. If you use Google Photos, but somehow didn’t know about this, the app often does these videos by sifting through your photos and picking a bunch with a common theme to use in a ‘movie’. It could be your kids or pets growing up, photos from your most recent vacation, or simply memories from holidays past.

Reports indicate that Google Photos has started pushing notifications with holiday-themed slideshows …

DxO One Android camera add-on promises "pro-level" photos for $499

The DxO One camera add-on was originally launched for the iPhone in 2015, with the promise that it would eventually make its way to Android. Back in October of this year, DxO announced that the One will soon be launching for Android through an early access program, and it’s made good on that promise. The 20MP camera add-on is now available for Android phones, starting at the same price as its iPhone counterpart.

The add-on is compatible with almost every Android phone equipped with a USB-C port and promises “professional quality” photos and ample versatility …

Latest update for Google Photos adds text recognition in Lens, light navbar

Earlier this month, we told you about Google’s plans to at least partially combat screen burn-in on its OLED smartphones by more widely implementing light-colored navigation bars in its apps. Google Photos is the latest of the bunch to gain a white navbar in the latest update, but it’s not the only change in tow.

Google Lens in Photos 3.10 also gets an additional feature, allowing users to export recognized characters from an image in text form. Making use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Google Lens can now recognize text in images and allows users to highlight lines …

Version 24 of Instagram for Android allows you to remix photos from friends

The latest version of Instagram, available now, allows you to take photos sent to you by friends in a private message, and remix them. Tapping the camera icon at the bottom of the screen allows you to add all sorts of doodles to the picture. Besides doodling, you can add text, stickers and drawings. You can even remix pictures and send them back and forth to the person who originally sent the message to you. Another new feature now allows you to control the number of times that your friends and family members can playback one of your messages.

The two reply options include “One View” for …

Google Contacts for Android updated with action buttons, large contact photos, more

Google recently updated the Contacts app for Android devices with several improvements that are supposed to make it much easier to use.

There aren’t any new features added in the update except for the action buttons in the contacts, which will make it easier to call, text, and do other needed stuff.

The developers also announced that they have listened to user feedback and have decided to bring back the large contact photos. Furthermore, the latest version of Contacts will now allow users to merge all their duplicate contacts at once.

Also, you can …

OnePlus 5T hands-on photos and full specs leak out

Want to see the OnePlus 5T before its official unveiling?
Well, now you can, as the phone’s been inadvertently revealed by ZDNet Germany
in a series of photos that show the upcoming handset both on its own, and alongside
the OnePlus 5 and a couple of other smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2). Moreover, we’re getting an
exhaustive OnePlus 5T specs sheet to check out.  


As you can see below, there aren’t any surprises when it
comes to the design of the OnePlus 5T. Just as most rumors predicted, the
handset looks a lot like the Oppo R11s, sporting a 6-inch AMOLED …

Photos show iPhone X boxes waiting to ship; video reveals what is under the lid of the box

So let’s say that you pre-ordered your Apple iPhone X. What happens next? No, not to you, but to the boxes containing the iPhone X. Well luckily for everyone, tipster Benjamin Geskin’s dad isn’t an engineer at Apple, so no one will lose their job after we show you images of the Apple iPhone X retail box awaiting the long and winding journey to an Apple Store, or maybe to your front door at home.

Another photo shows the silver version of the iPhone X being stared at by some one whose reflection can be seen bouncing off the back of the phone. Check out the vertically mounted dual rear-facing …

Some Android users aren't seeing their recent snaps on Google Photos even though they are backed up

Google Photos is having a problem. Some users say that after October 14th, images that are uploaded to the application are not showing up on the mobile or desktop site, although they are getting backed up. We know they are getting backed up because they appear on the Google Photos app on other devices, and are stored in the cloud via Google Drive. To check if you are affected by the problem, upload a new picture on your phone and see if it appears at If you don’t see it, or any other images dated October 15th or later, you do have the problem.

Android users are complaining …

A Brooklyn chemist's 1800s photos capture New York in motion


June 26, 1886

Jamie Swan jumps off a short stone wall at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn.

Image: Wallace G. Levison/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Wallace G. Levison was a chemist, inventor, and lecturer who founded the Departments of Mineralogy and Astronomy at the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences in the latter half of the 19th century.

He was also an avid photographer, using the new technology both as a scientific tool and a recreational activity.

As the dawn of the 20th century approached, newer, more sensitive film emulsions were developed that allowed pictures to be taken with faster and faster shutter speeds. Read more…

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