iPhone with 6.5-inch OLED screen could debut this year, LG Display to start shipping panels for Apple in H2 2018

LG Display might not have produced a single OLED panel for Apple in 2017, but it looks like things are about to change this year. A new report from South Korea suggests that Apple is planning to diversify its OLED suppliers for the next iPhones.
Sources of The Investor state that LG Display is close to inking an OLED supply deal with Cupertino and is expected to start panel shipments in the second half of 2018. This information is unofficial, but the display maker did previously confirm that it was in talks with Tim Cook & Co. over a possible agreement.
According …

Raking it in: Samsung Display rumored to make $20 billion in revenue from iPhone panels in 2018

A new report from Korea indicates that Samsung Display will churn out between 180-200 million flexible OLED screens for Apple’s iPhones in 2018. 

If this information proves to be accurate, this would mean that Samsung Display will collect between $19.8 to $22 billion in revenue from these panels alone, since the estimated cost of a display module (consists of an AMOLED panel, cover glass, and Force Touch sensor) is around $110 (according to data from IHS Market). 
It is estimated that Samsung Display produced around …

WSJ: Apple to consider advanced LCD panels from Japan Display for some future iPhone models

With Apple launching the first iPhone to feature an OLED panel later this year with the iPhone X, next year all three 2018 iPhone models are expected to ship with an OLED screen on board. Despite this game plan, a report in today’s Wall Street Journal says that Apple is contemplating using some advanced LCD screens made by Japan Display for certain models being manufactured in the future.

The LCD panels, called “Full Active” by Japan Display, are expected to make up 70% of the company’s business in the smartphone and smart device sector for the year that ends in March 2019. So far, interest …

iPhone 8 production line shot with potato cam, we see a lot of back panels

So, it’s a well-known fact that Apple and its manufacturing partners over in China have some Draconian rules in place for factory workers in order to minimize — nay — eliminate any leaks from the production lines. People that go in and out pass through a metal detector, cameras are following if anyone tries to pocket a piece of the future iPhone, and so on. Needless to say, there are no personal phones and absolutely no cameras on the premises.

Which is why we find it a bit odd that we are now looking at two videos, allegedly showing us the iPhone 8 manufacturing line.

Both clips …

Special "notch" required for Apple iPhone 8 OLED panels said to cause low yield rate

It seems that Apple is having an issue with the OLED panels being made for the production of the Apple iPhone 8. The tenth anniversary model is a premium version of the handset, and for the first time it will employ an OLED panel instead of using an LCD screen. A Weibo post by Foxconn Vice President Luo Zhongsheng (who is a legitimate executive of the company) reports that 40% of the OLED panels received by the contract manufacturer are failing to meet the grade at Foxconn because of the specific way that Apple wants the material cut.

The Foxconn executive noted that with this special cut …

Samsung ramping up production of OLED panels for Apple's iPhone later this month

Samsung Display seems to be the main OLED panel supplier for Apple’s next generation iPhone, which is the main reason the South Korean company invested quite a lot of money into bringing in equipment for is A3 plant and constructing back-end process lines in Vietnam.

According to sources in the industry, Samsung Display finished testing all its seven lines that produce OLED panels for Apple’s iPhone and will start operating them on full scale sometime this month.

Amazingly, Samsung Display production capacity of panels for iPhone will increase by 7 fold from …

OnePlus' desire to copy Apple caused the inverted panels on the OnePlus 5

You probably know by now about the jelly scrolling that appears on the OnePlus 5. The reason turned out to be an inverted mounting of the screen on the device. OnePlus has fixed the image on the display thanks to a software update, but that doesn’t fix the jelly scrolling. At this point, it seems that this cannot be fixed. OnePlus claims that the jelly scrolling effect is natural. And that is true since it is a natural result of the screen being inverted.

So why was the screen inverted? It was not a mistake made by tired or impaired assembly line workers. According to published reports, …

Samsung to spend big bucks to build plants to supply future Apple iPhone models with OLED panels

Despite the fierce rivalry in the smartphone business that has built up over the years between Apple and Samsung, the truth is that Apple has relied on Samsung to supply certain parts for the iPhone. That relationship continues to this day. Who is supplying the OLED panels for the 10th anniversary model this year? Samsung is, and in the past it has been one of the firms that produced the Apple Ax chipset to Apple’s demanding specifications.

Producing OLED displays for Apple could prove to be a business with legs as far as Sammy is concerned. Back in May, we passed along to you some speculation …

New leaks reveal Apple iPhone 8 back and front panels, live renders, and more

The latest information pertaining to the Apple iPhone 8 has been found on Reddit. The photos are said to belong to someone with a source in the Apple supply chain. If they are legitimate, the pictures are easily one of the the most interesting iPhone 8 leaks yet. The front panel dovetails with earlier leaks showing a sensor on top of the edge-to-edge display. The back panel features the vertically positioned dual-camera setup.

One of the images  gives us a tasty look at all three 2017 iPhone models, which we can tell apart by the camera each unit is sporting. The Apple iPhone 7s  …

Google could invest $880 million in LG's Display division to secure OLED panels for the Pixel 2

The next Pixel phone can’t come soon enough. With Google I/O conference just around the corner, rumors about the next flagship to be released by the search giant start to pile up. Google had been using a couple of Android partners to build its smartphones, and things will probably not change in the near future.

The previous Nexus phone were made by two companies, LG and Huawei, whereas the current Pixel phone have been manufactured by HTC. However, LG is very close to secure another contract from Google if we are to believe the latest reports coming from the Korean …