Google Keep for Android adds long overdue undo and redo functionality

If you’ve ever found yourself accidentally deleting a bunch of text you weren’t supposed to while writing a note in Google Keep (thanks, Gboard!), you’ll know immediately just how great the following piece of news is: the Android version of the app has finally added undo/redo functionality.

The feature is visible immediately when you start editing a note, and can be accessed from a pair of arrow-shaped buttons that appear at the bottom of the app screen. However, so far the option is limited to the current writing session only, meaning once you exit a note your writing history …

Apple Music for Android is getting a long overdue makeover

It might surprise some of you, but with more than 10 million downloads to date, Apple Music is a hugely popular Android application. Apparently, Apple realized the potential and released a new and improved version that brings a new design and lots of new features.

If you didn’t like Apple Music until now, consider this a new beginning. Apple Music 2.0.0 features an all-new design that makes the app clearer and easier to use. First off, the For You section now comes with loads of recommendations.

The music player has been overhauled and now offers quick access to queued songs, as well …