Essential Camera app gets another much needed update, here are all the changes

The Essential Phone is not necessarily a bad device, but it had some software issues at launch. Some of these problems have been corrected in the meantime, but there’s one thing that requires a bit more time – camera.

Coming as a separate accessory, the Essential Camera “benefits” from a UI and app that needs a lot of work just to reach the same level of quality of a standard flagship smartphone.

It appears that Essential understood that and released a couple of updates for the Essential Camera app, which adds some new features and corrects many issues.

The …

Android Oreo gains support for custom themes via Andromeda add-on for Substratum, no root needed

A while ago, we reported that custom themes may be coming to Android 8.0 Oreo without the need for rooting your device. We are happy to report back that this seems to be the case, although the ability to do so is not quite “native”, in that it requires a third-party app and a PC connection.

Last month, the folks over at XDA discovered, while tinkering with preview builds of Oreo, that the new version of Android has support for Sony’s Runtime Resource Overlay (RRO) theme engine baked-in. This spurned the developers behind the popular custom theming …

Google integrates Android Pay with mobile banking apps, official app no longer needed

Google has just announced its official Android Pay application is no longer needed for mobile payments using the service. The search giant integrated the functionality of Android Pay directly in mobile banking apps, including Bank of America, Bank of New Zealand, Discover, mBank and USAA.

Beginning this week, Android Pay users can add cards to the service directly from their mobile banking applications with a tap of a button. As soon as the setup is complete, they will be able to use their phones to make mobile payments wherever they see the Android Pay button in …

Huawei executive: No more than 4GB of RAM is needed on a smartphone

Last year, the first smartphone to ship with 6GB of RAM was launched, and since then we have seen manufacturers like OnePlus include 6GB of RAM on the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. But as you might expect, not every phone manufacturer believes that 6GB of RAM is needed. For example, Huawei executive Lao Shi recently noted on his weibo page that 4GB of RAM is enough on a phone for it to scroll smoothly. Mr. Lao also added that many Huawei phones work better with 4GB of RAM than they might with 6GB of the stuff inside.

RAM, which is an acronym for Random Access Memory, is used to store parts of …