OnePlus 6 size comparison versus all of its rivals

With lots of fanfare, OnePlus today unveiled the OnePlus 6, its 5th-gen flagship device that wants continues to challenge the established order and offer top-of-the-line specs at a rather stomachable price tag.

Joining the fray with its efficient 19:9 display aspect ratio, bezel-busting design, and thin frame, the device looks every bit modern, just like the majority of contemporary mid-range and flagship phones that aim to maximize the precious screen real estate, even at the stake of getting a controversial display notch up front. 

It’s quite logical to wonder how …

OnePlus 6 price and release date

Alright, OnePlus has just announced its brand new “flagship killer” — the OnePlus 6 — in all of its shiny glory. With top-tier hardware, attractive looks, three different colors, and an extremely efficient screen-to-body ratio, the new handset will definitely draw some much-deserved attention.

But OnePlus phones have always had another thing going for them, making them a lucrative offer — their pricing. While it has been steadily on the rise ever since the original OnePlus One launched for $299, these flagships are still quite affordable, compared to the more …

OnePlus 6 hands-on: the affordable flagship returns

Four years, that time certainly doesn’t seem all too long ago when you think about it. For Chinese smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus, it undoubtedly feels substantially longer when you think about the amount of flagship smartphones the company has produced during the company’s history. It was just back in 2014 when we all feasted our eyes on the so-called flagship killer, the OnePlus One, which was only the start of a storied history.

And now, the company that continues to follow its strategy of never settling, is about to unleash its latest flagship model – the OnePlus 6. During …

OnePlus 6

OnePlus announced its latest smartphone – the OnePlus 6. It is a true successor to the OnePlus 5 and 5T before it, offering great specs at a price reasonable given today’s trend of 1000-dollar flagships being the norm.

OnePlus 6 unboxing and first look

OnePlus, the company that promises to ‘never settle’, has just unveiled its newest phone: welcome the OnePlus 6.
OnePlus has kept on improving a winning formula with its phones: a flagship-grade, no-compromise experience at a price much more affordable than that of mainstream phones like Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxies.
So what does the new OnePlus 6 bring to the table? Quite a lot actually: the phone comes with the tagline “the speed you need” and it features the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip for maximized …

The OnePlus 6: do you like it?

Well, it’s here, folks! OnePlus’ brand-new flagship, shiny and beautiful in three (somewhat) different colors. With top-notch hardware and an aggressive price-tag, it will surely draw a lot of smartphone fans’ attention.

But, of course, everyone has their own taste. Some don’t trust the up-and-coming company, others are sworn to despise The Notch whenever it appears on a phone. There are plenty of reasons to like the OnePlus 6, but we are sure some will have their reasons to dislike the new “flagship killer”.

So, what do you think about it? Will your cash be going towards a OnePlus …

OnePlus 6 dual camera gets shown off in first photo samples

OnePlus is known for making great phones with great specs at great prices, but as we all know by know, specs don’t quite paint a complete picture. Case in point: the last couple of OnePlus phones couldn’t quite keep up with their high-end competitors when it came to one key aspect – camera performance. Will the new OnePlus 6 deliver results to match heavyweights like the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9? We don’t know yet, and we won’t know until we put the OnePlus 6 through a proper camera comparison.
Until then, however, we have a full gallery of OnePlus 6 photo samples …

Group MMS feature comes with OxygenOS Open Beta for OnePlus 5/5T, OnePlus 3/3T

Tomorrow, the OnePlus 6 will be unveiled in London at 12 noon EDT. But right now, members of the manufacturer’s Open Beta program are receiving OxygenOS updates to the OnePlus 5/5T and OnePlus 3/3T. The OnePlus 5 (Open Beta 10) and the OnePlus 5T (Open Beta 8) are receiving the update on Android 8.1, the OnePlus 3 (Open Beta 36) and OnePlus 3T (Open Beta 27) continue on with Android 8.0.

All four phones have the same changelist which includes the May Android security update, and the ability to edit dynamic icons like the ones for the weather, clock and calendar; the update also adds group …

Watch the OnePlus 6 announcement event livestream right here

So, the big day for OnePlus is closing in upon us, promising a rather big reveal. The company’s newest flagship device, the OnePlus 6, is about to be officially unveiled with display notch, speedy internals, and hopefully, the unbeatable bang-for-buck ratio that OnePlus has been traditionally known for.

We will be watching, of course, but we wouldn’t want to keep you away from the keynote event. 
Don’t forget to get the pop corn and tune it here on May 16 at 5PM BST in order to watch the livestream of the OnePlus 6’s announcement which will …

Massive OnePlus 6 leak reveals prices, release date, and nice-looking renders

Mere days before the OnePlus 6 will be officially unveiled, Amazon Germany has made a tiny mistake and published high-res renders of the smartphone, alongside details about its price and release date. While Amazon quickly removed all the OnePlus 6 information that it inadvertently revealed, German website WinFuture still has the main details, plus new images of the upcoming device.
According to Amazon Germany, the OnePlus 6 will be released on May 22. This makes sense – we already know that OnePlus plans to allow a limited number of customers to buy the phone on May …