Samsung rings up 270,000 Galaxy Note 8 units in South Korea over the launch weekend

With the hoopla over the new 2017 iPhone models, some of the excitement over the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 seemed to have dissipated. Still, with the device released last Friday, Samsung was able to sell 270,000 units of its high-end phablet in South Korea over the launch weekend. On Friday, three major South Korean carriers (SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus) scored 200,000 orders for the Galaxy Note 8 with an additional 70,000 sold the next day.

To put the figures in perspective, last year 160,000 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units were sold in South Korea on the date of the phone’s release. Subsequently, …

New Samsung video shows how to switch from an iPhone to a Galaxy Note 8

If you own an iPhone, Samsung wants you to know that it’s
super easy to switch from it to a brand new Galaxy Note 8 (available in the US and other
markets since last week).


The first video embedded below – uploaded today on YouTube –
shows just how simple it can be to transfer your data and content from an old iPhone
to a Galaxy Note 8 – which you may have bought because, as Samsung puts it,
“you wanted to do bigger things.” You’ll have to connect your
iPhone to the Note 8 via cable, then use Samsung’s straightforward Smart Switch app. The Galaxy
Note 8 will transfer your stuff …

Finally! Pull down the Note 8 or S8 notification bars from anywhere on the screen

We have been whining about the lack of a pull-down notification bar gesture from anywhere on a Samsung phone screen for a while now, but this fever reached a crescendo mode with the big and tall Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8+. 
For some reason, Samsung decided that it is a good idea to introduce swipe up and down gestures anywhere on the home screen, but these did the same thing – pulling the app drawer – as you can see in the short GIF here. To bring down the notification bar, you had to stretch all the way up to the top of the screen, which, on a large handset …

Galaxy Note 8 on Verizon gets its first OTA update

In case you haven’t heard, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is officially hitting the shelves today. Verizon is commemorating the occasion by releasing its first OTA update for the 6.3-inch phablet. 
The software upgrade is not identical to the one released for the international variant of the Note 8 – that one has a kernel version of 4.4.13, while Verizon’s update stands at 4.4.21. After updating, the software version of Note 8 units distributed by Verizon should stand at N950USQU1AQI5. 
Here …

Television ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is about a phablet-based relationship

On Friday, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was officially launched in many countries, including the U.S. and Canada. At the same time, Samsung released a television commercial for the latest version of its high-end phablet. The ad is all about watching the Galaxy Note 8, its Live Message feature, and the S Pen digital writing instrument help a burgeoning relationship grow. From the first Live Message sent by a girl to a guy sitting right across from her at a party, we see the two communicating back and forth using their Galaxy Note 8 handsets. As the commercial progresses, we can feel the bond …

More than 800,000 Galaxy Note 8 units pre-ordered in South Korea

The Galaxy Note 8 seems to be defying all expectations. According to The Korea Herald, South Korean consumers are absolutely loving the 6.3-inch phablet, as more than 800,000 units have been reserved since pre-orders went live on September 7th.

For comparison, its ill-fated predecessor, the Galaxy Note 7, needed 13 days to achieve the much smaller number of 380,000 pre-orders. What’s even more impressive is that the achievements of the Note 8 are really close to those of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ which broke all mobile sales records in the …

The Galaxy Note 8 has a neat and useful one-handed mode on deck, here's how it works

The Galaxy Note 8 is a big 6.3″ device that will offer its users a competent marriage of hardware, software, and unique features that undoubtedly set it itself apart from just about anything we’ve seen thus far. It’s not as disruptive as other phones, but it’s the culmination of all the top technology you can find today.
But it’s a bit big still.
Even people with large hands would likely benefit from a dedicated one-hand usage mode from time to time. Luckily, the Note 8 doesn’t skimp on features and has a built in single-handed mode …

Caseology Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases hands-on look

This story is sponsored by Caseology. PhoneArena’s opinions in this article have not been affected in any way!
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is quite possibly the most powerful Android phone out there and it’s also one of the prettiest with a sleek glass and metal construction. But glass tends to break and the nearly $1,000 price the Note 8 commands are two convincing reason that you should also keep it protected.
Caseology …

How to unlock your Galaxy Note 8 with irises: A visual guide

Ever since the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has endowed its high-end handsets with iris scanners that essentially enable users to employ another layer of biometric security frontier.
Being the best large-screen phone Samsung has come up with so far, the Galaxy Note 8 is, of course, coming with this neat feature on board. In case you have a serious gripe with the awkward fingerprint scanner positioned at the upper rear of this rather tall device, then you’d likely want to use the built-in iris scanner given that it’s so much easier and doesn’t require you to fumble …

The Galaxy Note 8 also has 4K at 60 FPS video recording coming… soon

The camera is one of the most important modules in modern smartphones. It’s a huge part of why consumers are willing to spill a huge chunk of cash for a flagship, after all — the combination of media-streaming, top-end hardware, and a great camera to capture your memorabilia with just 1 device is always a nice excuse to drop $800 on a handset.
So, naturally, phone manufacturers work to improve smartphone cameras each and every year. And this year, Apple was the first to announce that its new iPhones would be able to record 4K UHD video at 60 frames per second. Now, …