Deal: Apple's newest smartwatch is $50 off at Best Buy

We’re still a handful of months away from the next Apple Watch, so the newest model won’t be getting too many heavy discounts until August or September, but some retailers are chipping away the Apple Watch Series 3’s suggested retail price.

For a limited time, Best Buy offers the Apple Watch Series 3 for just $280, which makes the wearable device exactly $50 cheaper than usual. This specific Apple Watch model was on sale weeks ago for the same price, but it doesn’t happen often for a U.S. retailer to offer a $50 discount on the smartwatch.

The deal is only available for the GPS-enabled …

The reviews are in for Drake's newest single, 'I'm Upset,' and they're not that great


Drake’s upset — and some fans might be, too.  

The rapper dropped his second single on Saturday night in preparation for his forthcoming album, Scorpion. The track, “I’m Upset,” has hit number one on the iTunes charts already, but folks online aren’t necessarily singing its praises. 

On the song, Drake raps about a lot of things, including the women he’s thankful to know, and keeping his money straight despite his relationships. 

It’s your classic Drake fodder, but considering “I’m Upset” is Drake’s followup to the two smash hits he’s delivered with “God’s Plan” and “Nice For What,” people aren’t too keen on this single.  Read more…

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Motorola's newest patent is a foldable smartphone that turns into a tablet

Motorola, or better say Lenovo, doesn’t want to be left behind in the race for the first foldable smartphone, hence the new patent the company filed recently. Although the patent that shows a smartphone that unfolds into a tablet was filed back in September 2016, it was approved in March 2018.

Designing a truly foldable smartphone is definitely a tremendous task, not to mention that developing one that’s ready for mass market is even harder, so Motorola working on a device that can switch from a smartphone to a tablet factor seems close to impossible.

The …

Newest Android distribution numbers show Oreo in use by more than 5% of devices

Google has just introduced its new Android platform for smartphones, but the new OS won’t be released until later this year. Even so, the previous version, Android Oreo isn’t used by a large audience, which was to be expected if you look back at how things evolved in the last couple of years.

Last month Google confirmed Oreo is on 4.15% of the Android devices, and this month, for the first time since its market release, Android O’s market share is above 5%, although not by much.

The numbers show a 1% increase for Android Oreo in just a month, which isn’t much. However, we can safely …

Hearthstone's newest expansion The Witchwood drops on Android and iOS on April 12

Blizzard has just announced that Hearthstone’s next expansion called The Witchwood will be released on April 12. The new expansion will be launched on all platforms at the same time, but depending on the region you might be able to log in and play earlier.

In order to smooth out the transition to the new meta, for a limited time after The Witchwood arrives, players who log in will be given three card packs and a random Class legendary card – both from the expansion – for free.

On top of that, players who pre-purchase The Witchwood before the expansion launches will receive a special …

Deal: Save $200 on Microsoft's newest Surface Pro tablet

If you’re thinking of buying a new tablet, Microsoft wants you to know that it’s currently offering a couple of its newest Surface Pro hybrid devices at reduced prices. More exactly, Microsoft is taking $200 off the price of the Surface Pro with Intel Core i5 processor, 128 GB SSD and 4 GB of RAM, and of the Surface Pro with Intel Core i5, 256 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM. Thanks to this offer, you can buy the former for $799 (instead of $999), and the latter for $1,099 (instead of $1,299).  
This deal is available until February 24 (Saturday), and, unfortunately, …

Action Launcher gains better AdaptiveZoom, other enhancements in newest update

Great news for Action Launcher users, as developer Chris Lacy has just announced the latest update improves some of the major features that were added in previous versions. The highlight of Action launcher v34 is enhanced AdaptiveZoom.

Some of you probably remember that Action Launcher gained AdaptiveZoom in the previous update, an innovative adaptive icon enhancement that naturally animates an app icon to the center of the screen while an application loads.

However, the latest update further enhances AdaptiveZoom with an API that’s meant to allow devs to control how their app launches. …

Motorola's newest Style Shell Moto Mods feature Gorilla Glass 5 and interesting designs

Motorola this week stared selling brand new Moto Mods from the Style Shell series. In case you’re not familiar with the Style Shell Moto Mods, these are swappable back covers that can change the aspect of Moto Z smartphones, with little added thickness. 
The new Style Shell models are the first Moto Mods made out of polycarbonate and Gorilla Glass 5, and they should be able to survive drops from up to 5.2 feet (1.6 meters). Five different interesting designs are available: Colored Leaves, Expressive Curves, Graphic Flowers, Retro Stripe, and Overlapping Triangles. …

Oprah's Golden Globes speech is the newest addition to Spotify's MLK Jr. playlist


Ahead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2015, Spotify built a playlist of the civil rights leader’s speeches in his honor. This week, ahead of the January 15th federal holiday, a new speech appears at the top of the playlist: Oprah’s Golden Globes acceptance speech

You know the one. 

On Sunday, Oprah accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award with a speech about the power and importance of representation in media and the Time’s Up initiative. She also shared the story of Recy Taylor, an African American woman who was raped in Alabama in 1944 by five white men, none of whom were charged with a crime.  Read more…

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Intel helped Google develop the Pixel Visual Core co-processor inside its newest flagships

It might not be common knowledge yet, but Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL come with an additional processor inside, which is supposed to help the flagships perform better when executing various tasks.

Dubbed Pixel Visual Core, the co-processor is not yet enabled, so the smartphones do not yet take advantage of the AI-related features. However, the special chip will be activated along with Android 8.1 Oreo developer preview that’s expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

The co-processor has been co-developed by Google and Intel since no current chip fit the search …