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Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat may look svelte and top up everything with the fruit logo in sight, but it’s coming much later than its announcement, so what’s a cord-cutter to do when they get their new iPhone 8, Plus or X? Alternatively, Samsung’s new convertible charger may be the bee’s knees, but there is nothing it can do that a half-priced charger can’t.

After all, why have fresh glass backs that pass those electrons through with ease, if not to use the new wireless charging option that most manufacturers (and, finally, Apple) have brought to their phone portfolios. …

Happy new year from all of us at PhoneArena!

Well, folks, 2017 was a wild ride! The mobile industry got a major refreshment with the exciting new designs and technologies. We got thinner bezels, we got HDR10 displays, we got squeezable phones, a Samsung Galaxy Note that wiped away the shame of 2016’s failure, an iPhone that has an all-new in look, feel, and operation, a return-to-form for LG with its awesome V30, a super-slow slow motion camera from Sony’s flagships, two new big-league players — Razer and Essential — and so much more. 

We had a blast following all the new gadgets and are grateful for every single one …

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from PhoneArena!

On the verge of this holiday season, the PhoneArena team wishes our readers love, health, and plenty of gadgets to look forward to in the New Year 2018!

We want to thank you for your patronage, and may the spirit of this holiday always be with you! On the day of Christmas, we realize that it doesn’t really matter which phone we use, or the operating system it employs.

Today is a day to realize that we all inhabit the same planet, breathe the same air, and share the same joy of technology, regardless of whose camera produces the least noise in low-light scenarios. We hope that …

PhoneArena Awards: best phones, tablets, and smartwatches of 2017

If you feel like there’s a new smartphone coming out every day, then you’re not too far from the truth. The total number of phones added to our database throughout 2017 stands at 334, and the year isn’t even over yet. 
Of course, some of these smartphones are better than others, and some of these better smartphones are worthy of even greater attention. So before we switch over to “Holiday Mode” for a well-deserved break, we’re going to honor the best phones of 2017, along with the best tablets and smartwatches that we got to check out …

PhoneArena authors' personal thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

With the Galaxy S8 and S8+ being among the hottest topic in the industry right now, we thought we’d chime in with our personal opinions of Sammy’s latest and greatest handsets. 
We know your time is precious, so we’ve kept things short and, hopefully, sweet – each opinion is less than 200 characters long, making this post a 5-minute read. Here goes:
AlanTo repeat a cliche, Samsung has raised the bar. The overall look is modern and unique. Both phones don’t feel large at all. Android manufacturers are going to have a tough time competing.


Even …

PhoneArena at Mobile World Congress: We landed in Barcelona

It was a long day yesterday, as the PhoneArena team set off to Spain. Despite the nearly 12 hours journey, though, we arrived safely in our apartment for the next few days. And while we get accustomed to Barcelona, and wait for MWC to kick off, we managed to take some stunning photos of the local architecture and atmosphere, which you can check out below.

Also, make sure to take a look at the MWC schedule. It contains all the major events and the most anticipated devices for this year’s MWC. For a more detailed prognosis, check out our article on what …