Motorola to Samsung: We love your new Galaxy ad, but here's a better ending to it

A few weeks back, Samsung released a video ad showing a
lifelong iPhone user switching to a Galaxy Note 8, ultimately suggesting that
everyone should “upgrade to Galaxy.” Today, Motorola published its
own take on that ad. More exactly, a different ending to it.


Motorola took to Facebook to say this to Samsung: “We
loved your ad, but we think you forgot the ending.” As you can see below, in
Moto’s vision, the ex-iPhone user – who just got a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – comes
home to his girlfriend/wife, and shows her a recording of them on the new
phone’s edge-to-edge display. But she’s …

Motorola disses Apple and other phone makers in new Moto Mod ads

Motorola today released two new video ads that feature
Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus, alongside the Moto Z2 smartphone and some Moto Mods. In these ads –
embedded below – Motorola touts the superiority of its Z2, as “your
phone” (including the iPhone 8) can’t “get loud” and can’t turn
into a projector. Of course, the Moto Z2 can’t do that by itself, either, as it
does it with the help of Moto Mods – including the recently released Moto Mod
Speaker with Amazon Alexa, and the Moto Insta-share Projector.  


Furthermore, Motorola doesn’t appear to be impressed with
iPhone 8 Plus’ Portrait …

Deal: Motorola Moto E4 is on sale for just $40 (45% off) in the U.S.

One of the cheapest Android smartphones available in the United States, the Moto E4 has become even cheaper. It’s been five months since Motorola launched the Moto E4 and the phone is already selling for almost half the price.

Walmart is now offering the Verizon Moto E4 prepaid for just $40, which means you’ll be saving $30 when you buy it. Few smartphones that cost less than $50 offer the same Android experience as Motorola’s budget-friendly handset.

It’s true that the phone will not be getting any major OS updates, but at least it comes with Android 7.1.1 …

Deal: Verizon Motorola Moto Z2 Force on sale for just $450 at Best Buy

Motorola’s latest flagship smartphone, the Moto Z2 Force is on sale for less than $500 for the first time since launch. Last month, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon offered the Moto Z2 Force for $200 off, but only for a limited time.

One week later, T-Mobile introduced its own promotional offer that cut the Moto Z2 Force’s price by $250. Today, Best Buy has an even better deal on Motorola’s flagship, which will enable customers to save $300 when they buy the phone.

It’s worth noting that the deal is only available for the Verizon Moto Z2 Force, which can be …

Motorola starts rolling out Android 7.1.1 Nougat for Moto X Play

It looks like Motorola has just started to push the Android 7.1.1 Nougat update to the Moto X Play. The US-based company confirmed back in June that the mid-range smartphone will be updated to Nougat, but it did not offer details on the exact release date.

Even now we still don’t know when the update will arrive in certain countries, but at least some Moto X Play owners managed to upgrade their phones. For the time being, the only reports that confirm Motorola have kicked off the roll-out of Android 7.1.1 Nougat for Moto X Play come from Brazil.

The update contains one of the newest …

Will Google's Pixel-perfect HTC deal be more successful than the run with Motorola? (results)

We asked you last week about your opinion on the Google-HTC partnership deal that poaches 2000 engineers from the Pixel team and some IP in exchange for $1.1 billion in cash. Apparently, the overwhelming majority of our 1895 respondents are certain that Google will do better with HTC this time than it did with the Motorola acquisition, as the HTC deal is a much more targeted approach, aiming to vertically integrate Google’s nascent mobile hardware business, rather than a shot in the dark to gain patent ownership. Needless to say, there are still folks (22%) that think Google will be able to …

All-metal Motorola Moto G5S Plus now available to pre-order in the US, it's $50 off until September 28

Starting today, Motorola US
is accepting pre-orders for the Moto G5S Plus, a smartphone announced in early
August alongside the Moto G5S (which isn’t coming to the US, or at least
not for now).


The Moto G5S Plus will be released on September 29 for
$279.99 (model with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage space), or $349.99 (4 GB
RAM, 64 GB storage space). However, if you place your pre-order before September
28, you can get the smartphone for $50 off: $229.99 (32 GB) or $299.99 (64 GB). For more details on pre-orders, check out Motorola’s website at the source link below. 


As …

Unlocked Moto X4 will eventually come to the US, but with Motorola software inside

Unsurprisingly, Motorola and Google introduced the Moto X4 in the United States a few days ago, as the first Android One smartphone to make it in this part of the world. On top of that, the device is coming to Project Fi, which will allow customers to trade in select Nexus phones and receive discounts of up to $165 when they purchase the Android One Moto X4.

Otherwise, the Moto X4 is available for pre-order in the United States for $399. Google also announced that customers who trade in their phones by October 5 will be given $50 Fi credit.

Now, all those offers are quite nice if …

Will Google's Pixel-perfect HTC deal be more successful than the run with Motorola?

This time around, Google didn’t splurge. When Google acquired Motorola for $12.5 billion, the troubled phone maker had $2.9 billion of cash in hand, and subsequently the Mountain View team also sold the Home division for $2.35 billion. When we add Lenovo’s purchase price, and some $1 billion in tax-credits for Moto, Google ended up paying just a tad over $4 billion, gained some valuable insight on hardware-making, sniffed at it, and kept the patents.

It seems that there will be no more sniffing at good ol’ manufacturing things. It’s actually Moto’s ex-CEO Rick Osterloh who …

Deal: T-Mobile Motorola Moto Z2 Force now costs $500 (that's $250 off)

Released in August as Motorola’s newest high-end smartphone,
the Moto Z2 Force normally costs a bit over $700, which means that many
customers simply can’t afford it. Fortunately, the handset is already seeing
price cuts thanks to various promotions. Not long after we told you that Best
Buy was offering the Moto Z2 Force for $200 off (with monthly installment
payments on Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint), we’re now glad to inform you that
T-Mobile is taking $250 off the price of its Z2 Force.  


At the moment, you can buy T-Mobile’s Moto Z2 Force for $500
outright (instead of $750), …