Piers Morgan gets brutally shut down with the perfect 'Inbetweeners' photo


Twitter burns can come in many different forms.

Sometimes it’s a handful of passive-aggressive emoji. Other times it might be a well-placed sentence or two.

Or, if you happen to be taking aim at Piers Morgan, it might just take one simple image.

Yep: that’s Jay from The Inbetweeners, in all his glory.

In case you don’t remember Jay (or if for some inexcusable reason you’ve never seen The Inbetweeners), he’s the one who’s constantly bragging about stuff and making up ridiculously far-fetched lies. Read more…

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Photo editing app VSCO now lets users save their own "recipes"

If you’re into editing photos on your smartphone, then you’re most likely familiar with VSCO – one of the most popular photo editing apps on Android and iOS, and for good reasons. VSCO is chock-full of built-in filters, has comprehensive controls for adjusting different aspects of the image, and although the UI may come off as a bit cumbersome at first, it is indeed very capable.
But what happens when you spend some 10 minutes editing a photo and then you save it? Well, the result will always be there for you to look at, but the editing process will likely be forgotten …

SwiftKey announces new Photo Themes feature and partnership with National Geographic

SwiftKey has just announced a new feature is now available for its Android and iOS keyboard – Photo Themes. Photo Themes enables users to upload their own images for the purpose of creating personalized themes on SwiftKey Keyboard.

To highlight the importance of the new feature SwiftKey has teamed up with National Geographic, more specifically with a contributing photographer, to inspire users with a gallery of 12 curated images exclusive to its keyboard.

For this purpose, SwiftKey has worked with Keith Ladzinski, a well-known professional adventure photographer …

Microsoft updates Skype with Snapchat-like photo effects

Skype is mostly a business tool, but Microsoft has decided it needs an entertainment aspect that other communications services already have for a long time. So, starting this week, Microsoft introduces photo effects in Skype.

These smart photo effects allow Skype users to customize effects options based on what’s in each picture. It’s very easy to use – simply take a photo, tap the magic wand button in the top of the screen and access the new photo effects.

According to Microsoft, these photo effects may include celebrity lookalike, smart face sticker, location …

Here's the first portrait photo (likely) taken with the OnePlus 5T

Having released two high-end smartphones in 2016 – OnePlus 3
and 3T – this year, OnePlus is seemingly doing exactly the same thing. With the
OnePlus 5 (launched in June) no longer available to buy, we’re expecting a
OnePlus 5T to be officially announced any time now.


Before an actual announcement unfolds, OnePlus co-founder
Carl Pei today shared a nice portrait photo that’s most likely taken with the
upcoming phone. While Pei
doesn’t really say that the photo – seen on the left – was taken with the
OnePlus 5T, this is certainly implied by the quote that accompanies the image on Twitter: …

For a limited time, you can score a $5 iOS photo editing app that animates your pictures, for free

Take a lot of pictures with your iOS device? If so, you might be interested in an app that animates your photos and brings them to life. Called Plotagraph+ Photo Animator, the app will normally cost you $4.99. However, for a limited time only you can install the app on your iPhone or iPad for free via a redeemable code. You can use a picture from your camera roll by clicking on “+,” or snap a new shot by clicking on the camera icon.

Set the direction of the animation by dragging the screen in the direction you want the movement to go. And if you only want certain parts of a picture to be …

New Google Pixel 2 XL photo revealed by Walmart alongside fresh Home Mini images

Google hasn’t been able to keep its upcoming Pixel 2
smartphone series under wraps, so we’ve already seen both devices (the 5-inch
Pixel 2, and the 6-inch Pixel 2 XL), while also learning quite a lot about
their features. 


Unlike the Pixel and Pixel XL of 2016 (which shared the same
design, though in different sizes), the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have fronts that don’t look alike. More exactly, the Pixel 2 XL sports a display with round corners and minimal bezels,
while the Pixel 2 has a more traditional screen with pretty large bezels at the
top and bottom. In case you’re doubting …

Photo ID might be required to verify your identity with Apple Pay Cash

According to lines of code found on the latest iOS 11 beta, Apple’s peer-to-peer money transfer service could require a photo ID. The new feature, called Apple Pay Cash, allows users to send money to another iOS user through iMessage. One of the strings found reads, “Verify your identity to continue to use Apple Pay Cash.” If a user’s ID cannot be verified, that person will be blocked from using the peer-to-peer feature, although the cash balance can still be used with Apple Pay to cover retail transactions. Another string reads, “Position your driver’s license or identity with photo on the [camera’s] …

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 live photo allegedly leaks

We’ve already seen a concept video of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 made by the designer of the phone, Philippe Starck. And just yesterday, we showed you a picture that allegedly reveals the back panel of the handset. Today, we have a new photograph to pass along pertaining to the Mi MIX 2. The image claims to show a live image of the sequel, including the thin bezels surrounding the screen. While the picture does resemble the concept model in the video, the latter has bezels that are a bit thinner than what we see in the photo that accompanies this story.

Rumored specs for the Mi MIX 2 have the …

Photo of Xiaomi Mi MIX 2's rear panel allegedly leaks out

We’ve known for quite some time that Xiaomi’s planning on releasing a successor to its much-lauded Mi MIX handset from late last year. But apart from an official 3D concept video, we haven’t seen pretty much any news regarding the Mi MIX 2.

Today this might change, however, as an alleged photo of the device’s rear shell has just surfaced online — and it’s in a tasty white color to boot. The photo shows a pretty similar back panel to the one in the original Mi MIX, with the most major differences being that the panel is now made up of only one piece …