AT&T to launch a real mobile 5G network by the end of 2018

AT&T is planning to launch a mobile 5G network that will comply with the recently approved 5G New Radio (NR) specifications. In its press release, the US carrier states that the service will be available in 12 cities by the end of this year, but it hasn’t specified the names of those markets or which devices will get upgraded to the higher speeds first.
Melissa Arnoldi, president of AT&T Technology and Operations, has commented on the developments:

5G will change the way we live, work and enjoy entertainment. We’re moving quickly to begin deploying mobile …

Here are all the phones that will support Verizon's Gigabit LTE network

Verizon plans to light up its Gigabit Class LTE network in select markets in the United States during 2018. Although the carrier has yet to reveal the regions where its new network will be available starting this year, we do have a list of devices that will support Gigabit LTE.

If you’ve been following our Verizon-related news, then you probably know that a handful of smartphones have already been updated by the carrier with support for its Gigabit LTE network.

You’ll most likely identify them in the list below, which contains all the smartphones that will …

Verizon and Qualcomm test massive MIMO which increases network speed and capacity

A technology called massive MIMO is being tested by Verizon and Qualcomm. MIMO, which we have discussed in the past, stands for multiple input, multiple output and it’s all about increasing the connectivity between a transmitter and receiver. The result is faster data speeds and the ability to handle more traffic, clearing up congestion. While usually MIMO deals with setups like 2 x 2 (two lines at the transmitting end and two lines at the receiving end) or 3 x 3, massive MIMO is just as the name suggests. A recent test by Sprint tested 128 antennas (64 transmitters and 64 receivers) all working …

Sprint: no 'kiss on the cheek' with T-Mobile again, but rather $6 billion into a better network

After the failed merger talks with T-Mobile, the two smaller US carriers are now on their own, and have to significantly up their game in terms of coverage, if they want to compete with the investments of Verizon and AT&T. That is why Sprint revealed a $6 billion network expenditure plan for 2018 that may double what it spent this year on improving coverage. Sprint is about to build thousands of new towers, said CFO Tarek Robbiati during an investor conference.

While the tower rollout will be focused on areas where rapid population growth has exceeded Sprint’s coverage, …

With merger talks over for now, Sprint focuses on upgrading its network

Wait. Stop what you’re doing for a second and listen to that unusual sound. Know what its is? It is the sound of common sense returning to the mobile carrier business. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said today that there won’t be many carrier promotions involving the Apple iPhone X. Why? Because inventories of the device are low and demand is high, it wouldn’t make sense for U.S. carriers to give up some of its profit margins when it is not necessary to do so.

Claure says that promotional deals for the tenth anniversary model will be fewer and less aggressive than seen for the iPhone 7 last year. …

Save $200 by bringing your iPhone X to US Mobile's new Super LTE network

US Mobile,
a less-known American MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), today unveiled an
interesting offer for future iPhone X owners. To celebrate the launch of what
US Mobile calls “Super LTE,” the company will offer $200 back to
iPhone X users who bring their device to the network, no trade in required.
You won’t get that in cash, but in bill credit, which still means you’ll be
saving $200. 


According to US Mobile, Super LTE is based on “America’s
biggest LTE network.” The company doesn’t mention exactly what network that
is, but it’s likely Verizon. The MVNO is offering …

Sprint says its LTE Plus is the most improved wireless network this year

Sprint Chief Operating Officer Günther Ottendorfer boasted today that Sprint’s LTE Plus is the most improved network of 2017. The executive wrote that year-over-year its average download speed rose by 33%. In 25 of its 99 top markets, average download speed rose by 40% to 100% based on data taken from Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence. According to the COO, part of the improvement was due to the employment of more 2.5GHz spectrum by the carrier. Ottendorfer says that the more spectrum Sprint uses for its LTE Plus network, the faster the network becomes.

One new tool soon to be in use on …

Ad watchdog group tells T-Mobile to stop calling its 4G LTE network faster than Verizon's

Both T-Mobile and Verizon have made claims in their ads that their 4G LTE network is the fastest in the U.S. Both can’t be right. So when T-Mobile said in an advertisement last year that its LTE pipeline was faster than Verizon’s LTE network, Big Red filed a complaint with the National Advertising Division. Part of the Better Business Bureau, the NAD reviews national ads for truthfulness. After reviewing the situation, the NAD ruled that T-Mobile should stop claiming that it has the fastest 4G LTE network.

For its part, T-Mobile relied on crowd-sourced data compiled by apps offered …

Sprint's Magic Box adds network capacity and increases data speeds from the sky

Looking for a way to expand the reach of its 2.5GHz spectrum for up to 10 square miles (at least to start), Sprint has started testing its Magic Box as an aerial small cell solution. The Sprint Magic Box is a signal booster than when on the ground, increases download and upload speeds by as much as 200% within a range of 30,000 square feet. In the air, the Magic Box can connect on the ground with a Sprint cell site, COW (Cell on Wheels) or SatCOLT (Satellite Cell Site on Light Truck) to provide service to customers. Using a drone, the Magic Box is lifted as much as 400 feet in the air.

Sprint …