The Rock stars with Siri in new iTunes movie that launches July 24th

In his career as a movie star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson never worked with a co-star as unique as the one he acts with in a new iTunes movie that debuts tomorrow, July 24th. The film is called The Rock x Siri, and yes that is Apple’s voice activated personal assistant sharing top billing with one of the world’s biggest movie stars. Johnson disseminated a tweet earlier today in which he called the picture the “biggest, coolest, sexiest, funnest (is that a word?) movie ever.”

This year has become the year of the personal assistant as Amazon’s Alexa has come out of obscurity to become one …

The Rock just revealed his latest action movie, co-starring Siri


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says a lot of things on social media, including the occasional dad joke, but unless he’s pranking us this time, we’re about to see him star in a film with none other than Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. 

“I partnered with #Apple to make the biggest, coolest, craziest, dopest, most over the top, funnest (is that even a word?) movie ever,” wrote Johnson on his official Facebook page. “And I have the greatest co-star of all time – #SIRI.” 

It’s unclear what the nature of the film is, but since it’s unlikely that a full-length feature from one of Hollywood’s biggest stars would just get dropped on us with one day’s notice, it’s more likely a promotion of some sort to show off some of Siri’s features. And since Apple has also been touting the iPhone as a filmmaking tool, it’s likely the “film” will be shot on an iPhone.  Read more…

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Sci-fi movie Valerian gets its official mobile game for Android and iOS

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is set to debut in movie theaters on July 21. The film inspired by the French comics is directed by Luc Besson, known for another sci-fi masterpiece, The Fifth Element.

If you’re not necessarily a fan of sci-fi movies, but own an Android or iOS smartphone, you might want to try out the Valerian official mobile game, which has just been released in the App Store and Google Play.

Although the game is available for free, you’ll notice it features in-app purchases. Since this is a single player title, you’ll pay for …

You can buy some very fancy Wonder Woman china to celebrate the new movie


Wonder Woman is here. And what better way to celebrate than with some fancy china? 

The latest movie from DC Comics comes with the usual merch — and adorable DIY outfits from kids at home

But Wonder Woman paraphernalia is getting a fancy twist with dishware sets featuring a muted, but still clear, white-and-gold Wonder Woman logo. 

It’s really pretty! Like actually put-it-on-your-wedding-registry pretty. 

Image: screenshot/boxlunch


Image: screenshot/boxlunch

The set is available from BoxLunch, which donates a meal through Feeding America for every $10 spent. Happy Wonder Woman weekend!  Read more…

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Man sues his date for texting during a movie

We’ve all been angered at the movies by the guy or gal who is so selfish that he/she starts calling someone or texting while the movie is playing. There are so many ways how that can be annoying. First, there is the light from the screen, not to mention both sides of the conversation that can be heard. And the clacking of the keyboard created by texting can be a huge distraction to movie goers. That is why Theater Mode on the Apple Watch is so useful. It keeps the screen dark until you tap a button or press on the screen. The raise-to-wake feature is disabled, and sound is muted. Hopefully, …

Star Wars: Force Arena gets Replay feature and four new characters from the Rogue One movie

The folks over at Netmarble have just announced Star Wars: Force Arena is getting a major update on both the Android and iOS platforms. The main highlights of the update include four new character cards, new features in Guild, Replays, and a newly balanced 2vs2 play.

The four new characters from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are now available in the game including the Imperial Death Trooper and the TX-225 Assault Tank from the Galactic Empire, as well as Keredian Partisans and Rebel Demolitionists from the Rebel Alliance.

Developers have also added a new …

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Rip DVD to HTC One: Play DVD Movie on the New HTC One with High Video Quality

With digital content being in vogue, physical movie content in the form of DVD is believed to come to an end. For instance, you can simply watch a movie on the new HTC One in a matter of seconds once purchasing it online. But at the very least, if you have already purchased the movie in physical form, your spending on this movie from Google Play store will seem to be wasteful. In this case, to rip DVD to HTC One compatible video format can help you save money once and for all.


You can use a program such as MacX DVD Ripper Pro to convert DVD movie to a format that will work perfectly on the Android-based HTC One, and if you do upgrade later-on, you can either use the same file, or convert the DVD again for your other device.

To tell you the truth, this Mac DVD ripper for iOS Android devices is not introduced here out of irresponsibility. Instead, this software is the ultimate DVD to HTC ripper that masters to rip DVD to HTC One, HTC Butterfly, HTC One/X/S/V at surprisingly lightning speed. Its “High Quality Engine” and “Advanced Deinterlacing Accelerator” ensures your output video with 100% quality reserved. More preeminently, this DVD ripper for HTC One abandons the conventionally intricate navigation and adopts the brand-new Mac-style interface that lets you copy and rip DVD to MKV, MOV, FLV, MP4, AVI, etc in a foolproof manner, irrespective of copy protections put in place on discs.

How to Convert DVD to HTC One on Mac with Top Quality

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This filmmaker just used an iPhone 5s to shoot his critically acclaimed movie

At the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, audiences were blown away by crazy comedy “Tangerine,” the latest film from “Greg the Bunny” co-creator Sean Baker.
Baker takes delight in telling stories shot in real settings, taking actors with little to no experience and delve into stories one has probably never seen on the big screen before. That can range from a porn actress befriending an elderly woman (“Starlet”) to a New York garment district wholesaler dealing with fatherhood (“Price of Broadway”).

Filmmaker-iPhone 5s-shoot-critically-acclaimed-movie

“Tangerine” continues that idea as Baker narrates the story of a transgender prostitute named Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) who becomes aware that her pimp is deceiving on her and travels through Los Angeles on Christmas Eve to meet him face to face.

Baker’s decision to shoot the unconventional film only using the iPhone 5S is that what has caught hold of people’s attention.

Last week, Baker told Business Insider in the Manhattan office of the film’s distribution company, Magnolia Pictures that “I didn’t see any other way the film could be done.”

With a extremely small budget of only around $120,000 to make the film, Baker was aware that he had made use of all his favors doing his previous films, and that if he wanted to make “Tangerine” he had to have good imagination or original ideas.

matographer Radium Cheung. However, he was totally sold on shooting with the phone after coming across a new anamorphic lens adapter for smartphones created by Moondog Labs and the app, FiLMiC Pro.

Baker felt the phone would be “elevated to a cinematic level”, as the lens adapter and the app made it possible for the phone to shoot at the level provided by a pricey DSLR camera. While the FiLMiC Pro app costs $7.99, the Moondog lens adapters range from $160-$175.

And his financiers, who included Mark and Jay Duplass (creators of HBO’s “Togetherness”), had the same opinion after Baker showed them his test footage.

Until principal photographer on “Tangerine” started in the February of 2013, Baker did not realize the level of complex shots they could pull off with the phone. As a former bike messenger, Baker utilized his talents to closely weave around his characters as they said their lines. With one hand on the handle bar of the bike and the another holding a smart-phone designed Steadicam called a “Smoothee” ($149), the movie has these sleek, eye-grabbing passing shots of Sin-Dee as she walks extremely angry throughout L.A.

However, the “crane” shots in the film are possibly the most impressive part of the cinematography.

All the way through the film, a small number of scenes start high above buildings and then journeys down to the faces of the characters smoothly. Giant crane rigs used on traditional movie sets that costs thousands of dollars were used to pull this off. Baker was able to do the same shots at a low cost and in a more useful and realistic way.

“We purchased a large painter’s pole and we would rig the phone to the end of it and do these up and down movements,” Baker describes that he stands and copies the movements, which is quite close to painting the walls off the Magnolia meeting room with a long paint roller. “We would do like 10 shots, one after the other, and then look at all of them on the phone and decide if we had to do it again. It was basically like being back in your parent’s yard, 12 years old, doing stuff with the VHS camera.”

Baker confesses that they would have probably used drones for some of those shots had the film been made a few years later.

Baker was reluctant about promoting how “Tangerine” was shot, even though shooting with the phone was a success. Back in January, when the film entered this year’s Sundance Film Festival, he did not let any of the publicity material to reveal that it was shot with an iPhone.

“We didn’t want people to have any preconceived notions about how it would look,” he said. “I have to say, if I had a choice to see a movie between a film shot on 35mm and a film shot on an iPhone, I would pick the film shot on 35mm.”

However, following the premiere screening, Baker was aware that he had to disclose how they shot it. He became the poster child of the future of low budget filmmaking overnight.

“It’s starting to get crazy,” Baker admits. “I’m getting way too many Facebook messages and Twitter DMs from people asking how I made the movie. I just don’t have the time to answer all of them. It’s so easy – you get the phone, you get the app, you get the rig and you just do it.”

Even Apple has welcomed the film. When originally Baker had sent Apple the film treatment, they got the symbolic response that the company did not want to be involved. However, he started hearing from multiple departments in the company after the Sundance premiere with some even praising what he did. Others, not so much.

“A few times they had been really nice to me, but a few times they rubbed me the wrong way,” he said. “One time a department was like, “We’re coming to your apartment and we’re going to shoot the way you edit and shoot and we’re going to spend two days with you.’ I was like no, you’re not.”

Well, it looks like all is well now, as Baker said that Apple had invited the film to participate in one of their Apple Store filmmaker chats recently, and they were all presented with new iPhones.

Baker has no plans to make another film on an iPhone, in the hope that with the next one he would have a much larger budget to work with. However, he believes that in the years to come, audiences would be seeing more movies made on phones.

“I went to Sundance thinking we would be one of many films shot on a phone,” he said. “But a lot of people are starting to use it for features and shots. And a lot have been used for commercials already. It’s about time.”

“Tangerine” opens in theaters on Friday.

Watch the “Tangerine” trailer below, and experience the impressive picture quality yourself.