OneDrive for Android gains the option to move the app on an SD card

One of the most user-requested features for OneDrive, the option to move the app on an SD card is now finally available to Android users. Microsoft has just released OneDrive version 5.9, which has some improvements over the previous iterations, including the one mentioned earlier.

Apparently, the developers made some under the hood improvements to the Photos view to make it faster than before. As far as the SD card support goes, you will now be able to move the OneDrive app into such a gadget so that you can have more space for files and offline content.

If you’re using OneDrive …

Microsoft updates OneDrive with full Android Oreo support

Microsoft’s OneDrive mobile app has just received a small but important update, which brings one new feature and, as the title says, Android Oreo full support.

The new update is only available for Android users and allows them to restore a large number of files when they are deleted by mistake. OneDrive for Android will notify users when something like that happens so that they can decide what to do next.

Such a feature comes in handy since accidents happen all the time, so instead of lamenting after deleting all your files stored on OneDrive, you can now actually restore them with …

Microsoft's OneDrive for Android gains new camera features

Good things happen to OneDrive users on Android, as Microsoft recently decided to push yet another important update. As with the previous updates, the latest one focuses on a few aspects of the app, in this case, it’s all about the camera.

The latest version of OneDrive for Android comes with three new improvements that slightly change the way you’ll be using the app to edit and navigate photos.

First of all, you can now crop rotate, and choose from a set of filters to digitize the physical world with the new enhanced Scan feature. But that’s not all. Microsoft’s changelog states …

Microsoft releases major OneDrive update on iOS, here are all the changes

OneDrive for iOS has just received a major update that includes important design changes and a plethora of new features and improvements. Some of these changes are based on customer feedback, such as the new context menu next to each item so that you won’t have to tap and hold or open a file to take action on it.

Also, the app now uses space more efficiently and the text style is more streamlined to make it easier to read file names and spot important information quicker. The same goes for shared files and thumbnails, which are now larger and more detailed.

Furthermore, the update …

OneDrive updated with improved Android Oreo support, including notifications enhancements

Although Microsoft’s OneDrive service had some issue in the last couple of weeks, the Redmond-based company had time to add a few new features to the Android app.

Now, OneDrive version 5.2 does not seem to have been uploaded to the Google Play Store yet, or it’s not available everywhere for the time being. However, we do know for sure the new version comes with improved Android Oreo support.

Basically, starting with the new version, OneDrive for Android will feature full support for Android Notification Channels, which will allow users to take control over …

Microsoft's OneDrive for Android gets a brand new look

Microsoft has just released a new version of OneDrive in the Google Play Store. Obviously, it’s not the first time the app gets a major update, but it’s one of the few updates that’s limited to design choices for the most part.

If you’ve been using Microsoft’s OneDrive app on a regular basis, you’ll notice quite a lot of changes design-wise. OneDrive 5.1 features a brand new look and feel, which is supposed to offer a more productive framework.

For starters, Microsoft removed the hamburger menu and put all settings and options on tabs at the bottom of the …

Microsoft announces major OneDrive update for Android and iOS

OneDrive for Android and iOS are about to receive important updates in the coming weeks, Microsoft announced recently. The Redmond-based company promises a new experience across web and mobiles, which should allow users to find what they’re looking for much easier.

First off, a refreshed design will be pushed to both the Android and iOS platforms. OneDrive will feature a new layout that will use screen space more efficiently than ever before. Shared files will be easier to spot thanks to the new layout.

Among the many visual changes included in the update, …

Do you pay for extra cloud storage (Drive, iCloud, OneDrive etc.)? How much do you need?

We live in the era of mobile computing, or even post-PC era if you will. Our smartphones are used to access everything from the funny picture we took at that one party, to our favorite music, to that document that we need to be printed for the meeting. And handsets also come with the limitation of sometimes having quite the small storage space.

So, cloud services have emerged — storing your data on a server far away, you can still access it from absolutely any device. In fact, a lot of times it’s easier and faster to just Google Drive a document to yourself, instead of looking for a cable …