YouTube's "take a break" reminder now offers 'hour and minutes' option in 5-minute intervals

Last month, we told you about YouTube’s “take a break” reminder. This can be found by going to YouTube and clicking on this progression: Settings > General > Remind me to take a break. The feature originally gave users the option to be reminded of their binge watching after 15-minutes, 30-minutes, 60-minutes, 90-minutes and 180-minutes.
But life does not always adhere to such perfectly rounded-off time periods. So Google has decided to update the feature, allowing users to set the reminder frequency in hours and minutes. Users will be able to set reminders …

Google Play gets the option for partial refunds on app purchases

Getting a refund from the Google Play Store on Android isn’t a terribly difficult thing to do, assuming you are trying to get said refund within the time limit. But there have been some limitations to the system, including more difficulty getting refunds on in-app purchases and subscriptions. But, it looks like Google is changing that with the addition of partial refund options.
Developers are starting to see an intro screen to partial refunds popping up in the developers console for Google Play, and the option appears to work just the way it sounds: if a developer …

Sailfish OS major update brings emoji keyboard, unlock with fingerprint option

Sailfish, the OS that you must purchase in order to be able to use it on your smartphone, has just received a major update that adds quite a lot of new features. If you own a Sony Xperia X smartphone and purchased a Sailfish OS license, you are now eligible for the latest Sailfish OS 2.2.0 update.

The highlights of this release are the gallery and camera app changes, as well as the new emoji keyboard and support for VPN and MDM. The folks at Jolla have even given the update a name of its own to highlight its importance – Mouhijoki.

In order to access the new emoji keyboard built into …

PayPal added as a payment option across all Google apps

PayPal is already available as a payment option in Google Pay, but the company announced plans to deepen the partnership with Google and expand its payment services to other apps. So, besides the option to pay via PayPal in-store, online and in-app with Google Pay and on Chrome mobile web, more seamless payment experiences are expected to arrive across the Google ecosystem.

Apparently, users in the United States who add PayPal to any one of Google’s services will be able to pay across the Google ecosystem, anywhere that PayPal is offered as a payment method.

This will be possible …

Google Photos update adds option to bookmark favorite photos

Google has been working to bring a lot of new features and improvements to the Google Photos app, but there is still a lot that hasn’t even been mentioned by the search giant (bring Folders please).

The last new feature recently introduced by developers is the option to mark photos as favorites by tapping the star-shaped icon that appears above every photo in Google Photos. Then, if you head to the Albums tab, you can view all your favorite photos in just one place.

The new feature is pretty neat and useful, but there are other improvements that Google must definitely add to …

Google Voice gains option to record voicemail greetings on Android and iOS

It appears that a new update went live recently for both mobile versions of Google Voice, Android and iOS. Although the official changelogs don’t mention any new features, it looks like Google added the option to record voicemail greetings.

Up until now, Google Voice users had to go the web client if they wanted to record and manage voicemail greetings, but after the latest update, it’s possible to do all these actions directly on your Android and iOS device.

Since Google hasn’t yet updated the official changelog of the update, you may want to know that the …

Microsoft Launcher update adds new gesture option, home screen improvements

You didn’t think that Microsoft will stop delivering new updates to its Android launcher for a month, did you? Although it doesn’t bring major changes to the mix, the latest Microsoft Launcher update does add a few tweaks that will certainly improve the user experience.

So, if you’re using Microsoft Launcher on a regular basis, you’ll notice there’s a new update available for download via Google Play Store. You can find the most important changes that made it in this version of Microsoft Launcher below:

Improved Home screen import logicSort your apps alphabetically in foldersDisplay …

Google releases Wear OS Phone app featuring Quick Replies option

Google has recently released a brand new Wear OS Phone app aimed at those who own smartwatches that have already been updated to the new version of the wearable platform. With the Wear OS Phone app, users will be able to make calls from their smartwatches, but Google added a couple of other nifty features as well.

For example, Quick Replies allows users of the app to quickly respond to a call via SMS, which comes in handy when there’s no time to take that call. But that’s not all, as the app features Streamlined Outgoing Calls, which is supposed to provide Wear OS Phone users with a streamlined …

OneDrive for Android gains the option to move the app on an SD card

One of the most user-requested features for OneDrive, the option to move the app on an SD card is now finally available to Android users. Microsoft has just released OneDrive version 5.9, which has some improvements over the previous iterations, including the one mentioned earlier.

Apparently, the developers made some under the hood improvements to the Photos view to make it faster than before. As far as the SD card support goes, you will now be able to move the OneDrive app into such a gadget so that you can have more space for files and offline content.

If you’re using OneDrive …

WhatsApp will get stickers and group video calls option soon

Facebook announced earlier today that major changes are coming to WhatsApp soon. Among the most important, group video calls will arrive “in the coming months,” WhatsApp’s director Mubarik Imam confirmed during F8 conference.

While she didn’t offer any additional details on the upcoming feature, she did reveal screenshots that show four people simultaneously participating in a video call, although it’s unclear if that’s the maximum number supported or one that’s been randomly chosen by WhatsApp to demo the feature.

Furthermore, Imam said WhatsApp will get stickers, in the same vein …