Vertu auctioned most of its luxury phones, but they remained expensive

Vertu will soon be no more, but before going into oblivion, the UK-based company has to liquidate its assets to pay its bills, as well as the people that worked for the luxury smartphone maker.

For a few days now, Vertu is selling the contents of its UK factory, including all the stuff showcased inside the company’s museum (older phones, statues, awards, etc.).

Even though all Vertu smartphones are now being sold by an auction house called G.J. Wisdom & Co., the starting prices are still high enough to make these luxury devices untouchable by the middle-class.

The …

Results: are we over fully black phones now?

Black phones have been trending for the past year. Apple revived the color and made it cool again by introducing not one but two new black finishes with the iPhone 7. Since then, things picked up, and we got most major player making black-on-black versions of their flagships now. Is it cool? Sure, it’s Matrix Neo levels of cool. But are we getting a bit overexposed with phones in the low-key color?
We thought we’d ask you how you feel about it and it turns out we are not quite sated with blackout handsets yet. 73% of voters want more of them, while only 15% …

Are we over fully black phones now?

So, when Apple announced two new colors for the iPhone 7 last year, which were “matte black” and “shiny black”, it made for a good couple of jokes, right? But hey, the iPhone is the iPhone and before we knew it, black was cool again. Samsung raced to launch a “limited edition” Galaxy S7 edge in Pearl Black so that it can have a black phone before the Galaxy S8 launches, OnePlus got super-inspired and introduced a Midnight Black edition of the 3T, with the color moving on to the OnePlus 5 now… and a lot of the new models in 2017 have been quite blacked out.

Hey, …

Back to school shopping guide 2017: best phones, tablets, smartwatches and trackers to start the new year with

Are you thrilled by the fact that school starts in just a few short weeks? Yeah, us neither. But shopping – now that’s one thing that can get most people excited. With the 2017-2018 school year approaching, the time seems right to review your school gear and check if anything needs to be added or upgraded. Below are our top recommendations for smartphones, tablets, and wearable gadgets.


Although we all want to own the latest and best device our favorite smartphone maker has to offer, these always cost a pretty penny. And since …

Apple's most popular phones have larger sized screens

Is there a correlation between Apple’s most popular iPhone models and the size of the screen on the varying handsets? According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, larger iPhone screens lead to more popularity for models like the 5.5-inch Apple iPhone 6s Plus, and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Both account for a combination of 53 million units actively used in the U.S. The Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are responsible for 39 million iPhone units actively in use. With 48 million units out there, the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus make up 34% of all smartphones in use stateside. CIRP says …

Dirty dozen: top 12 best dual SIM Android phones (Mid 2017)

Sometimes one SIM card is just not enough: being able to have two numbers active on a single phone is liberating for those who have a second line reserved for work, but what are the best dual SIM phones around?
While dual SIM phones were not as common in the recent past, in the middle of 2017 there are a bunch of great options to choose from. There are high-end flagships offered with dual SIM connectivity and affordable phones for those on a tighter budget.
We take a look at the top options and list them right below, …

Galaxy Note 8 vs the top big phones on the market: a size comparison

Earlier today, we got our first legitimate look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 through a bunch of snazzy (and likely official) renders, courtesy of none other than leakmeister Evan Blass. Knowing Blass’ record, it’s a pretty safe bet that these images are as close to the real deal as we’ll get before we lay a hand on the Note 8, but we thought we’d spice things up even more. As if this bomb of a leak wasn’t enough, we decided to add some volume to these beautiful renders!

You guessed it! We’ve got some pretty reliable numbers from CAD blueprints for the Galaxy …

The Elder Scrolls: Legends now available for Android and iOS phones

After months of waiting, smartphone users can finally play Bethesda’s card game suggestively name The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Originally released on iPads in March, and then on Android tablets in early June, the game is now available for free to everyone who owns a compatible Android or iOS smartphone.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends comes with the Heroes of Skyrim expansion included for free, but two other expansions that provide single-player story mode can be bought via in-app purchase.

Before getting serious about Bethesda’s card game, you should know the …

Google and Apple patch Wi-Fi vulnerability that could have affected 1 billion phones

At the recent Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Exodus Intelligence’s Nitay Artenstein wanted to prove that some Wi-Fi chips produced by Broadcom could negatively affect 1 billion handsets, both iOS and Android flavored. The attack code sent out by Artenstein asks to make a connection with computing devices that are nearby. When these requests are received by devices running the BCM43xx model of Wi-Fi chips found inside certain smartphones, the firmware controlling the chip is revised by the attack.

The affected chip sends out malicious packets to other devices creating a domino …

Deal: T-Mobile lets you buy 2 Galaxy S8 phones for the price of 1

Back in May, shortly after it started selling the Galaxy S8 and S8+, T-Mobile ran a BOGO promotion allowing customers to buy 2 new Galaxy handsets for the price of 1. While that didn’t last long, T-Mobile is now back with a similar deal.

Starting today, July 28, you can purchase two Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ smartphones from T-Mobile and receive up to $800 back. The deal is available to both existing customers (who must add an additional line of service), and new customers (who must add a new line). You’ll have to get both devices on T-Mobile’s 24-month Equipment …