Motorola Moto X Style and Moto 360 available for pre order in the UK

Motorola’s elite smartphone and smartwatch, Moto X Style and Moto 360, are now available for pre-order in the UK.


To kick things off with the company’s new flagship smartphone, the Moto X Style is a powerful device worth every penny required.

It is expected to circulate on October 6th and packs a 21-megapixel rear-facing camera while featuring a 5.7inch QHD display and a 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor.

Chances are, that the company decided to go with the Snapdragon 808 chipset, instead of the Snapdragon 810 one, due to the overheating reports concerning the latter.

What’s more interesting about the Moto X Style is the Moto Maker, which allows the owner to customize the phone according to his preferences while it also offers some features and apps exclusively for Motorola devices.

Entrance price is at £399 for the simplest edition and from £434 for the 64GB version all the way up to £454, if you also want to add a wood or leather back.

Furthermore, this is a very good time to purchase a wrist wearable gadget, in general, especially with Google’s improvements on the Android Wear. A good candidate is Motorola’s Moto 360.

More particularly, the Moto 360 is a great start, as it comes available in various shapes and sizes: 42mm and 46mm models designed for men, and another 42mm model aimed at women.

Of course the Moto Maker is available here as well, and along with all the cases, bands and bezel designs, one Moto 360 can look completely different from the other.

The price starts at £229 for the 42mm male model and then goes through £259 for the 42mm female one, before ending up to £269 for the largest model of 46mm.

Circulation date for this one is September 29th, so both products could take up a few weeks before you can get your hands on them.

New Moto 360 possibly shown by Motorola

Following the Moto 360’s seemingly permanent price cut back in July, lots of folks have been wondering when the new Moto 360 will make its debut. Well, we’re still waiting, but Motorola may have teased a new model today.


In a brief video (that’s since been deleted) highlighting the Moto 360’s “Okay Moto” voice feature, Motorola shows a round smartwatch that’s round and has the same “flat tire” as the Moto 360 we all know, but there are a couple of differences. For one, the button is close to the top on this mystery watch, whereas the 360’s button is in the middle. The mystery watch also appears to have exposed lugs to connect to the watch band, something else that the original 360 lacks.

The watch shown in today’s video actually looks similar to the device shown in a photo from Lenovo’s CEO that appeared back in March.

So is this the new Moto 360? It’s possible that Motorola may have slipped up, especially after the company recently posted the Moto X Pure Edition’s release date and then pulled it, suggesting that the announcement wasn’t supposed to happen then. However, it’s also possible that this is just a quick mock-up device that was thrown together for this video.

Moto 360 for $119.99 After Coupon

Motorola is offering directly the Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch for just $119.99 after coupon code MOTOMAKERAFTAB – available from the Motorola store.


This deal is particularly good because it allows you to customize the watch using Motorola’s Moto Maker service.

While Motorola is excepted to soon debut a second-generation Moto 360, the current generation is the most affordable Android Wear smart watch with a circular display. It also includes Android Wear 5.1.1 – an update which recently enabled the watch’s built-in Wi-Fi radio, allowing for the device to be used even when away from the paired Android smartphone or tablet.

The watch is powered by an OMAP3 processor, and is the slowest – though only marginally, considering most Android Wear watches disable half the processing power of their Snapdragon 400 dual-core chips. Most Android Wear watches are powered by a Snapdragon 400 running in single-core mode. The use of an OMAP3 is particularly notable after Texas Insturments exited the Android consumer device market – Google has pressed on with niche support for OMAP3 and OMAP4 in the Moto 360, and Google’s own Glass augmented vision developer kit.

There is no timetable on when the deal will end – though it is not likely to last for very long.

Google will give you $50 Play Store credit with Nexus 6, Nexus 9, or Android Wear purchase

If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to a new Nexus or Android Wear device, now may be the time to buy.


Google is now offering a $50 Google Play credit with the purchase of a Nexus 6, Nexus 9, or Android Wear device. That includes the ASUS ZenWatch, Moto 360, Sony SmartWatch 3, LG G Watch R, and even the aging LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. Google says that you’ll get your promo code once your device ships.

A $50 Google Play credit will let you get lots of apps and other content to load up onto your new Nexus device or whatever Android product that you’ll be pairing your Android Wear watch with, so this is a pretty sweet deal if you’ve been thinking about buying any of the eligible products. Google says that this offer will run through March 31, so you’ve got a couple of weeks to take advantage.


Competition is brewing in the smartwatch sphere as far flung tech concepts now trickle though to reality. This week saw the public launch of Google’s Android Wear system, designed to power a new generation of connected devices including smartwatches. In tandem with Google’s announcement, Motorola, an unlikely contender in the smartwatch arena, unveiled the striking Moto 360. Make no mistake this is not merely a concept vision, but a fully fledged product with a commercial launch set for ‘summer’ 2014.

Featuring a design quite unlike others, Moto 360 eschews the bulky square displays of most smartwatches to instead feature a cleverly designed circular display. Motorola designer Jim Wicks explains “We don’t want to make consumers change for this tech, we want to make this tech map to them. With a square concept you might say ‘that’s interesting’ but you don’t hit that ‘Whoa!’ mark. We wanted to hit that Whoa! mark.”


The company has a lot left to say before the Moto 360 hits store shelves this summer. Motorola is keeping mum on specifications including the all important battery life, as well as retail pricing. Producing a good looking watch is only half the challenge. For this product to really succeed it will need to hit a new level of functionality and user friendliness that competitors like Samsung are yet to master. Of course Apple may still (quite literally) have an incredible smartwatch up it’s sleeve. For now, all eyes are on Motorola and Google to see how well the execution of the Moto 360 pans out.

Motorola teases Moto X+1, Moto G2 and Moto 360 for September

Motorola won’t be making a big show at IFA 2014, but it’ll trying to steal some of the limelight with its own big event in Chicago on September 4.

The company has just fired out invitations for a big Motorola show, which strongly hints that we’ll be seeing the Moto X+1 and a new Moto G phone unveiled, while also suggesting that a release date for the Moto 360 smartwatch is on the cards.


The animated invitation shows a colourful paper fortune teller displaying a phone with an X on the screen, another with a G on it, and a very Moto 360-esque watch. Oh, and some sort of Bluetooth headset.

It’s not like Motorola’s being subtle about any of this.