Consumer organization says Sprint's promotion of its 50% off Apple iPhone X deal is misleading

Some consumers are getting the idea that Sprint will sell them the Apple iPhone X for half price. But the truth of the matter is that last week, the nation’s fourth largest carrier said that it will lease you an iPhone X for half off. And while that works out to just $20 a month, when the lease ends in 18-months, guess what? You don’t own the phone. And during the lease period, you have to make sure to keep the phone in good condition.

If you’re a member of Sprint’s iPhone Forever program, you can return the iPhone X after 12 payments and exchange it for the latest model. At that point, …

Mobile Applications For Small Business Organization

In this modern era, mobile has become an integral part of daily life for human beings whether they are individuals or businessmen. There are various kinds of application that have been developed for cellphones & are developing continuously. These applications provide great convenience & flexibility to people in terms of searching a restaurant, hotel or any other landmarks anywhere. Similarly, businesses can be easily promoted through mobile marketing as it’s considered as one of the most suited mediums for marketing activities whether you have to target your market locally, regionally, nationally as well as internationally. Thus, these kinds of marketing strategies help businessmen to expand their business horizon as per their requirements.

Along with the time, mobile has been become very popular. This result in availability of huge numbers of manufacturers companies & all wants to be competitive in terms of technical advancements along with the flexibility so that peoples can use it very conveniently as per their specific needs & requirements. Simply, it can be said now that mobile is not just a calling device, it has become a palmtop through which anybody including individuals or businessmen can perform any tasks that are usually done through a PC (personal computer). Thus, you can understand how important it has become now.

Along with development of different kinds of mobile, one of the biggest challenges was to develop compatible mobile applications for those mobiles. So, mobile developers started to focus for compatibility of applications for various mobiles. In these days, various platforms are used for mobile by various mobile manufacturers. These platforms include Android, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry along with many others. In such scenario, there are needs of cross platform mobile applications, which could be run on any mobile platforms whether they have Android, Symbian, Blackberry or iOS operating system. These scenarios inspired developer for doing development of cross platform mobile applications.

In this techno era, mobile apps have been become very effective for small businessmen from marketing perspectives. Mobile marketing in USA has become very popular and small businessmen have started to use it for aggressive marketing. This helps them to increase profits in a short duration of time. They also use to hire mobile app developer who can develop cross platform mobile apps proficiently as per their business & marketing needs & requirements that too within their financial limits. Cost of mobile marketing in USA is less than physical marketing. That is one of the main reasons of small businessmen to prefer mobile apps for marketing than traditional (physical) marketing.

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