Apple will add new iPhone parental control features to tackle child smartphone addiction

Apple has vowed to introduce new parental control features to iPhones and other iOS devices. These tools will help parents control and limit phone use in order to prevent child smartphone addiction. 
Cupertino’s declaration comes as a response to a public letter published by two major shareholders who urged the tech giant to investigate the negative effects of excessive smartphone use with younger users and take direct action against it. 
An Apple spokesperson issued the following statement to Bloomberg:

We think …

Samsung launches Marshmallow parental controls app for Android devices

A new Android application from Samsung has just hit Google Play Store, Marshmallow. The name has nothing to do with Google’s version of Android. Instead, it’s meant to help children learn to use their smartphones in a “healthy” way.

Aside from that, Samsung Marshmallow allows parents to use it to talk about smartphone usage habits with their children. On the other hand, children can learn how to use a smartphone by making their own usage plans, achieving goals, and getting rewarded.

However, I do believe that Samsung Marshmallow is a bit unrealistic since it allows children to make …

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app let's you limit non-existent online gaming

The Nintendo Switch officially gets released tomorrow, but Nintendo is prepping by releasing the Switch Parental Controls app for both Android and iOS users. The app does much what you’d expect allowing parents to limit how long kids can play games on any given day, limit what age rating games can be and more. However, the video that accompanies the release is very interesting to say the least.

The video follows Bowser and Bowser Jr (Nintendo’s most famous father-son duo, surprisingly enough) as it discusses the features of the Switch Parental Controls app. If you don’t want …

Cujo adds parental controls to its home firewall device

_cujo-in-context-family Cujo certainly felt like the right product at the right time when the smart firewall’s creators took to the Disrupt stage to debut the device back in May. Since its debut, IoT attacks have grown in prominence as users add more and more failure points to their home security ecosystem one connected device at a time. Since then, the startup has raked in crowdfunding and scored favorable… Read More

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