Google Photos getting even better for pet lovers

Google Photos is easily one of the best services that the search giant provides. Its big main feature is the fact that it allows you to store an infinite amount of high-quality photos with seemingly no loss to their imagery. But it also has a lot of tools to help you find the pictures you are looking for, share them, and make them into cool clips or collages.

We’ve all seen videos, auto-generated by Google Photos by a bunch of memorabilia, which the app detected was taken at a specific place, time, event, or have a running theme among them. We’ve also tested out the app’s ability to distinguish …

5 of the best virtual pet apps that will scratch that Tamagotchi itch

Remember Tamagotchi? The cute little virtual pets that we used to have on a key chain as children? They were quite fun to take care of, especially if your parents didn’t allow a real pet in the house. Of course, it was quite annoying when you had to clean up after it in three o’clock in the morning, but you sometimes get that with a real mischievous cat, so it only added to the experience.

Well, Tamagotchi toys are still being produced, but you probably didn’t know that, right? Nowadays, not a lot of people, be it children or grown-ups, would want a separate device to carry around, just …

Get a digital pet to keep as Little Kitten is the free iOS app of the week

How would you like a free digital cat to take care of? Because it is digital, you ‘ll get some of the positive features of owning a real cat, but without the dirty litter boxes and the clawing of furniture that comes with a real feline. This week’s Free iOS App of the Week is Little Kitten, a digital cat that is normally $1.99. With the lack of any text menus, the app is designed for young children, aged 3 to 8.

Parents can set how long the kitten can play for before it gets tired and goes to sleep. Despite being made for the kiddies, the developer says that this is a high-tech app that …

Now you can play fetch with your pet even if you're stuck at work


Leaving your pet alone at home doesn’t feel good, but now you can keep an eye on your furry friend and play fetch with them, too.

The ‘Pebby’ is a sturdy, remote-controlled ball that you can control from your phone, anywhere in the world. It comes with great features, like a wireless charging station and a built-in camera. Read more…

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