Google implements a feature to mute reminder ads

Congratulations, reminder ads are now mutable for a maximum of 90 days, as stated by Google! But what exactly are those, and why are we happy that we finally have control (although not complete) over them?
Reminder ads are pop-ups, prompting you to buy something, and are most likely to show up if you’ve recently looked up something in an e-shop. These pesky intruders can offer you everything from a pair of socks to a brand new car, and are quite adaptable, meaning they know exactly what you want and when you want it. But how they’ve become so smart, knowing …

Is your iPhone X pulling your hair? Users complain about hair stuck in the bezel gap and mute switch

File this in the unforeseen consequences of having a bezel-less phone with steel frames, but Apple’s new iPhone X may be pulling people’s hair, beards, and so on, as multiple complaints on Apple’s discussion forums and random social media vents are reporting. 

The hairs seem to get stuck either in the mute switch, or in the small gap between the bezel and the display. Some units are apparently being replaced by Apple, while many others are solving the annoyance by putting a case on it, though the mute switch still remains in play sometimes. 
We’ve …

Google Chrome soon to get ability to mute autoplay videos, improved features

Google is expected to introduce new features for Chrome users, as the search giant is already testing a couple of them in the beta channel. Chrome beta version 64 has already been released and those who want to test it will be given the opportunity some of the new features Google plans to bring to all browser users in the coming weeks.

The first thing Google confirmed it will add to Chrome is an improved pop-up blocker, which is meant to prevent sites with abusive experiences from opening new tabs or windows. Apparently, many Chrome users complained some sites include …

Twitter updated with additional mute options to stop trolls, abuse and harassment

Twitter has just announced that its mobile apps are now more powerful when it comes to preventing online abuse and harassment. A new set of notification filters is now available for Twitter users on Android and iOS, which will allow them to mute accounts considered trolls.

Before using these newly added filters, it’s worth noting that you will be able to mute just about any Twitter account that you think necessary. Starting today, Twitter users can disable notifications from the following types of accounts using the new options in the advanced filter settings:

Accounts that are new …

The latest update to the Google Camera app allows you to mute the pesky shutter button tune

Cameras on smartphones have gotten astonishingly good over the years. While we’re likely still some time away before we can truly replace a full-fledged DSLR with a camera that’s included on the pocket-computer we carry around every day, the recent progress that the industry has made is phenomenal.

Along with an increase in overall image and video quality, the software that we use to interact with said cameras has also been getting better. There are plenty of options out there whether you want to have full manual controls or as simple of an interface as possible, and one camera …