Alternatives: 5 phones to consider instead of the OnePlus 5

Maybe you don’t like the diminishing bang-for-buck benefit that OnePlus was once popular for.
Maybe you’re not terribly infatuated with its non-unique looks.
Maybe you expected more than just a dual-camera and a newer chipset.
Maybe you’re mad at OnePlus for ditching its uniqueness away and becoming a fulltime copycat of its more popular competitors.
Countless reasons can be mentioned here, but point is, the OnePlus 5 won’t magically float just anyone’s boat. The once-present aura of …

An expired domain may have exposed millions of older Samsung phones to hackers

Everyone can make a silly mistake, but when such a mistake is made by someone in a company like Samsung, it could affect many people and even expose them to danger. And herе is how Samsung has actually done it: by letting an old domain expire thus leaving millions of smartphone users potentially vulnerable to hacker attacks.

The domain in question is used to control S Suggest – a stock app, suggesting other applications to use, which came pre-installed on many older Samsung handsets. Samsung stopped supporting and installing S Suggest as early as 2014, but the …

No more locked phones or unlocking fees in Canada, wireless regulator rules

2017 is shaping up to be a good year for the global consumer. Just yesterday, roaming charges were abolished across the European Union, and now, it looks like there’s some good news for Canadians as well. 

As of December 1, 2017, all new mobile devices sold in the North American nation must be carrier unlocked. In addition, Canadian telecoms will be barred from charging people with unlocking fees.
This sounds truly great, however, such practices are employed by carriers all around the world. As such, many of you might …

7 most gimmicky phones in history

When do features classify as gimmicks? Is it upon launch, when everyone dismisses them as such? Or maybe after a few years in which they fail to stick around? We here at PhoneArena are all for giving new features a chance before we say it’s a useless gimmick, but there are some questionable elements to some phones in the past that have left us scratching our heads for long after they were discontinued.

This list will include seven such phones. And no, the squeezable HTC U11 will not be among them.

Report: First official Android O update for Pixel phones expected to arrive in August

Google has already released two Android O builds for Pixel and Nexus devices, but the final version of the new OS won’t arrive until later this summer, a new report claims.

Usually, Google launches a new version of Android in fall, but it looks like this year will be an exception. According to AndroidPolice’s David Ruddock, the search giant will release the official Android O update for Pixel phones in the first or second weeks of August.

The update will be pushed OTA (over the air) to Pixel handsets, but all compatible Nexus devices are expected to receive …

BlackBerry pushes out June security update for Android phones purchased from the manufacturer

A tweet sent out today from the BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team (SIRT), indicates that the manufacturer has started rolling out the June security update for Android powered BlackBerry models that were purchased from the Shop BlackBerry website. Handsets bought from carriers or retailers will have to follow the update schedule conducted by those phone sellers. With BlackBerry focused on promoting its Android handsets as the most secure to employ the operating system, the company has made a strong effort to keep its security updates up-to-date.

The phones receiving the update include …

Non-beta Samsung Internet Browser now available for Pixel and Nexus phones

Even if you don’t have a Galaxy smartphone, you may know that Samsung has its own internet browser for Android, aptly (albeit dully) called Samsung Internet Browser. 

As of this week, the very latest stable version of Samsung Internet Browser is compatible not just with Galaxy phones, on which it comes pre-installed, but also with Google Pixel and Google Nexus handsets. Previously, only the beta version of the browser was made available to non-Galaxy devices.

If you own a Pixel or Nexus phone (running Android 5.0 or newer), you can go ahead and download Samsung Internet …

Use your phone’s camera to track your basketball shots with this free app

Didn’t you just hate it when you were in PE and the teacher wouldn’t stop screaming at you for having a sloppy baseball swing or shooting a three-pointer like a girl? Zepp is a tech company that creates products that basically do what your PE tutor did, minus all the screams. It produces gadgets that attach to your tennis racket or golf club, and feed info about your performance to a mobile app. The software utilizes an AI algorithm that obtains detailed measurements of your swing and gives you professional advice as to what areas you need to improve. Pretty cool, eh?

Zepp has decided to …

Top 7 best battery power packs for your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other Android phones

When it comes to modern smartphones battery life there is one word to describe what’s happening: insufficient.
Despite Apple getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack to free up space for a larger battery, despite the advances in battery technology and more power-efficient chips on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and despite Google’s careful work on optimizing Android and the Pixel, battery life is still not sufficient. It’s the one thing most users want to see improved in a smartphone.

A battery pack can save the day, …