Google Assistant now features native support for the Apple iPad

Thanks to an update to the Google Assistant for iOS app, the digital assistant now supports the Apple iPad. The UI is the same as the one found when Google Assistant is downloaded on an iPhone, but is designed to cover the the entire 7.9-inch to 12.9-inch screens that adorn different iPad models. Keep in mind that Apple will only allow a third-party assistant like Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa to work when the app is open. Of course, the iPad comes equipped with Apple’s own Siri as its default assistant.

With Google Assistant, users can get the weather, news, sports scores, stock prices, …

Android P lands native HDR video and high-efficiency media format support

Phones and tablets with HDR-certified displays are starting to inundate our specs database, and there is now barely a high-end phone announced that doesn’t have wide color-capable screens. Some are even able to capture true HDR video to showcase on said displays, too.
Well, Android is finally catching up with the times, and Google just mentioned in its Android P Developer Preview roundup above that the new version will have native decoder for HDR VP9 video, making it easier for devs to create playback-capable apps. In addition, there will …

YouTube on iOS scores native dark mode for some users, but what about Android?

A while ago, we told you that code suggesting that YouTube on Android is about to score a native dark theme has been unearthed in the app. 
However, as it often happens with Google’s software, it’s the iOS version of the YouTube app that receives this new feature first. 

Well, that’s only true for a select few iOS users who boasted on Reddit that version 13.01.4 of the app has introduced  a neat switch in the preferences that allows users to switch opt for the new dark interface in favor of the default light one. 

It …

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 guide: How to enable the display's native WQHD+ resolution output

While the official launch of the Note 8 is about a week or so away, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t show you a few tricks that will help you make the most out of your Note 8 once you get into possession of one.
Today, we will address one of the features that you might want to micro-manage on your own – the default resolution of your device. In case you’ve played around with a Galaxy S8 or S8+ before, you might know that although it comes with a WQHD+ 1440 x 2960-pixel display, by default the phone runs at FHD+ resolution, or 1080 x 2220 pixels. For …

So-called Emperor Edition of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumored to feature 256GB of native storage

The version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that most of us are familiar with carries 4GB of RAM and 64GB of native storage. There is a Midnight Black version of the handset that features an enhanced 6GB of RAM and 128GB of native storage. Samsung initially made 150,000 units of this model for the South Korean market, all of which were quickly sold out. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 expected to be introduced on August 23rd, the question is whether Sammy’s high-end phablet will also be offered with enhanced specs. And the answer, according to the current speculation, is “Yes!”

A tweet from tipster …

Android O's native Clock app now available for download in the Google Play Store

Android O is just around the corner, but we already know quite a lot about the some of the new features it will bring. Last month, Google revealed a new native Clock app that will be coming along with Android O.

The new Clock app is available to everyone who flashed any of the Android O Developer Previews Google released in the last few months, so some of you probably know what the new app looks like.

Well, the good news is Google Clock for Android O is now available for download in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it will not work on devices that aren’t running Android O Developer …

Android may finally be getting native support for Bluetooth battery indicators

If you’re one of the many, many Android users who own some sort of wireless Bluetooth accessory, there’s a high chance you’ve at some point wished for an easy way to check its battery status right from your device’s screen. And as it happens, the Bluetooth standard already has support for the feature — in fact, it has had it for more than five years. And while many manufacturers have their own implementations of the feature, it’s still not present in the AOSP (a.k.a. the base all Android variants derive from).

But as uncovered in Android’s source …

Update to Duo adds video calls to your phone's native call log

Google’s video chat app Duo has been a mighty fine addition for both Android and iOS users, and some new features make Duo even more capable. Anyone in your Android contacts list who you’ve called using Duo can be the recipient of a voice-only or video-only call. This is a great feature to use when you are not looking your best, or you don’t want the other end of the call to hear background noise. The Knock Knock feature allows the recipient of a Duo video call to see a few seconds of the caller live before the connection is officially made. This allows the person receiving the call to see who …

Google Doodle honors first Native American physician


Google honored a deserving figure in American history on Saturday: Susan La Flesche Picotte, the first Native American to earn a medical degree. 

Picotte was illustrated as the Google homepage’s Google Doodle on Saturday in honor of what would have been her 152nd birthday. 

Image: screenshot/google

Picotte was a doctor and an activist. The Omaha Native American physician advocated for land, and money for the sale of land to be paid to members of the Omaha tribe. As a reformer for public health, she was a leader in the temperance movement and fought tuberculosis on the reservation where she worked as a physician.  Read more…

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Android's native Clock app to get some timely changes to its look in Android O

Android O is already on the third Developer Preview, and one of the native apps that is getting some work done on it is the Clock app. Let’s start with the icon. Gone is the image of a clock with a purple background divided into three separate sections by the hour, minute and second hands. Instead, the clock will have a more vibrant blue color, and the dark shadowing from 2 to 6 has been eliminated. The second hand is now red, and the whole look is brighter and cleaner, especially with the shadowing removed from the clock’s hands.

Version 5.1 of Clock has a new color scheme inside as well. …