Google Pay updated with support for movie, concert and flight tickets

Google Pay got many solid improvements in the last six months, evidence that Google has major plans for the service. At the recent Google I/O conference, the Mountain View company confirmed Google Pay is getting even more improvements starting this week.

So, if you’ve been using Google Pay on a regular basis, you’ll be pleased to know that developers have decided to add support for flight, movie and concert tickets. You’ll find all of these available in the new Tickets section that’s been added after the update.

Once you purchase a ticket, you will also get live alerts, updated departure …

Now you can buy your movie tickets by talking to Google Assistant

Perfectly timed for Star Wars Day today (May the Fourth be with you), Google and Fandango are teaming up to provide Google Assistant users with the ability to order movie tickets by asking for them, or by typing in your request. Once you know which film you are going to see, you can tell the virtual personal assistant the name of the movie, the time you’d like to go, and the theater you’ve chosen. You will be able to say how many adult and children tickets you need.

After agreeing to Fandango’s terms of service (if it is the first time you are using the service), Google Assistant will ask …

Bit Torrent app The Movie DB.Net still resides in the App Store

Bit Torrent client Popcorn Time can be sideloaded on iOS and Android, allowing users to watch pirated movies and television shows as easy as one would watch a title on Netflix. Because of its open source nature, several developers used Popcorn Time’s code to build their own apps. One is The Movie DB.Net app, which has been available to iOS users from the App Store since early last month.

According to a Reddit user with the handle of mystic_quiddity, The Movie DB.Net app uses a fork of Popcorn Time’s code that he created. Another Reddit user gave The Movie DB.Net thumbs up with his review …

Google is giving away discount codes for movie tickets to Local Guides

Google has been looking for ways to incentivize people to take part in its Maps Local Guides initiative. The prizes haven’t really been anything amazing thus far, but for people who like to contribute to the platform anyways, a small gift card or a month or two of free Google Play Music have been welcome things to look for in exchange for a handful of photos and reviews on Google Maps.
Google’s latest such initiative comes in the form of a partnership with Atom Tickets. Local Guides now have the chance to score a $5 rebate off any movie ticket. Google is giving …

Summer movie preview: What to watch if you wanna feel all warm and fuzzy inside


Welcome back to our 2018 summer movie preview, where we tell you what’s coming and what you need to see. Yesterday was all about the action; today’s all about the feels. 

There’s no time like summer for a movie that’s all good vibes. You head into the theater, watch a good movie that warms your heart, and then walk back out to glorious sunshine. 

But first, you’ve gotta figure out what movie’s gonna give you that happy, bouncy feeling. 

That’s what we’ve got for you today. From uplifting documentaries to witty romances, this summer has all sorts of movies guaranteed to bring good cheer. Here’s what to watch if you wanna feel all fuzzy on the inside… Read more…

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Now Steven Spielberg is making a DC movie


Steven Spielberg is headed to the DC universe.

Warner Bros. announced Tuesday that Spielberg has signed on for Blackhawk, an action-adventure movie based on the DC comics.

The press release notes that Spielberg has “an eye to directing” the film, which suggests he’s not quite locked in for that role yet. Either way, though, he’ll produce with his company Amblin Entertainment. 

“I am excited,” Spielberg said in a statement.

David Koepp, whose credits include Jurassic Park, Spider-Man, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, will write the script.  Read more…

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Google Search update makes it easier to choose what movie to watch

Google Search receives yet another update in a matter of just a few weeks. The latest changes focus on making it easier to plan a movie night, so if you’re a cinephile keep reading to learn more.

First off, the update is available in the Google app for Android, in the United States and India in Hindi and English. According to Google, these changes will be added to the Google app for iOS “soon.”

After updating to the latest version of Search, you will be able to compare movies taking into consideration various aspects like ratings, showtimes, theater location and more. If you find …

Increase the odds of buying tickets to a movie you'll love with Google's new feature

There are so many movies in the theaters to choose from, and you don’t want to waste time and money by seeing a film you end up disliking. Is there a way to improve the odds that the movie you select will be one you like? Thanks to Google, the answer is “Yes.” A new update being pushed out now for the Google Search app allows users to compare movies based on the factors that you care about most.

With the new feature, you can find movies based on how they rank using the criteria you find important, such as ratings, showtimes, …

'Black Panther' is officially the biggest superhero movie in U.S. box office history


We knew it was going to happen, and now it has: This weekend, Black Panther will cement its place as the top-earning superhero movie of all time at the U.S. box office.

The current Friday-Sunday estimate of $16.6 million for Black Panther will bring its cumulative domestic total up to $630.9 million (h/t Deadline). That gives it a small-yet-not-insignificant lead over The Avengers, which ended its May-September, 2012 run with a domestic take of $623.3 million.

It’s still early in the weekend, and Black Panther‘s estimate is likely to shift in either direction. But there’s little chance of the current estimate falling by the $7 million it would take to leave Marvel’s latest in second place for one more day. Read more…

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Android P's arrival will mean the end of Samsung's Movie Maker application

The writing, as they say, is on the wall. The latest version of Samsung’s Movie Maker application, built-in on many Galaxy devices, includes an “End of service” notice. What it says is that once Android P is rolled out to these Galaxy phones, the Samsung Movie Maker will go bye-bye. All of the projects that you’ve been working on will also disappear. Samsung suggests that before you update to Android P, you should transfer your video projects. However, you do have quite a while before taking care of this; Android P won’t hit your Galaxy phone until the middle of 2019.

Besides the screenshot …