NBA tests streaming the fourth quarter of regular season games for only 99 cents

It is hardly a new observation to point out that the first 36 minutes of an NBA contest isn’t worth watching, and all that matters is the fourth quarter. That kind of thinking is actually incorrect since what happens in the last 12-minutes is all about everything that took place on the hardwood prior to the final quarter. Still, the league itself is trying to pass along this way of thinking by offering live streams of the last quarter of certain games for the heavily discounted price of 99 cents.

On Friday night, certain NBA fans received a notification that they could watch the fourth quarter …

Verizon signs exclusive NBA streaming deal, to offer League Pass at half price

After its extensive NFL deal, Verizon is now striking gold with the NBA, too, entering into a multi-year agreement over games streaming and exclusive content creation, topping it off with AR and VR experiences for basketball aficionados.
Big Red will offer the League Pass for half-price compared to traditional cable TV subscriptions, via its Yahoo Sports subsidiary. Those $99 a season will get you access to the more than 1100 games played for the period, plus the aforementioned exclusive Verizon content and AR shenanigans. The kicker is that …

Leaked NBA memo instructs that players, coaches must stand during the national anthem


For our latest edition of “professional sports organizations really don’t get it” we highlight the National Basketball League.

A Friday memo sent by the league to all players and coaches made a point of reinforcing an existing rule that everyone is required to stand for the national anthem. It then goes on to suggest other options for engaging with a protest that’s gripped the NFL and spilled into the wider world.

These details come from ESPN, which obtained a copy of the memo sent by deputy commissioner Mark Tatum. He stopped short of making any specific threats, noting only that “the league office will determine how to deal with” anyone that doesn’t comply. Read more…

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NBA 2K18 is now out for iPhone and iPad: more realistic than ever

The brand new NBA 2K18 is now available for iPhone and iPad, as well as for PlayStation, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.
The $8 basketball simulation game is more realistic than ever, with game makers putting the extra effort to get small details right: the player’s tattoos, the new uniforms, the ultra realistic models of sneakers, every little detail looks better. And apart from the standard playing modes, the MyCareer mode is making a return as a campaign mode where you grow and develop your own character. You get to design the way your …

Tap Nike's new app-connected NBA jerseys with your smartphone


The only way to access Nike’s new app? Tap your phone on an NBA jersey.

Nike has announced a new stage for its eight-year NBA partnership, in the form of a jersey-connected app.

Officially announced on Sept. 16 at an event in Los Angeles attended by players from all 30 NBA teams, NikeConnect is a new app activated by Nike’s new jerseys.

Nike and the NBA's new app, NikeConnect.

Nike and the NBA’s new app, NikeConnect.

Image: Nike

Users must tap an embedded NFC chip hidden behind a tag at the bottom of their jersey with their smartphone, which will then launch the NikeConnect app.  Read more…

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Nike's new NBA jerseys for fans come with NFC tags that bring premium content to your phone

Yesterday, Nike introduced its new line of “NBA Connected” jerseys for NBA teams and players. Versions of the uniforms that fans can buy, come with an NFC tag that will “unlock” premium content for fans.  The tags work in conjunction with the NikeConnect app to bring to your smartphone pre-game arrival video, game highlights, and music playlists from NBA stars. A certain player’s replica jersey could be outfitted with a tag that will provide boosts to that same player’s NBA 2K18 capabilities.

The jerseys containing the embedded NFC tags will not be cheap. The $110 “Swingman” …

NBA 2K18 companion app and theme card game is now up on App Store and Google Play

2K’s MyNBA2K18 has just been released in the App Store and Google Play, but the companion app will be at its full potential on September 19 when NBA 2K18 will be launched on PC and consoles. 

However, those who pre-order the video game on either platform will receive it on September 15, four days ahead of its official release. Anyway, the good news is MyNBA2K18 is not just a companion app for the NBA 2K18, it’s also a full fledged theme card game.

So, aside from the fact that it fully integrates with NBA 2K18, the app includes the collectible …

Bouncy Hoops: Play some flappy basketball, while waiting for the NBA finals

There’s something truly addicting about simplistic high-score chasers. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but it might have something to do with the fact that you can pick them up right away and start beating records (be it yours, or someone else’s).

Bouncy Hoops is just that – a one-touch game of basketball that will entertain you while you wait for the first Calaviers – Warriors game to start. Its concept is simple – tap on the screen to make the ball go higher, and make sure to land it in the basket. After every made shot, the basket switches sides, but don’t …

How to watch Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers 2017 NBA finals livestream on iPhone and Android

It’s official: the Golden State Warriors will face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Finals, and it’s the finals game everyone knew and hoped would happen.

The Cavs or the Warriors?It’s the clash of two dynasties: the Golden State team is packed with talent and if it was not enough having three superstars in the form of Steph Curry, Clay Thompson and Draymond Green last year, it has added Kevin Durant this year. The Cleveland Cavaliers, on the other hand, have LeBron James, a man on a mission, helped by Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, and this …

NBA Bulls player interrupts game to tie Celtics player's shoe, as one does


Ah, it’s never a dull moment in the NBA.

During Sunday night’s intense Game 4 face off between the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics, Robin Lopez casually decided to push Jae Crowder out of bounds to tie his shoe.

As one does…

As this stunning GIF below shows, Lopez lost his own right shoe on the court and Crowder swiftly picked it up and tossed it behind him, out of bounds. 

EEEeeek. Lopez reacted by immediately crashing into Crowder with an intentional foul, using what appears to be a massive bear hug. He then retrieved his lonely shoe on the sidelines and bent over to… tie Crowder’s laces? Read more…

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