Photo compares the front panel from the Galaxy S8+ to an alleged panel from the Galaxy Note 8

A self proclaimed Samsung fan posted on Twitter the other day, an image that shows the glass screen from the unannounced Samsung Galaxy Note 8 next to the panel that was used on the Samsung Galaxy S8+. If these are legitimate displays, you can see for yourself the differences between the two handsets. The Galaxy S8+ features more rounded corners while the Galaxy Note 8 has a boxier form factor.

The high-end phablet, now rumored to be unveiled on August 23rd, appears to carry a screen that could be 6.3-inches to 6.5-inches based on the comparison between the two panels. The Galaxy S8+ …

Final ruling from arbitration panel awards BlackBerry $940 million from Qualcomm

Last month, we told you that an arbitration panel had awarded BlackBerry a preliminary amount of $814.9 million from Qualcomm to resolve a dispute over royalties. BlackBerry claimed that Qualcomm failed to cap the amount of royalties that it was paying based on an agreement both sides shook hands over back in 2010. Back then, BlackBerry was still quite a relevant company in the smartphone industry, just one year removed from its peak as King of the Smartphone world. At the time, everyone expected BlackBerry’s sales to continue to rise including both Qualcomm and BlackBerry itself.

As a result, …

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 8 front panel revealed in video

The Galaxy Note 8 is the next big thing coming from Samsung, literally. The company’s flagship smartphone is expected to go official in late summer, slightly ahead of IFA 2017 tech exhibition.

Since we’re just a couple of months away from the official reveal, it’s quite to start talking about the unannounced phablet. The first credible information about the Galaxy Note 8 went public late last week when an image of a supposed dummy unit leaked online.

Today, we have another leak that has Samsung’s flagship in the center. It appears that the front panel …

Report: Samsung to double OLED panel supply for iPhone 9

We’re still about 4 months away from the announcement of this year’s iPhone models, but it looks like Apple is already acting to secure display panels for its future handsets.

A hot new report from The Bell suggests that Cupertino and Samsung have recently signed a deal for the shipment of more than 180 million OLED panels, which will be used for the creation of Apple’s 2018 flagship, tentatively called the iPhone 9. This is more than twice the amount which Sammie’s display division has allegedly agreed to produce for 2017, in which Tim Cook & …

iPhone 8 OLED panel may drive up the price of Apple's next flagship

This may just be a rumor at this point, but we’re pretty sure no one wants to hear that the next iPhone might be even more expensive. Still, that’s exactly what is being claimed by the supply chain. And, the reason all comes down to the cost of the OLED panel that Apple is expected to be using in the iPhone 8. All that said, you might still be surprised at the effect on the price tag.

The main culprit is the OLED 3D Touch panel that Apple is expected to use in the iPhone 8. Supply chain sources for Digitimes say the existing 3D Touch display modules cost Apple $9 each, but …

Report: Apple's OLED 3D Touch panel vendors to spend $315 million for capacity expansion

General Interface Solution and TPK Holding have been named as members of the Apple iPhone 8 supply chain in a report published today. Both companies are allegedly producing OLED 3D Touch panels for the special tenth anniversary Apple iPhone 8 model. Between the two companies, they are believed to be dropping $315 million into the project with the money being spent to expand production capacity. Both already supply touch panels for Apple with GIS delivering touch screens for the iPad Pro, and TPK providing the same component for the iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 8 (or iPhone X according to some …

Apple SEC filing hints at an OLED panel for next iPhone

The rumor that Apple will be moving to an OLED panel for its anniversary iPhone in 2017 has been around for so long now, that we would be surprised if it didn’t materialize. Perhaps the biggest proof in this regard thus far has been a comment from president of Sharp, Tai Jeng-wu.


In a new development, the J.P. Morgan investment firm has managed to find poof in numbers as well. It came after a big investigation into Apple’s most recent Securities and Exchange Commission 10-K filing. In it analysts found a purchase order which extends more than an year in duration and has a total cost of around $4 billion. It is believed to be a long-term OLED sourcing contract, likely for the tenth anniversary iPhone next year.

Samsung might very well be at the receiving end of said deal, as producing OLED panels is a costly and very fiddly process that requires a good amount of expertise to carry-our efficiently. There is also a chance that Sharp might be trying its hand at fulfilling Apple’s OLED needs. This would obviously be the more comfortable choice for Cupertino, since Sharp is currently owned by its long-term Foxconn partner and Japan Display.

It is also worth noting that some industry insiders believe Apple won’t ditch its current LTPS panel technology and rightfully so. The latter has come a long way and is truly one of the best LCDs on the market. Instead the next iPhone might come in a total of three variants. Only one of them is said to be a special anniversary 5.5-inch OLED one. It is also likely that said panel will be curved. As for the other two, they might retain the traditional LTPS technology – one in the traditional 4.7-inch form factor and the other in a middle-ground 5 inches.