OneDrive for Android gains the option to move the app on an SD card

One of the most user-requested features for OneDrive, the option to move the app on an SD card is now finally available to Android users. Microsoft has just released OneDrive version 5.9, which has some improvements over the previous iterations, including the one mentioned earlier.

Apparently, the developers made some under the hood improvements to the Photos view to make it faster than before. As far as the SD card support goes, you will now be able to move the OneDrive app into such a gadget so that you can have more space for files and offline content.

If you’re using OneDrive …

Move over, Apple and Samsung, the world has a new largest phone maker

Apple has seemingly dethroned Samsung for the title of the world’s largest smartphone maker in Q4, selling 77.3 million iPhones, against Samsung’s 74.4 million handsets. Granted, Samsung made about $30 of net profit per handset, while Apple makes $200+, but when it comes to topping the market share charts, it’s been a fight between these two last year, followed by the rise of Huawei.

For the first time in a while, however, we have a new company that can be called the world’s largest phone maker, and it’s neither Apple, nor Samsung, but the BBK Group. The Chinese conglomerate …

Verizon follows AT&T's move, drops plans to sell the Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Wireless network provider Verizon is not going to sell the upcoming Huawei Mate 10 Pro. This unexpected decision has to do with the U.S. government, according to people familiar with the matter.

Earlier this month, AT&T abandoned plans to offer the Huawei Mate 10 Pro to subscribers after members of the congress, with the help of federal regulators, stood against it. Verizon has been going through the same thing, after dropping plans to sell the Chinese flagship to the U.S. audience. That means only channel left for Huawei to distribute its newest device is …

These photos of the deep freeze will make you move in with your Florida grandmother


Do you have any relatives in Florida, Los Angeles or the Caribbean? Now is an excellent time to catch up.

New Year’s 2018 was marked by bone-chillingly low, sad temperatures in much of the continental United StatesNew York City had its coldest New Years since 1962Chicago’s New Year’s, which was measured at about zero degrees right before midnight, was its most frigid since 1969. Temperatures in some parts of the United States hit 50 degrees below Farenheit.

Thankfully, these photos of places and people looking just as miserable as us give us warmth.

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Alleged Galaxy S9 clear case restates the fingerprint scanner move and the audio jack

A newly leaked clear case, allegedly destined for the Galaxy S9, is making the rounds, and it looks to be fitting like a glove around the CAD-based renders that appeared yesterday. Unfortunately, it also means that Samsung may indeed reserve the dual camera set as a Galaxy S9+ exclusive, as this case here shows too short of an opening on the back for it to house two lenses and a finger scanner. Speaking of, the case hints at a different, under-camera fingerprint reader placement, compared to the S8, just as most leaks so far have iterated, which is a welcome change. 

Another …

Qualcomm says that it is ready to move on without Apple

Back in October, we told you that thanks to the various lawsuits between Apple and Qualcomm, Apple is in the process of designing the 2018 iPhone models without using Qualcomm’s modem chips. Currently, the CDMA versions of the Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Apple iPhone X use the Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 modem chip. The GSM models of the same phones use the Intel XMM 7480. There is speculation that Apple will turn to MediaTek to replace Qualcomm.

Now, with Qualcomm the target of an acquisition attempt by fellow chipmaker Broadcom, the question is whether Qualcomm is ready to move …

Heres's the real proof that Samsung will move from Galaxy A5 or A7 (2018), to A8 and A8+ naming

Samsung is heavily rumored to skip a step with its midrange Galaxy A line, going directly to an A8 and A8 Plus naming scheme, instead of sticking with A3, A5 or A7 (2018) model titles. 
Releasing an A8 and A8 Plus models would move Samsung’s midrangers in lockstep with the flagship Galaxy S line, simplifying its roster, and leaving users only two choices of size and pricing to pick from in the categories. There is further evidence for this shift, as you can see in the Bluetooth SIG regulatory filing below, for one “Galaxy A8” handset, revealed today. The model …

Move over, fingerprints: Samsung patents palm-scanning

Our bodies have plenty of parts, which are formed uniquely to each individual — fingerprints, irises, ear auricles, our actual faces, palm lines, the list goes on. And phone manufacturers seem to be capitalizing on these like crazy to offer us a crazy variety of unlocking methods, with finger unlock, iris unlock, and face unlock being packed all together in some devices.

Samsung seems to be dabbling in adding an extra biometric scan — palm recognition. The difference here is that it’s not going to be used for unlocking your phone, but merely for password hints.

So, Sammy has filed …

Report: Sprint owner SoftBank agrees to move forward with T-Mobile merger

According to a report from international news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP), the oft-rumored merger between T-Mobile and Sprint is one step closer to being a reality. Japan’s SoftBank, which owns 80% of Sprint, has apparantly reached an internal decision to proceed with the deal. SoftBank, and Deutsche Telekom are discussing a stock swap, which is expected to be announced this month. The German phone company owns 64% of T-Mobile.

The AFP says that SoftBank is looking at ways to get the required approvals from the U.S. FCC and the Federal Trade Commission. A previous attempt to put T-Mobile …

"T-Mobile Unlimited with Netflix On Us" is the next Un-carrier move by the nation's third largest carrier

T-Mobile had hinted that it would be introducing its latest Un-carrier plan on September 6th. Sure enough, the nation’s most innovative wireless operator has once again addressed a pain point and figured out a way for consumers to relieve the pain. This time, the agony comes from carrier bundles. Trying to get consumers to spend extra on mobile bundles explains why Verizon and AT&T have been seeking to buy companies that provide content such as AOL, Yahoo and DirecTV.

Starting on September 12th (hmm, something else is supposed to happen on that date), if you have a T-Mobile One account …