Budget Galaxy J4 (2018) appears online in new set of press renders

New renders of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy J4 (2018) have appeared, revealing two color variants. Samsung has already confirmed that the new Galaxy J6 (2018) will be making its first official appearance next Monday, May 21. Nevertheless, the company reportedly has plans for more Galaxy J-branded devices such as the new Galaxy J4, which has just leaked out thanks to various press images.

Checking out the photos, Samsung’s upcoming budget offering will stick to a more traditional 5.5-inch, 16:9 AMOLED display panel. This means thicker bezels will be featured around the display, although this …

Possible Nokia 3 (2018) rear panel appears online, updated design shown off

The rear shell of what appears to be an upcoming Nokia device has appeared online. The manufacturer behind Nokia devices, HMD Global, recently confirmed it would be holding an event in Russia on May 29 where it is expected to announce a number of new devices. Currently, it’s unconfirmed which smartphones will be making an official appearance but a newly-leaked rear panel hints at one possible release.

Taking a look at the image, the panel itself appears to be made from a hard plastic, suggesting the device it belongs to sits on the lower-end of the pricing spectrum. Now, at the event, there …

Bandai Namco brings One Piece Pirate Rush and Sword Art Online: Integral Factor to smartphones

It looks like Bandai Namco is on a launch spree. After the surprising announcement of Dragon Ball Legends last month, the Japanese publisher and game developer released two new games on mobile, both available for free: One Piece Pirate Rush and Sword Art Online: Integral Factor.

One Piece Pirate Rush is a purely PvP title, as teams of up to four players face each other in real-time battle action. The gist is that every One Piece character in the game has unique abilities, which adds a layer of strategy whenever you have to choose your team members.

The game features five character …

New study reveals that parental control apps don't protect children online

Parents, have you ever installed a parental control app on your teen’s phone in order to keep track of where he/she goes online? Preliminary results from new research conducted by the University of Central Florida reveals that these apps, which show which websites your kid visited, block certain websites, and limit screen time, may not be effective. In addition, the use of these apps tend to drive a wedge between parents and teenagers.

An online survey measured tracked 200 parents who had at least one child 13 to 17 years old. Half of these parents admitted to using a parental control app. …

10 awesome online courses that are on sale for $10 or less


Looking for a way to impress your boss without seeming like an ass kisser?

The Q2 lull is the perfect time to start leveling up your skills. And right now, we’re offering ten of the Mashable Shop’s most popular courses for $10 or less. 

You can buy ‘em all for $100, or half of ‘em for $50, or one for $10, or any other combination in there. It’s up to you.

Here’s what’s on sale:

1. Programming For Non-Programmers

Wanna learn some basic programming skills? Of course you do, there’s no more marketable job skill in this crazy, increasingly computer-run world31 lectures, all yours, $10. Read more…

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All Moto G6 phones get listed on an online retailer with images and full specs

Motorola somewhat confirmed plans to unveil new smartphones next month, but it didn’t say how many devices will be introduced in April. Well, it doesn’t even need to since the company’s entire Moto G6 lineup leaked out months ago.

The Moto G6, Moto G6 Play, and Moto G6 Plus are expected to arrive in the first half of the year, and we know pretty much everything there is to know. The only things that remain to find out are when exactly they will be available for purchase and how much they’ll cost.

We might be very close to learning these details as well, but, sadly, the Hungarian retailer …

New online tool could help calculate your risk of developing melanoma


Melanoma is the most dangerous of skin cancers, and now a new tool claims to help people over 40 calculate their risk of developing it in the next 3.5 years.

Created by researchers at Australia’s QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, the online risk predictor works with accumulated data from 42,000 people aged between 40 to 70 years of age in the world’s largest study of skin cancer.

The tool’s results are determined from a person’s age, sex, ability to tan, number of moles at age 21, number of skin lesions treated, hair colour and sunscreen use. From there, the tool will classify you as one of five risk groups, from very much below average to very much above average. Read more…

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Steve Jobs' 1973 job application surfaces at online auction; current bid is $50K

The amazing thing about history is that you can see what subsequently happened. Take an auction that is currently being held online by a company called RR Auction. Bidding ends on March 15th and one of the items up for grabs is a 1973 job application from Steve Jobs. The current high bid is $50,000. The document is written out in hand and the 18-year old Jobs lists Reed College as his address. His major is English Lit., according to the document. Ironically, in light of future events, he doesn’t have a phone.

Jobs goes on to state on the application that he has a driver’s license, but access …

What is Agile and why do project managers and engineers need to know it? This online class will teach you.


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When you were a student, you probably had a few memorization tricks up your sleeve when it came to studying for exams. Whether it was using flashcards, singing songs, drawing diagrams, or leaving yourself a gummy bear trail, there was probably always one study hack that almost guaranteed you an A.

For project managers, however, the highly revered method that’s deemed as the key to getting things done is called Agile. And no, it’s not just some term tech people use to make everyone around them feel alienated. Agile project management is a completely legit methodology, and you can learn all its secrets with the Agile Project Management Training course, which will only set you back $39 — way less than a year’s supply of gummy bears. Read more…

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Zoos are rating animals online and it's too good


Zoos are giving animals Amazon-esque species ratings, and it’s honestly kind of great.

The trend started Friday with the Oregon Zoo in a tweet hashtagged #rateaspecies. Other animal conservancies got in on the fun – including aquariums – providing informative ratings for people looking to, er, buy the products.

Overall very good first impressions. Sturdy built, totally winter-ready and waterproof. Only comes in brown but that’s actually a plus for me#rateaspecies pic.twitter.com/IK99ODsTPT

— Oregon Zoo (@OregonZoo) March 9, 2018 Read more…

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