Galaxy S8's funky screen resolution revealed, but phone may default to 1080p

A photo of what is presumably a Galaxy S8 display setting has leaked out, and it shows a display resolution change slider that goes from HD+ to WQHD+ resolution, with Full HD+ in the middle. That middle setting, however, is shown to be the default one, and we can’t help but think that Samsung may pull of with the S8 what it did with the S7 after the Nougat update.

With the official release of Android 7.0 Nougat for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung fans were treated to a nice dessert in the form of over 20 new features and overhauled visuals. However, some users have also …

SoftBank reportedly pulls funding for Andy Rubin's new flagship phone; replacement funds found?

Back in January, the man called “the father of Android,” Andy Rubin, was rumored to be bringing a new smartphone into the world. The device was said to be a high-end flagship that would challenge the Apple iPhone and Google Pixel handsets. The phone, which would be released through a Rubin-started firm called Essential Products Inc., is said to carry a bezel-less pressure sensitive screen measuring more than 5.5-inches. It also will support “modular” accessories similar to the Moto Z line.

Just a day later, a device with the name Essential FIH-PM1 appeared on Geekbench. Powered by Android …

6 persistent phone charging myths, debunked


Charging your phone should be easy — just plug it in and forget about it. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad advice out there that is actually doing more harm than good. 

Let’s debunk it, shall well?

First, a note about exploding phones: Almost all smartphones these days use lithium-ion batteries, and yes, those batteries have been known to blow up occasionally. The thing is, the dangerous batteries — at least in the widely publicized case of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 — were a result of too-small battery cases and manufacturing problems. 

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Do you recall the Symbian powered Samsung Innov8 camera phone?

From the back, the Samsung i8510 Innov8 looked just like a stand-alone camera. Launched in early September of 2008, the Innov8’s claim to fame was the 8MP camera on back. There was a Dual LED flash, AutoFocus and HDR. A front-facing VGA camera was available for video calls. The first Android handset, the T-Mobile G1, was still more than a month away. The Apple iPhone 3G was only two-months old when the handset launched. The Samsung Innov8 was not a touchscreen phone, and relied on a slide out numeric keyboard for input.

The Innov8 carried a 2.8-inch display with a resolution of 240 x 320. …

Verizon announces that LG G6 pre-orders begin tomorrow; phone will launch on March 30th

Yesterday, we told you about a leaked internal document meant for Verizon reps to see. The document revealed that Verizon would start taking pre-orders for the LG G6 tomorrow, March 17th. It also gave away information on pricing and listed some promotions that Verizon is offering to those who purchase LG’s new flagship phone. Today, Verizon officially confirmed that it will start taking pre-orders for the LG G6 tomorrow, which is St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S. The price of the phone is $672, or $28 a month for 24 months using the device payment plan.

According to the note we received from …

Google rumored to be building a large non-Pixel phone

Just the other day, we told you the traditional fish-based code names that Google will reportedly use for the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel XL 2. The smaller Pixel 2 is said to be called “walleye,” while the larger Pixel XL 2 is claimed to carry the “muskie”code name. A “muskie” is larger than a “walleye,” which helped us figure out the fish name that belongs to each phone. But now it appears that a larger phone could be on the way.

A report published today cites multiple sources as revealing that another Google branded handset, code named “taimen,” will be released this year. This …

This could be the ideal small phone

A change is coming to the phone industry.

The time has come for phone makers to get rid of the large bezels around the screen that used to be an inevitable part of a phone. No more wasted space.

First it was the experimental Xiaomi Mi Mix, a device made to be sold in limited quantities and available only in China, but impressive nonetheless. And of course, we have already seen the LG G6: the innovative LG flagship phone features an 80% screen-to-body ratio and will soon go on sale, amidst very positive reviews. And it’s an impressively small phone for its …

For $56, you can own a baseball cap that uses solar power to charge your phone

So there you are walking down the street, face down as you stare at your  handset. All of a sudden, you realize that the battery on your phone is about to call it quits. Luckily for you, the solution is right there on your head. A start up company called SolSol (Sol is Sun in Spanish) is producing a baseball cap that contains solar panels. You can use the cap to charge any device that has a USB port.

The solar panels can be found built into the brim of the hat, and while having a cable drop from a hat to a device placed inside a pants pocket might not be a look that many want to show …

Kickstarter project "Eye" allows you to run an Android phone on your Apple iPhone

Kickstarter project “Eye” has just eclipsed its goal of raising $95,000. With 32 days to go, the Apple iPhone case has raised over $97,000. So why is there so much excitement over a case for the iPhone? Because the back of it features a separate screen and Android smartphone. While the iPhone’s speakers, cameras and microphone are shared with the Siamese twin on the rear of the case, every other part of the Android phone that comes with the “Eye” is completely separate from the iOS powered handset.

The screen on back features a 5-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 (FHD). …

The LG K8 2017 is US Cellular's first cheap Android Nougat phone

US Cellular recently started selling the LG K8 2017, a very affordable handset that comes to replace the K8 2016.

Previously released via T-Mobile and MetroPCS under the name LG Aristo, the LG K8 2017 can be purchased from US Cellular for just $49.99 on prepay (after a $100 online discount), or for $5 per month over 30 months. As you’d imagine, this is not exactly a powerful smartphone, but, at this price level, you shouldn’t expect it to be anyway.

The K8 2017 sports a 5-inch display with 720 x 1280 pixels, and runs Android 7 Nougat out of the box, being US Cellular’s second Nougat …