Microsoft overhauls navigation, conversations and search in Outlook for Android and iOS

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is constantly improving its services due to the fierce competition with other giants in the smartphone industry. Although the company gave up its hardware business, Microsoft still has a lot of apps on just about all mobile platforms.

Outlook is one of those apps that provide one of the most valuable services for consumers and businesses: email. The latest version of Outlook promises to reshape the way users navigate, chat and search within the application.

The Redmond-based company has just announced that it launched a new Outlook …

BlackBerry overhauls BBM's UI in latest update, makes it more friendly to use

Since the launch of BlackBerry Messenger, the application has gone through many design changes meant to turn it into the perfect instant messenger. The most recent BBM update completely overhauls the app’s UI with the sole purpose of making it “more fun and friendly to use.”

BlackBerry included new experiences for BBM users to try out, such as tweaks and optimizations that enhance the app’s functionality. For starters, BBM users can now see how many unread messages they have at a glance with new number badges.

Also, BBM now allows users to optimize their reading and shopping …