WatchOS could soon support third party watch faces

The latest beta version of watchOS 4 suggests support for third-party developers could be coming in certain aspects. Ever since the Silicon Valley-based company launched watchOS back in 2015, Apple has limited third-party customizations almost entirely. However, when it comes to their NanoTimeKit, this could be about to change.

The NanoTimeKit is responsible for various features, among which is the watch face configurations of the wearable in question. Until now, owners of Apple Watch devices have been able to choose only from a select range of watch faces created by Apple or those introduced …

Bricked: IOS 11.3 disables third party touch displays

It has been reported that IOS 11.3 has disabled some iPhone 8 touch displays. The devices affected are those who have had third party displays installed. These displays are typically installed by local repair shops and are not affiliated with Apple. There are videos circulating showing the display on but not registering any touch input whatsoever. Without the touchscreen enabled, the device is essentially useless. It has been noted that people have had their iPhone 8 displays replaced in this manner since release without any issue. However, after the update rolled out, some discovered that …

Trouble: Third party Twitter apps are on the verge of losing connection

Beginning on June 19th  of this year, Twitter will be removing streaming services. These are the services that keep push notifications moving and timelines refreshing. Twitter will of course be replacing streaming services with something called Account Activity API. So, what’s the bad news? Well, it seems Twitter has not granted access to the API (which is in beta till June) and so they have no way of even starting to cope with the changes. To make matters worse, even if Twitter does grant access, there is a 35 account limit to contend with. We mentioned in an earlier story how another …

Snapchat might join the data-sharing party by introducing the "Connected Apps" tab

The privacy controversy surrounding Facebook has made a ton of users opt out of the social media and for a good reason – who would want to have their data leaked and used without permission? You might also agree that this is maybe the worst time for a social media to introduce a data-sharing feature. Not if you’re Snapchat, though.

Apparently, the social media is preparing to launch a “Connected Apps” tab in its Settings page. It will allow you to manage the various apps connected to your Snapchat account. The feature has been spotted in Snapchat’s beta client and we don’t know …

Soon you might be able to "regram" on Instagram without using a third party app

A small number of Instagram users are currently testing a new feature that will allow users to take a post from their Instagram feed, and comment on it in their personal Instagram Story. In addition, subscribers will be able to promote their own Instagram posts by placing a “see post” button on a Story. One way that Instagram users can do this presently, is by taking a screenshot, posting it on their Stories, and add comments.

Another way that this is currently done is by using a third-party app installed from the Google Play Store. Among those apps listed are Regram, Media Repost for Instagram, …

Someone created a fanny pack with your Super Bowl viewing party in mind


If you don’t mind looking ridiculous, the No Fumble Fanny Pack by Heluva Good! could be the perfect accessory while you watch your games. The fanny pack has 3 pouches for you to stuff anything from your chips and dip to your beverages. The fanny pack was created to eliminate mess and allow your hands to be free from holding all your snacks. 

If you’re into this fanny pack, you can score a free one hereRead more…

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Honor V10 updated with Party Mode, network optimization feature

Honor V10 is getting a small update that adds two new features important to those who use their smartphones for entertainment more often than not. Yes, the V10 is getting a “Party Mode,” but also a new optimization feature for the Game Suite app.

But what exactly does the new Party Mode? Well, it’s pretty simple. Apparently, when enabled, Party Mode allows multiple Honor V10 smartphones to connect via NFC (Near Field Communication) and play the same tune a the same time across all handsets. That’s supposed to produce a multi-channel sound effect for a stunning audio experience.

The …

Fiona the hippo's first birthday party looks incredible


Fiona the hippo, a celebrity, will probably not be making an appearance at her first birthday party. But that’s okay. It’s still a very good party.

Per zoo policy, hippos are only allowed to venture outdoors in temperatures above 50 degrees. So although it’s pretty warm for mid-February in Cincinnati — high 40s — Fiona and her mom, Bibi, will likely spend party day (Saturday) in their cozy indoor habitat.

Celebrating Fiona is always a good idea, though, so zoo patrons are already out in droves to sign her birthday card, eat cake and ice cream, adorn themselves with temporary Fiona tattoos, take photos in a Fiona-themed photobooth, and participate in other “hippo themed activities.”  Read more…

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Clever little otter uses his own face to make a sprinkler for his pool party


Otters shouldn’t be underestimated. They can chase grown men to cars, make snow sleds of their own bodies and make DIY sprinklers on a whim — with their adorable little furry faces.

A clever little Asian small-clawed otter figured out how to make a home sprinkler system from a pipe pouring into his Wellington Zoo waterhole.

Filmed on Jan. 2 by a keeper, the Facebook video shows the male otter using his little snout to spray the water everywhere like a gleeful toddler. The zoo’s five otters, Bay, Eko, Si, Bhutan and Jambi, know how to pool party. Read more…

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Samsung disables 3rd party DeX support in Galaxy S8's fourth Android Oreo beta

The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ received their fourth Android 8.0 Oreo beta update yesterday, and unfortunately that comes with a downside. Samsung has decided to block the use of 3rd party DeX docks with their phones.

Samsung DeX is a powerful feature that allows Galaxy S8/S8+ owners to plug their phones into a dock and get a desktop experience by connecting the dock to a monitor. While Samsung’s proprietary dock costs upwards of $150, some clever users have found workarounds for this. One XDA Developer user was able to turn their MacBook into a DeX dock, …