Google Pay support added for more than 170 banks in the US this week

Google Pay and Apple Pay compete in the United States, as both try to appeal to consumers using mobile payment services. However, in order to reach as many customers as possible, both services must be support as many banks and financial institutions in the country.

While Apple Pay adds support for US banks almost every month, Google Pay is struggling to keep up the pace. However, after a hiatus of two months, Google silently added support for no less than 171 banks in the United States.

Back in March, the search giant announced that 61 banks will offer Google Pay support in the United …

Google Pay updated with support for movie, concert and flight tickets

Google Pay got many solid improvements in the last six months, evidence that Google has major plans for the service. At the recent Google I/O conference, the Mountain View company confirmed Google Pay is getting even more improvements starting this week.

So, if you’ve been using Google Pay on a regular basis, you’ll be pleased to know that developers have decided to add support for flight, movie and concert tickets. You’ll find all of these available in the new Tickets section that’s been added after the update.

Once you purchase a ticket, you will also get live alerts, updated departure …

Samsung Pay users get new Cash Back feature with select retailers

Samsung has just announced it has expanded its Pay mobile payments service with a brand new feature that offers users a percentage of their purchase price back. The catch is the new option is only available when buying stuff from select retailers, so you’ll have to identify those before placing your order.

The new feature is pretty easy to use, as you’ll find a new Cash Back section in the Samsung Pay app’s home screen. From there, you should find a range of exclusive offers from all retailers that support the new Cash Back feature.

As soon as you tap on one of the offers in the Cash …

PayPal announces support for Samsung Pay starts rolling out today

Earlier this month, we reported that some Samsung users noticed they can use PayPal as a payment option wherever Samsung Pay is accepted. Today, PayPal confirmed it has begun rolling out the ability to use its service within Samsung Pay and make purchases at the retailers that accept Samsung Pay.

In order to benefit from the new feature, you’ll have to load your PayPal account with the debit card or bank account found in your PayPal Wallet for use in-store. Using the payment service will also reward you with Samsung Reward points.

Here is what you must do to create a PayPal top-up …

Mobile payment app Google Pay has been installed 100 million times

Pop open the champagne, cut a big slice of cake, and celebrate. Mobile payment app Google Pay has reached 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store. Back in March, Google Pay announced a referral system that allow users to mention the app to friends and family. Every time one of them uses Google Pay for the first time, bingo, both of you receive a $10 Google Play Store credit. You can score up to $100 in credit by referring as many as 10 new Google Pay users.

Google Pay is available for all non-rooted Android handsets running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher. It uses encryption so your …

Apple Pay expands to even more banks in the US and five other countries

It’s been less than two weeks since Apple Pay expanded to more markets, but now a new wave of banks and financial institutions from no less than six countries are getting support for the mobile payment service.

Besides the United States, Apple Pay is now available for more banks in Canada, China, Italy, Russia, and Spain. Naturally, the list of newly supported Apple Pay banks is bigger for the US, but it’s quite refreshing to know the service is slowing making its way to other countries as well.

United States: 5 Star Community Credit Union, AlaTrust Credit Union, Apple River State …

Court rules that Apple must pay $500 million to a patent troll

Apple’s multiyear fight with patent trolls isn’t over yet, it seems, as a Texan jury has ordered it to pay half a billion to a company called VirnetX Holding Corp., set specifically to amass obscure patents, and then use litigation in suitable jurisdictions against firms that can pay alleged infringement bills.

The patents, which the court has ordered Apple to shell out $502.6 million over, relate to secure communications with FaceTime, VPN on Demand and iMessage, and the case has been bandied about from appeal to appeal forever. The latest installment of this saga doesn’t …

PayPal integration for Samsung Pay rolling out in the US one year after announcement

Samsung and PayPal announced last year a partnership that will provide PayPal users in the United States with the option to make payments via Samsung Pay. Unfortunately, neither company said anything about when exactly PayPal integration will be available for Samsung Pay.

Well, it looks like Samsung needed almost a year to make the option available for users of its mobile payment service. PayPal support in Samsung Pay is not yet live for all users in the United States, but some notice that the option suddenly appeared on their phones.

Speaking of phones, the Galaxy Note 8 seems to …

Apple Pay support added for more banks in North America and Europe

Apple Pay continues to expand to more places across the globe. The mobile payment service is already available almost in every corner of the US, but Apple is trying to bring to more countries as soon as possible.

After recently introducing Apple Pay in Brazil, more banks and credit unions in the US, Canada, and France are now getting support for the service. If you live in any of the three countries mentioned, you find below the latest additions to the list banks that support Apple Pay.

Canada: Island Savings, a division of First West Credit Union, Valley First – Enderby, a division …

WSJ: Apple is annoying some iPhone owners by constantly pushing Apple Pay on them

If you’re an Apple iPhone user, you might have noticed the red circular badge on the Settings icon seen on the home screen. Tapping on the icon reveals a message from Apple reminding you to provide one of your credit card numbers to use with mobile payment service Apple Pay. If you’re not interested in the feature, you are doomed to see that red badge taunting and teasing you until you finally cave and set up Apple Pay. According to Research 451, 34% of new iPhone users link a card to Apple Pay during the setup process.

Apple is obviously in the midst of what some would term an “aggressive” …