iOS 11.3 features a new Privacy icon to keep your data and Apple ID password safe

Earlier today, Apple previewed iOS 11.3, the latest version of the company’s famous mobile operating system. While Apple revealed a lengthy list of new features that come with iOS 11.3, it did not present all the improvements included in it. 
One of the things that Apple didn’t specifically mention is a new Privacy icon – spotted by developer Dean Murphy in iOS 11.3 beta. 
According to info found in the beta, the Privacy icon will show up on your device when a legit Apple-made “app or feature is asking to use your personal information” …

Google Chrome for Android may soon get a password export tool

A new feature for Google Chrome on Android is in the works, and although it isn’t anything groundbreaking, some folks out there may indeed appreciate it. We are talking about password exporting.

When the feature is added to Chrome, it will allow users to export their saved passwords as a file that could presumably be imported into Chrome on other platforms, although nothing has been confirmed at this point. The Google Git commit that outlines the implementation of password exports makes no mention of the export file type or encryption, but it may not …

Microsoft Edge Preview is getting a dark theme and password syncing

Microsoft continues to update its rather new Edge browser with new features and improvements that will bring it up to par with more popular mobile browsers. The latest update is only available for the preview version of Microsoft Edge since a final version hasn’t been released on Android yet.

The changes Microsoft included in the latest version of Edge Preview are more related to the cosmetic side, but there’s also something that will please those looking for more usability.

So, Microsoft Edge will eventually include a Dark Theme. According to Microsoft, …

Hackers can crack your password based on how you move your phone while typing, study claims

A study by Newcastle University claims that hackers can crack your password or PIN code based on the movement of your smartphone while typing. Weird as it may seem, the experts say that during the study, they’ve managed to crack four-digit PINs with 70% accuracy on the first try, and have them guessed by the fifth attempt, relying on nothing more than data collected from motion and orientation sensors. The scientific team also claims that tech companies are aware of the problem, but have no solution to it.

So, how is this possible? Well, apparently by secretly collecting …

WiFi Passwords Breaking Android Apps

“Top 10 WiFi Passwords Breaking Android Apps” because our many readers and also Android users requested me to write about most active Top 10 WiFi Passwords Breaking Android Apps so much easily. So, I just decided and think to write about Top 10 WiFi Passwords Breaking Android Apps. If you have any problem with downloading these apps for Android you can comments below. Because I just want to put my best and more best to provide 100% working Android apps.


WiFi Hacker for free

WiFi hacker for free is an app which is use for Android WiFi hacker as well as also WiFi password breaker that helps Android OS users to more easily get WiFi access wherever they go. If you want to use free internet right on your Android phone and also want to be a real hacker who can breaks down any WiFi network with their password then you will joy this application Android App.

WiFi Password Breaker

WiFi Password Breaker is an Android app which helps you to break WiFi password or hack WiFi password of any public WiFi networks and also gives you a new password for each network you tried to break the password.

WiFi Hacker Professional

Many users said that WiFi Hacker Professional Android app is the best application for pretending that you can break into WiFi network or password!

And Yes, you can tell your friends that you are a real WiFi hacker and you can hack your or any wifi password and also use free internet through WiFi!

WiFi & Router Password Finder

WiFi & Router Password Finder Android App is best offline app that can helps you to easily find the default passwords of any WiFi router. Using this app you can find out more than 1,200 WiFi routers’ default passwords.

Hack Wifi 2014

Hack Wifi 2014 Android app have a user-friendly interface and evs that helps you to hack any WiFi network connection. Hack Wifi 2014 is breaking Android app of 2014 that comes with modern technologies.

Wifi Password Breaker

With this  app wifi password breaker  you will have full  WiFi networks access around you so that you will receive the password.


WIFI PASSWORD KEY Android app is an  WiFi key generator for Android, you can use this Android  app to generate WiFi passwords.

WiFi password breaker

This  app WiFi password breaker is for those who are looking to break WiFi passwords of their near and WiFi password breaker comes with high-tech military grade WiFi cracker. This app uses high-end SSH-1a algorithms to bypass WiFi security to directly connect  to the WiFi.

Wifi Password Breaker

WiFi password breaker Android app is the best and fastest way to connect to any WiFi network with in a few  seconds.

Alphanumeric Password- A refined tool for securing your iPhone or iPad

Do you own an iPhone or an iPad? Are you worried about securing all your private and confidential data stored in your device? If your answer to both these questions is a “Yes” then this blog is a must-read for you. Here, I’ve covered comprehensive details about securing your iPhone and iPad with the help of a strong alphanumeric password. So, let’s get started with learning everything about this ultimate technique of protecting all the sensitive data stored in your iPhone and iPad.

Alphanumeric password- A brief on its history

Introduced way back in the 1960s, Alphanumeric passwords work as the best solution when it comes to securing your Apple devices. As a string of letters and digits, alphanumeric password works best only when its complicated enough. Hackers find it quite daunting to hack an alphanumeric password. Unlike the conventional 4-digit password, an alphanumeric password comprises of a mixture of letters( as in alphabets) and numbers( as in numerals). For example, 3557mdb76s is an alphanumeric password. Here are a few noteworthy guidelines on building a perfect alphanumeric password:

Password should be at least 8 characters long
Password should not include your birth date, first name or last name
Password should not be a word that can be easily found in the English dictionary
Combining upper and lower case letters and digits is a preferable technique

And now, the steps involved in securing your iPhone/iPad using a strong alphanumeric password

Step 1- Launch the ‘Settings’ option within your iPhone/iPad.
Step 2- Tap on “Password” option and enter your existing 4-digit password.
Step 3- Scroll down and set the “Simple Passcode” option to “Off”.
Step 4- Re-enter the existing 4-digit passcode and enter the new long and hard-to-crack alphanumeric password.
Finally, re-enter the strong alphanumeric password and you’re done with protecting your iPhone/iPad data from illegal access.

Opt for longer alphanumeric passwords to secure your iPhone and iPad
There’s no denying of the fact that long passwords are strong passwords. Well, in order to prevent unauthorized access to your iPhone and iPad devices, it is crucial to choose a password that’s difficult to guess by both the educated human beings as well as the automated password hacking softwares. By choosing a long alphanumeric password with complex characters and digits, you leave a hacker no alternative to break into your vital data that’s saved in your electronic device. With a fine combination of letters, numbers and punctuation marks, you can create an alphanumeric password that decreases every chance of an intruder being able to get entry into your personal and secret data.


Hope the benefits of a strong and long alphanumeric password would have definitely tempted you to create one for your iPhone/iPad. Whether you’re a novice iPhone/iPad user or a tech-savvy individual, do take into consideration all the pivotal things that aid in devising a perfect alphanumeric password for your iPhone or iPad. A well-devised alphanumeric password will allow you to safeguard your device against intruders who’re always on a look out for breaching your personal identity.

Emily Heming is an expert content writer for one of the leading Mobile Application Development Company which enable the service to Hire iOS App Developers. You can avail all these services by contacting Emily Heming.

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How to password protect folders and files on Android

In this post I will show you how to password protect folders and files on android devices.This is easy and we need to download Folder Lock Pro .


Main features of this app:

Protect sensitive data on your device
Lock documents and files
Backup to Drop box
Share your locked data
Lock photos/videos from phone’s gallery
Create contacts and contact groups, also send multiple secret SMS to them
Save data on phone’s memory or external memory card
Recover of lost data
Fake login
Prevent others from snooping on your lock data.
Hide your locked folders using stealth mode
Security credentials including Password, pattern and pin
Recover security credentials
Brute force attack prevention
Folder Lock Pro helps you to password-protect your personal files like photos, videos, documents, contacts and notes in your Android Phones.

Backup your locked data on your cloud account e.g. Drop box. This user-friendly app helps you to transfer files from Gallery, Camera, Phone, PC/Mac and Private internet browser.

Do you need to create password protected password folders on your android device?This app is what you need. Download folder lock pro from here for free: Here

Protect your Pendrive with Password

Everyone now a days has one or two additional pendrives and hard disks with them because pendrive makes sharing of data very easy and fast. You can share large files very easily because downloading the same file from the internet would take a very long time and also utilize our data. So instead, we prefer to take that file from a friend who has that file. We can share very heavy files using pendrives because now you can even buy a pendrive with a storage capacity of 512 GB.


Not only sharing of Movies and videos, some people even share very personal data using pendrive. What if the pendrive gets lost somewhere. Is the data still Safe? Can someone else access that file except me? Afcourse, if you have not set a password on your Pendrive.

Here’s how to protect your pendrive with a password without any software. Follow the steps mentioned below to set a password on your pendrive.

Step 1) Insert the pendrive which you want to protect in your Computer.

Step 2) Open My computer.

Step 3) Right click on your pendrive and click on Turn on BitLocker.

Step 4) Now enter the password which you want to set.

Step 5) Click next. Now it will give you some alternative methods by which you can recover back your pendrive if you forgot your password. Then you can use this file as a password.

Step 6) Save that file to your computer and again click next.

Step 7) Now the encryption process will start. This may take some time but once this process is complete, your pendrive will be secure with a password and encrypted.

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Test Your Wi-Fi Security By Hacking It With Your Mobile

Nowadays many people are afraid of their Wi-Fi password being hacked, So now i write this post for my blog readers who want to check their Wi-Fi security Strength. The method about which i have given here is very simple and this can be done within 10 Mins.


So without wasting time let`s begin.


•Android Phone with good Processor and RAM
•Rooted Android Mobile
•The signal of the target Wi-Fi network should be good which you want to Hack.

Hack Wi-Fi Password with Android Mobile

To Hack Wi-Fi network with mobile, First of all you have to install WPS Connect.


Many people think and some also says that WPS connecct is fake software but this is not a fake software, this app works fine for Hacking wifi network from android mobile but the demerit of this app is that you can only hack Wi-Fi network which has WPS enabled in security.

If you find any Wi-Fi network which has WPS security enabled just tap the connect option and you will be connected to that Wi-Fi without giving any type of password.

Link To Download WPS connect app for android Here