Google wants your honest opinion on Allo

Remember Allo? It is Google’s latest instant messaging app and it was supposed to supersede Hangouts and bring the delights of using iMessage over to Android. Instead, it launched in a bare-bones state, thoroughly failing to excite users and deliver on its promises, and after a handful of updates that also didn’t bring anything substantial or exciting to the table, the Allo promptly slipped into vast void of apps no one cares about.

All is not lost, however! Google is intent on pulling Allo out of life support and bringing it back into the limelight, and it needs …

Microsoft May Allow Windows 10 to Run Android Apps

Microsoft may still allow Android apps to run on its Windows 10 operating system next year. However, spokespeople have announced that it will only be a last resort. There is hope that allowing the Android apps to run will encourage more people to invest in a Windows phone or tablet.

Most apps are either available for Android or iOS users. Most developers decided that creating something for the Windows phones are just a waste of time. There is not enough demand for them. However, Microsoft notices that there is a gap in the market, and would like to encourage developers to take advantage of that. It does mean trying to appease the market in a different way.


Windows remains to be the most popular operating system for desktop computers around the world. However, the tech giant is still struggling to break into the mobile market. It may be possible for the company to focus on the desktop and work through that to get more developers on the mobile devices. This is certainly becoming more and more possible thanks to the Windows operating system looking more like the mobile version.

Windows 10 is expected to keep the block view, although there will be a desktop version for those who prefer the original layout. The initial plan is to use the layout to get developers to create apps for the desktops. These can then be universal apps and work on the mobile devices at the same time.

If this does fail, the option to run Android apps on Windows 10 will be something that Microsoft considers. The issue is that very few developers will create Windows apps if there is the option to download the Google operating system apps instead. It would mean the small enthusiasm for the platform already here would dwindle to virtually nothing. Why would anybody care about Windows when they have the more popular Android?

It makes sense for Microsoft to attempt to grow its own apps first. However, it could be too little too late. The iOS and Android market is already extremely competitive. This may not be enough to get some sort of foothold in the competition. It may not be enough to get developers interested in creating Windows apps.

Microsoft certainly has its work cut out for the company. There needs to be something appealing to encourage developers to create apps, when the love for the phones is still small.

There are some changes expected in 2015. Windows 10 is also expected to bring out a new default browser, moving away from Internet Explorer. So far, the name for this new browser is Spartan, but nothing has yet been confirmed. The aim is to encourage more people to download the Microsoft-owned browser, rather than using those from other companies. Chrome and Firefox remain to be the two preferred options for users around the world.

For the app market, utilizing the popularity of the desktop operating system may be the way to go. However, it seems Microsoft has not completely overruled the idea of allowing Android apps to run on the new Windows 10 operating system.

Top 5 Apps for Finding Christmas Gift Deals and Discounts

The countdown to Christmas is rapidly approaching and luckily, there are some great apps that can make holiday shopping less stressful. The stores are packed, traffic is miserable, and people everywhere are driving themselves insane trying to check off items off their lists. Anyone who needs some last minute gift ideas with some tips to save need look no further. Check out these top five apps for finding Christmas gift deals and discounts.

RetailMeNot: RetailMeNot is a must-have app this holiday shopping season. This fantastic app has both online and in store coupons for over 50,000 retailers. It is one of the apps that allows users to search for the coupons they want for that special gift they are picking up, browse the hottest deals of the day, or simply check out what coupons other users are using. Not only does this app allow users to save loads of money, but it can give some helpful hints on gifts. The best part? All the coupons are stored in the phone, so no one has to worry about remembering to grab that stack of paper coupons before heading to the mall.


Red Laser: Red Laser is another out of a list of great apps that is going to help users save a lot of money this Christmas season. Once shopping lists are made, shoppers can head to the store to find that must-have item, and simply use Red Laser to scan the bar code of the item. This awesome app will then compare prices of the item online or at the nearest store to help users find the best price. Not only that, but even just opening the app inside the store reveals deals, discounts, coupons and rewards.

ISlick: Islick is an app that easily makes the list for top five gift deals and discounts. Islick offers users a community of thousands of people all over the nation that are searching and posting the best deals both online and in stores. Users can customize the app to what they are most interested in finding deals on, and as soon as the app is opened, the best deals on the chosen category for that day are available to view. This app is completely user friendly, and is designed to help find the best deals of the day.

Wanelo: This is one of the apps that millions of people across the nation use to find amazing deals on products every day. Waleno is simple to customize so users can easily find the items they want from little known boutiques, small businesses and major retailers. As users save the products they relate to the most, the app learns and begins to show the user more products geared to what they like. This is the app to download to save loads of time and money, and keep shopping organized in one place.

Amazon Local: Last but not least is Amazon Local, which is one of the best apps out there. This is the app to download if saving up to 75 percent on not only local businesses, but nationwide chains, sounds like a good plan. This app provides users with the little-known deals around town such as a favorite restaurant, to a favorite spa that is offering amazing discounts and gift cards. It also offers deals for the famous online and national chains everyone knows and loves. It can even help with hotel deals if users are traveling to visit family or friends this holiday season.

Everyone knows how stressful getting ready for the holiday season can be, so they should not ignore these top five apps for finding Christmas gift deals and discounts. They will not only save users money and time, but reduce the dreaded shopping frenzy that is here once again.