Beautiful ultra high-res wallpapers, perfect for your Galaxy S8/S8+, LG G6, Pixel XL, HTC U Ultra, Xperia XZ Premium, and others

Getting tired of your current wallpaper every time you unlock your device? Well, good, for it’s time for yet another installment of our weekly pick with high-quality, extremely high- resolution wallpapers! Just how high-res, you wonder? Well, today’s largest wallpaper is actually over 50 (that’s right, fifty) megapixels in size, which is darn impressive even by the standards set by this column. In fact, you could probably make a huge print out of it and put it on your wall, if you wanted to.

Anyway, not all of the backgrounds included in this selection …

'SNL' agrees with the internet, turns Harry Styles into a perfect Mick Jagger


The latest “Celebrity Family Feud” on Saturday Night Live is wall to wall with epic impersonations. Cecily Strong as Liza. Kate McKinnon as Kristen Stewart. Jimmy Fallon double-dipping as two different versions of John Travolta.

But Harry Styles is the winner because SNL accepted what the internet already knew: he’s basically Mick Jagger. I mean… this might not be the most accurate picture of the Rolling Stones frontman circa 1977, but it’s funny.

Even when the camera’s not directly on Styles, he’s owning the sketch. Look at this. Just look at it. What is he doing??

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Beautiful ultra high-res wallpapers, perfect for your Pixel XL, Galaxy S8 and S7, LG G6, LG V20, HTC U Ultra and others

High-resolution, and high-quality wallpapers are not the easiest thing to find, especially if you have as many as 1440 x 2560 pixels to fill with information – as would be the case if your smartphone has a QHD display.

The reasons for that are several. Perhaps most importantly, however, it’s just exceedinly easy for wallpaper repositories to simply upscale lower resolution content to make it appear as if it would fit perfectly on your fancy screen, but the reality is that stretching the image takes a ton from the quality. And that’s not what you want if you’re looking …

4K UHD wallpapers mega collection: stunning backgrounds, perfect for your LG G6, Galaxy S8/S8+, Pixel XL, HTC 10, Xperia XZ Premium, and others

With smartphone display sizes and resolutions on an upwards spiral of constant growth, finding a wallpaper that looks good and fits well on whatever crazy aspect ratio phone makers come up with next, becomes a rather annoying exercise in trial and error.

Aaaaaand that’s where we step in to save the day bring you an awesome collection of ultra high-res images that can automatically transform the home screen of any smartphone in existence into something utterly amazing! We kid, we kid! The part about providing you with copious amounts of top-notch wallpapers is still …

Beautiful Infinity Display wallpapers that are a perfect fit for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

A day after Samsung made the bold new Galaxy S8 and S8+ official, we are here to bring you a collection of beautiful backgrounds that have been custom-tailored to fit the new Infinity Displays gracing both Galaxies perfectly!

If you somehow haven’t caught up with the news yet, with the S8 and S8+ Samsung ditched the standard screen aspect ratio of 16:9, opting instead for a still-unorthodox, but promising either way, 18.5:9 display that beautifully and efficiently fill up the fronts of both devices, leaving almost nothing in the way of bezels on the …

Oppo's F3 Plus will help you take the perfect selfie with dual front-facing cameras

There are lots of things to consider when buying a new smartphone. Having a large display is a must for some people, whereas others are more concerned about having all-day battery life or the latest version of Android. There are many factors that come into play when making this decision, and in some cases, having a phone that captures the perfect selfie is the most important feature.

Although not that widely known here in the States, Oppo has recently been trying to shape itself as a company who understands the craze of the selfie. This was first seen …

This is Samsung's most advanced S Pen ever (though it's still not perfect)

The thin and light construction, the shiny glass design, the HDR10 video support, the premium sound experience – these are just some of the things that I liked about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 while checking it at MWC. But the new S Pen is what I really want to highlight in a dedicated post, as I believe it deserves the treatment. Why? Well, because this new iteration marks the biggest upgrade since the S Pen’s introduction back in 2011. And maybe because I really, really like to draw.

Bigger ideas, bigger S Pen

One obvious change in the …

You need to watch the 'Deadpool 2' teaser playing before 'Logan' right now, because it's just that perfect


For superheroes (and antiheroes), costume changes are like capes: visually striking and highly impractical. That’s the lesson Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool learns in this new Deadpool 2 teaser, which is now playing before screenings of Logan. 

In the clip, which Reynolds also shared on Twitter, Wade Wilson rushes into a phone booth for a pre-rescue quick change, and it…doesn’t go well. But hey, at least the theme to St. Elmo’s Fire gets some play? 

And in a fun meta twist, Logan pops up in a few places, too—check out the marquee sign behind the phone booth, along with some trash talk to go with it. Read more…

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HTC Wildfire Proves To Be The Perfect Entry Level Smart Phone

HTC has a wide range of smart phones available in the market and each of these is specifically designed as per the requirements and demands of the users. The HTC phones are very commonly known for their wide range of applications. The HTC wildfire is also one of the most highly selling phone of the brand and the performance of the phone is also quite impressive. Let’s take a brief look at it.

The first and foremost feature of the phone is its form itself which is very sleek and attractive with feather touch buttons and an optical track pad for easier browsing and navigation. The model has a TFT touch screen which enables all the multi-touch functions and is working on the HTC sense UI. The display is of 3.2 inches and is protected by corning gorilla glass which makes it scratch resistant. The next attraction is the 5MP camera with LED flash and autofocus. The camera generates a crisp image of 2592 X 1944 pixels which can be zoomed up to details and can be used for various other applications or can be uploaded instantly as nowadays a phone is supposed to be your social hub.

Talking about social hub, one always needs to be accessible so that one remains connected. This 3G phone is equipped with class 10 GPRS and EDGE along with Wi-Fi which supports hot spot functionality too ensuring that the user never looses network connectivity. The android 2.1 OS enables the user to have access to the android market which is full of useful applications which the user can download as per the requirement. The wide range of applications include Facebook, Twitter integrated applications and a dedicated search key. It also includes Google search maps and Gtalk applications which can be very useful for the user to remain connected. The 528MHz processor gives ample speed to the phone and the HTML browser too offers a decent speed for browsing the net.

The new HTC wildfire available in Black, Brown, Red, White and silver is quite a commendable device from the house of HTC and is turning out to be the most perfect entry level smart phone.

HTC Wildfire Proves To Be The Perfect Entry Level Smart Phone

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Galaxy S3 – A Perfect Blend Of Style And Technology

As the anticipated summertime release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 draws nearer we may anticipate increased speculation pertaining to the exact spec of this gadget. For many months a few hazy reports have actually been circulating yet just recently a new leak is reporting the expected precise spec of this entertaining new model. We take a look at these most current reports as well as view what we can easily anticipate from the most recent Galaxy device.

One of many significant phone manufacturers not present at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was Samsung. This is since a different release occasion has been planned for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This has actually not stopped these brand-new reports rerouting a ton of attention away from new styles being revealed in Barcelona as well as onto Samsung’s approaching gadget. Maybe by far the most impressive factor of this spec listing associates with the display screen quality that this brand-new model will certainly flaunt. A 4.8 inch monitor is specified to be suited on the mobile which is capable of showing Full HD resolution. This suggests that the display will have the ability to reveal 1920 x 1080 pixels at a screen ratio of 16:9. Not simply does this suggest that the design will certainly provide the highest high quality display on the market yet it’ll likewise have the ability to showcase movies and TELEVISION shows in their correct format so they may entirely load the screen.

It seems as though the display quality is only one area that will enthuse on the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung have actually been hard at work on developing their great Exynos chipset and also this brand-new model looks set up to include one of the most effective cpu that Samsung have ever before created for a transportable device. A 1.5 Ghz quad primary chip should make certain that the model performs at remarkably quick speeds with noticeable improvements when performing numerous jobs. When the Galaxy S2 was introduced it was one of the slimmest cell phones available and also we may expect this brand-new design to assess simply 7mm in depth rendering it the slimmest device on the market. Exactly what caught our eye more than this however was the truth that Samsung look set to switch out the plastic back panel that has been made use of on previous devices with a brand-new ceramic panel. This ought to offer the component a more choice feel regardless of the reality that the style will probably be larger than its predecessors.

Only time will certainly tell whether or not this hole shows correct but it undoubtedly looks one of the most promising of all the rumors that we have encountered. If it does verify right then there is no uncertainty that the Samsung Galaxy S3 could possibly verify one of the most exciting cellular device ever before discharged.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is on its way soon and the Samsung Galaxy S2 are obtainable currently.

Galaxy S3 – A Perfect Blend Of Style And Technology

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