Blizzard launches Overwatch League app for Android and iOS

Blizzard’s multi-awarded Overwatch game is already an esports phenomenon, so it’s no surprise that developers want to make it easier for fans to stay connected with the latest information and events related to their popular title.

The new Overwatch League mobile application is the ultimate source of information related to the game. It includes match schedules and alerts, standings, live streams, videos, news, as well as team profiles.

If you have a favorite Overwatch team, you can follow every news about it and receive automatic match alerts and easy access …

New MOBA for mobile: a mix between LoL, Overwatch, Dota

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena — MOBA, for short — is the name given to those top-down, action RPG-strategy mix games like DOTA and League of Legends. It’s a very popular genre among competitive players, as it requires quick thinking, twitch reflexes, knowledge of the heroes and various item strengths, as well as a dash of clairvoyance.

There have been a couple of attempts to make a “serious” MOBA game for mobile — not a half-baked money-sponge that nags you for IAPs every second, but fleshed out games that cater to competitive players. First, we had Fates Forever, …

This free app lets you play Overwatch on your Android, Apple, or Windows phone

We know you want to play Overwatch on your phone, because we want to, too! Problem is, there really isn’t any game on mobile that compares to Blizzard’s colorful team multiplayer shooter – at least to our knowledge.

While we’re waiting for Gameloft or some unscrupulous East game studio to produce an enjoyable Overwatch clone, we found a very interesting solution to having the real deal run on your Android, Apple, or Windows phone, tablet, or even TV. As with all things in life, there’s a good side and a bad side to it.

The good? If you do it right, it works like a champ! …