Sam's Club one-day deal is the best price offer on an iPhone X or Galaxy S8 you can get now

If you don’t want to wait until November 23 for Walmart’s $300 gift card Black Friday offer on a top iPhone or Galaxy in-store activation, Sam’s Club has you covered. The club retailer will hold a one-day event on Saturday, November 11, where you can get the $300 off the price of a Galaxy S8, S8+ or Note 8 in the form of a gift card, or $250 off the latest iPhones, including the X. Given that the promo will include a waived activation fee, which is a $40 value, your Sam’s Club memebership card won’t be issued in vain.

The fine print is that there is …

Qualcomm gets record breaking $130 billion offer from Broadcom

This morning, Semiconductor producer Broadcom offered a record breaking $130 billion for mobile chip maker Qualcomm. The deal would be the largest of all-time in the tech sector, and works out to $70 in cash and stock. That is a 28% premium for Qualcomm’s shares computed from Thursday’s close. That was the last day that Qualcomm traded without talk of an impending bid from Broadcom. Broadcom will assume $25 billion in Qualcomm debt, which is included in the total amount of the transaction.

If the deal is agreed to by stock holders and regulators, the combined company will be the world’s …

KGI analyst says Apple will offer two iPhone models with an OLED screen in 2018

This year, the Apple iPhone X was the first iPhone ever to use an OLED screen instead of the usual LCD display. Now, KGI Securities well respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is   forecasting that two 2018 iPhone units will feature an OLED panel. One, he believes, will be the sequel to the iPhone X while the other could be a “Plus” variant of that phone. There were rumors about Apple prepping a handset with a 6-inch screen for this year, but that never appeared. As it turns out, we might see a 6-inch iPhone XI Plus next year.

Next year, Kuo sees Apple making the stainless steel band …

T-Mobile's counter offer keeps alive a possible merger with Sprint; deal could be announced in weeks

It was just a few days ago when SoftBank, Sprint’s majority owner, apparently pulled the plug on a merger with T-Mobile. At the time, both sides reportedly had agreed to the broad outline of a deal. The merged company would be majority owned by Deutsche Telekom (the company that owns the largest stake in T-Mobile), and T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere would run the combined carrier. But SoftBank apparently decided that it wanted to be majority owner after all, or have more say in the combined company than originally agreed to.

But the deal isn’t dead yet. According to the Wall Street …

AT&T doesn't believe the iPhone X needs any aggressive promotion support, so it doesn't offer any

The iPhone X is the hottest device of the moment and Apple is doing everything it can to keep up the hype. In an attempt to lure as many customers as possible, many carriers in the United States announced earlier this week they will run various promotions on the iPhone X.

Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon carefully set their iPhone X deals in place before the smartphone went on pre-order on October 27, but not AT&T. Apparently, the carrier has decided against launching an aggressive promotion in support of Apple’s iPhone X.

With regard to the competitive …

Awesome Galaxy S9 renders offer an early glimpse at what Samsung's next flagships might look like

Samsung was among the first major phone makers to usher in the bezel-less design trend that’s taken the mobile world by storm and is seemingly on its way to become the next de-facto norm for smartphone industrial design. The Galaxy S8 and S8+, followed by the mighty Note 8, were all running successes for Samsung, and looking back now, it’s kind of hard to believe that the S8 is actually over half a year old. Yup, the iconic bezel-less duo released back in April, and think about this – that was 6 months ago and there’s about 7 months, give or take a week or two, until their …

Some carriers offer free AirPods with iPhone X pre-orders

In just a few days, carriers and retailers will open iPhone X pre-orders. As many of you probably know by now, iPhone X price starts at $1,000, which is why some carriers plan to sweeten their deals with some freebies or discounts.

US carriers Sprint and T-Mobile have already announced their promotional offers on the iPhone X, but there are many others that would like to woo new customers into buying Apple’s new flagship.

Unlike some network operators that decided to discount the iPhone X if customers sign up for long-term contracts, Vodafone UK and maybe …

Google's pop-up stores in New York and L.A. to offer devices for sale including the new Pixel models

Google doesn’t have a chain of permanent retail stores like Apple has where consumers can test out and purchase the latest Apple devices. Instead, Google relies on pop-up stores where visitors can test products before ordering them online. But that is going to change. According to a report published today, Google will start selling devices from its temporary stores in New York and Los Angeles when they both open for business this Thursday.

Devices that will be available for purchase at Google’s pop-up stores include the new Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and the Google Home Mini. Other new products …

Deal: Get an iPhone 7 for just $449 from Verizon (limited time offer)

Last month, when Apple announced the iPhone 8 series and the
iPhone X, it also cut the prices of all its older iPhones. Thus, the company
started selling the iPhone 7 for as low as $549, and the iPhone 7 Plus for as
low as $669. Now, Verizon Wireless is taking an additional $100 off the prices
of both iPhone 7 models, though only with monthly device payments for 24 months.


Thanks to Verizon’s new offer, prices for an iPhone 7 start
at $449.99 (instead of $549), while the iPhone 7 Plus can be bought starting at
$569.99 (instead of $669.99). Naturally, these are prices for the 32 GB
versions …

Google to revise system that forces news providers to offer three free stories a day before charging

Google plans on removing a policy that requires news organizations to offer consumers three free stories a day before readers are forced to subscribe to the service. Instead, news providers will be allowed to determine for themselves how many articles readers will be allowed to read for free. Robert Thomson, chief executive of News Corp., started squealing last month about Google’s plans to eliminate the “first click free” policy.

Thomson pointed out that Google had these news providers by the short hairs. If they didn’t get on board with the “first click free” policy, they would disappear …