Microsoft launches Photos Companion app for easy phone-to-PC photo transfers

Microsoft has announced the launch of its Photos Companion app on both iOS and Android. The app lets you easily copy pictures from your iOS/Android device to your Windows 10 PC wirelessly and hassle-free. 

The Photos Companion app works in combination with the native Photos app in Windows 10, but to use its features, you need to go through quite the routine. Worry not, as it sounds less complicated than it actually is. 
First, you need to launch the Photos app on your computer. Be sure that the app is updated to the latest version.Then you click …

Google is celebrating Valentine's Day with create-your-own movies in Google Photos

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Google is rolling out create-your-own themed movies in the Google Photos app and on the web.

Previously, Google Photos automatically made movies for you based on special days or trips, but until today we have never been able to make our own before. 
The process is really quite simple: go into the Assistant tab of the Google Photos app, and tap Movie. From there, you will be prompted to choose your theme and the people (or pets) that will be featured. Then sit back while Google’s machine …

Samsung outs new ISOCELL Dual camera kits for better low-light and bokeh photos

Samsung is taking its multi-sensor camera technology downstream, it seems, as it just announced ISOCELL Dual, all-in-one dual camera kits, prepackaged with the accompanying software algorithms. The setups would allow phone makers to take advantage of hardware-level bokeh effects, or low-light capture improvements even on their low- to mid-range phones without much implementation troubles.
The ISOCELL Dual kit for depth-of-field and other refocusing shenanigans consists of a 13 MP and a 5 MP sensor, while the low-light shooting setup comes with two 8 MP sensors, and …

Leaked photos show several components belonging to the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Yesterday, we showed you images of the batteries that will allegedly be deployed inside the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+. Those images came from tipster Roland Quandt, who today disseminated some more tweets containing pictures of other Galaxy S9/Galaxy S9+ components. For example, one of the images shows the fingerprint scanner (notice the new shape?) while another reveals the lone camera earmarked for the back of the 2018 flagship model.

Another picture shared by Quandt shows off the USB-C board for the Samsung Galaxy S9+. Both models will be unveiled on February 25th, at the …

Galaxy A8 and A8+ (2018) score real-time HDR processing for photos

The Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) and A8+ (2018) are shaping up to be quite the attractive mid-range offerings. Already packing some of the features, otherwise found on much more expensive handsets, the 2018 A8 models are also getting real-time HDR processing for photos, Samsung’s official specs page for the models reveals.

HDR photo processing is nothing new on smartphones, however, due to the more demanding nature of the process, it hasn’t always been nearly as immediate as we’ve come to expect from recent flagships, especially on lower-end devices. …

New sunglasses can record HD video, snap photos, and stream video live to social media sites

Back in September 2016, Snapchat parent Snap introduced a new product called Spectacles. Basically a cheap pair of sunglasses with an embedded video camera, the device was priced at $129.99 and recorded 10 seconds of video everytime the “record button” was tapped. A maximum of 30 seconds could be recorded and uploaded to social media. Originally sold out of a vending machine that moved from location to location, the company announced last October that in one year it had sold over 150,000 units, 50% more than expected. Once Snapchat started selling them online, sales began to tumble.

Now, …

These photos of the deep freeze will make you move in with your Florida grandmother


Do you have any relatives in Florida, Los Angeles or the Caribbean? Now is an excellent time to catch up.

New Year’s 2018 was marked by bone-chillingly low, sad temperatures in much of the continental United StatesNew York City had its coldest New Years since 1962Chicago’s New Year’s, which was measured at about zero degrees right before midnight, was its most frigid since 1969. Temperatures in some parts of the United States hit 50 degrees below Farenheit.

Thankfully, these photos of places and people looking just as miserable as us give us warmth.

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Photos and videos reveal 2017's extremely icy exit


In case you didn’t notice, it’s very cold across parts of the globe, stretching from a good chunk of the U.S. to the UK and Europe and even down into India this New Year’s EveThe coldest in decades, in fact, and the chill is going to hang around for a bit. 

While that makes it incredibly inconvenient to do anything that doesn’t involve being on your couch under around a dozen or so blankets, the weather does make for some interesting images and you can enjoy them without having to dig out your gloves and scarf.  Read more…

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Facebook adds new face recognition feature to notify users when they're spotted in photos

Facebook has just announced it has added a couple of tools that are optional to users of its social network. These new tools are supposed to help Facebook users find out when they appear in someone else’s photos.

A new option has been added that, when enabled, should send you notifications whenever you’re spotted in a photo without you being tagged. It can also act as a security wall if someone else wants to use your photo for their own profile.

Facebook is giving you three options once it detects that you appear in a photo, but you haven’t been tagged. So, you can either tag …

How to take photos of fireworks with a smartphone camera (iPhone and Android tutorial)

Being a photographer in the late 19th century was a job much more dangerous than one might think. Dealing with chemicals was heavily involved, the most spectacular of them being flash powder – the kind of stuff that was lit to illuminate low-light scenes, as you might have seen in movies from the silent era. And by “lit” we mean that the substance was literally set on fire, which resulted in a loud bang, a cloud of smoke, and a bright, fiery explosion. Flash powder is still in use today, but you’ll only find it in fireworks. 
Speaking …