Looking for more details on iphone cable ?

Millions of iphone users are there across the globe. And most of them use them because of their high quality features and functionality. An iphone works as a camera phone which includes text messaging and visual voicemail, a portable media player, and an Internet client, with e-mail, web browsing, and Wi-Fi connectivity, a product of Apple Inc. But to maintain its usability you also need iphone cable. There are different branded companies who’re indulge in the production of iphone cable of different sizes and shapes. Iphone cable prices varies as per their brands mark in the market. Being a smart user its important to know the features and specifications of the iphone cable just to know your type of requirement.

Some of the known iphone cable are there such as dock extension extender cable for ipod touch iphone 3G, composite AV USB cable for apple iphone 3G ipod touch 2, iphone 4 retractable sync charge cable, iphone 4 usb hotsync charger data cable, and much more. Must read out the product description of cables while purchasing them. Its highly important that they must suit to your requirement. Product description is always mentioned on the cover of the packaging.
It is also requried to know the applicability of these cables. Simply connect one end of the USB Hotsync Charging Data Cable to the USB port of the computer, and the other side to your iphone, then you can synchronize and charge your device instantly. This is very important to know as all these cables are designed using advanced technology.

Some of their features for which iphone cable is known for such as high quality cord, soft and durable; usb 2.0 , high speed; synchronize your iphone or ipod with your PC and backup data in seconds, and appears just like the original one. Above all must check out the compatibility of iphone cable like they are compatible with all the latest and advanced iphones or not. Recently showing compatibility with ipod, iPhone, iPhone 3GS 3G / iPhone 4 etc. For further details can visit online shops so that can gain best usability of iphone cable in future.

Looking for more details on iphone cable ?

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iPhone 5 External Cases with Different Color makes the whole iPhone more Noble and Generous

iPhone 5 have coming into the market now, and for many apple fans this is a good news. They have waiting got new iPhone for a long time. With iPhone 5 come out, there are many relative business begin to start to produce the accessories for iPhone, such as batteries chargers and also have iPhone 5 external case. I think some of them are necessary for the iPhone users. Batteries chargers can help you deal with power off problem. And no matter where you are you can use the battery charger to charger your iPhone. And iPhone 5 external case can protect your iPhone of suddenly drop off. When you buy the mobile phones, you will want to try your best to make it more nice.

iPhone 5 external case made by Wimar, can according to your demand make the cases can match with your idea. We are know that some of the cases made of plastic and some of them are made of hard plastic. And made these cases in order to take your mobile phones stop damaging. So there is why so many manufacturer to produce the cases. Some young people also like pursue the fashion. This is one trend of modern society in all overt the world. Some people say that when we go out we need take clothes, and also our mobile phones need the same thing, so they will take one part of their money to buy the cases for their mobile phones. And no matter which idea I think you should choose one case for your iPhone and others mobile phone.

There are many cases for iPhone and iPhone 5. And they have different materials. Such as plastic, Silica gel, metal, cloth and others. And the most common is the plastic, also many people use this kind case. iPhone 5 Cases made by Wimar will according to the users idea to produce the cases. Each case have different color you can choose one color you like. For many people they like to choose the special one, and that can attract more eyes.

No matter which reason I think there are many advantages. First, the case can help you make your iPhone more safe, the case can protect the iPhone. Second, the beautiful case can make the whole iPhone more noble and generous. And different case you take for your mobile phone will take you different feeling. Besides, if your friends buy the new mobile phones, you also can send the case to him or her as one gift. And when the special day coming maybe sometimes you will confuse to choose the gift, but I think iPhone 5 external case can be one very better gift.

If you want to choose one iPhone 5 case, you can force the case made by Wimar, he will give you a surprise. If you like pursue the fashion and like the new things, you can see iPhone 5 external case. When you use the case for mobile phones, you will like this kind of product, and they will be become one part of your life. I think when they make your life be wonderful. People want to enjoy everyday life and want to have the different experience and have the unforgettable moment, no matter which point, you will find some small factors will let you know that. And fashion life should be accompany with fashion issue. And I want to say iPhone 5 external case also can be a fashion project. So please do not wait, you should be to make your life more amazing and iPhone 5 external case can be one of your friends.

This Article is written by Sino Electron which is a professional manufacturer & supplier of iPhone Accessories, iPhone battery case, Mini USB Power Station, iPhone 4 & iphone 5 cases, portable mobile phone charger which can be a good choice for festival gift or Christmas gift for your dearer. For more details, please visit my blog http://sinoelectron.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/iphone-5-cases-with-new-design-and-new-looks/

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Apple iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2 Bigger Faster More Productive

It seems a long time ago now, but back before 2010 was, at least for mass consumers, the time before tablets; that year the iPad lurched unexpectedly onto the scene and completely changed the game. Apple’s then CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs boldly stated (as he so often did) that the 9.7in display was the perfect size, insinuating that there would never be a need to tweak the design or introduce different sized iPads.


But, as we’ve often observed with Apple over the years, such statements don’t always stick, and it wasn’t too long before the 7.9in iPad Mini appeared. Perhaps you’d thought it would end with a shrunken iPad? You’d have been wrong, however. iPad (and tablet sales in general) started tanking–iPad sales have been declining 20% year over year as most people find that, unlike iPhones, there’s not a lot of point in getting a new tablet each year.

The reason for this is simple: people use phones and tablets very differently and the latter degrade nowwhere near as quickly as the former. For instance, you’re less likely to drop a tablet while walking around town and with a phone you’re constantly hammering the battery with applications, texts, push email, calls, games and music. Tablets get it far easier and, therefore, usually last much, much longer — especially if all you’re using it for is the odd bit of browsing on the sofa in between episodes of Narcos.

For a detailed breakdown of the iPad Air 2’s specs, hardware and performance be sure to check out what our sister site Expert Reviews made of Apple’s tablet.

And this might sound like a good thing — which it actually is, obviously – but for Apple it STINKS. Apple wants you buying new gear every year. This is why it releases new iPad models every year — it wants you to buy them and start building a collection of dusty iPads in your office drawer. But in order to shock and awe people Apple needed something, well, BIG. That’s when Apple rolled out the big one – the 12.9in iPad Pro. It is an iPad, the company hopes, that will bring life back into the iPad line and convert the all-important enterprise and creative people from laptops to tablets.

Apple changed things up again in 2016. At the firm’s big media event on March 21 it not only unveiled a 4in iPhone SE, but also a new iPad Pro. The new model is again simply called the iPad Pro, but is smaller than the original 12.9in model, instead being the same scale as the iPad Air 2 with a 9.7in display. On the whole the iPad Pro 9.7in shares a broadly similar design with the iPad Air 2, while spec-wise incorporating the majoriy of the larger 12.9in iPad Pro’s hardware. There are one or two important distinctions, however, and we’ll fill them into the sections below.

iPad Air 2 vs iPad Pro: Design and Specs

iPad Air 2

  • Display: 9.7-inch 2048×1536 pixel at 264 pixels per inch
  • Colors: Silver, Space Grey, Gold
  • Storage: 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB
  • Processors: 64-bit A8X and M8
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Touch ID: yes
  • Cameras: front 1.2MP 720p HD camera and a rear 8MP 1080p HD camera
  • Connectivity: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, optional 4G
  • Size: 238.8 mm × 167.6 mm × 6.1 mm
  • Weight: 437 grams

iPad Pro (12.9in)

  • Display: 12.9-inch 2732×2048 pixel at 264 pixels per inch
  • Colors: Silver, Space Grey, Gold
  • Storage: 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB
  • Processors: 64-bit A9X and M9
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Touch ID: yes
  • Cameras: front 1.2MP 720p HD camera and a rear 8MP 1080p HD camera
  • Connectivity: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, optional 4G
  • Size: 305 mm × 220 mm × 7 mm
  • Weight: 710 grams

iPad Pro (9.7in)

  • Display: 9.7-inch 1536×2048 pixel at 264 pixels per inch
  • Colors: Silver, Space Grey, Gold, Rose Gold
  • Storage: 32, 128GB, and 256GB
  • Processors: 64-bit A9X and M9
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Touch ID: yes
  • Cameras: front 5MP 720p HD camera and a rear 12MP 4K HD camera
  • Connectivity: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, optional 4G
  • Size: 240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm
  • Weight: 437 grams

We’ll get to the big difference (the display) in just a bit. But first let’s take a look at the some of the major internal differences between these tablets. The biggest differences are in the RAM and CPU department. Apple has packed 4GB of RAM into the iPad Pro models–the most RAM Apple has ever used and TWICE as much as the 2GB of RAM found in the iPad Air 2. That extra RAM combined with the A9X processor found in the Pro models means these things will wipe the floor for the Air when it comes to processing power. Apple says the A9X chip has 1.8 times the CPU performance and 2 times the GPU performance of the A8X chip found in the Air.

But besides the RAM and CPU, many of the internal specs of the tablets are the same. The iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 12.9 have the exact same cameras. Each features a paltry 1.2MP 720p HD camera front FaceTime camera and a slightly more powerful 8MP 1080p HD rear iSight camera. Each iPad also includes the same Wi-Fi connectivity as well as Touch ID and Bluetooth (though the iPad Pro has slightly newer Bluetooth 4.2, but you won’t notice a difference).

However, the new iPad Pro 9.7in has quite an impressive camera setup, borrowing the same refined module from the iPhone SE. This includes a 12MP sensor for the primary with a wide f/2.2 aperture and 1/3″ senor size, phase detection autofocus, dual-LED two-tone flash, simultaneous 8MP still and 4K video capture. The secondary camera is also uprated with a 5MP sensor.

“Let’s go over the basics first: Geekbench reports that the A9X is a dual-core chip running at about 2.25GHz. The A8X used three CPU cores to boost performance, but the A9’s “Twister” CPU architecture and the big boosts in clock speed that Apple is squeezing out of it (up from 1.84GHz in the iPad Air 2) both apparently made that third core unnecessary,” notes Ars Technica.

The report added: “The A9X can’t quite get up to the level of a modern U-series Core i5 based on Broadwell or Skylake (see the 2015 MacBook Air and Surface Pro 4 results), but it’s roughly on the same level as a Core i5 from 2013 or so and it’s well ahead of Core M. And despite the fact that it lacks a fan, the A9X shows little sign of throttling in the Geekbench thermal test, which bodes well for the iPad Pro’s ability to run professional-caliber apps for extended periods of time.”

As far as storage goes, the iPad Pro 12.9 in came in two models to begin with: 32GB or 128GB, but with the introduction of the iPad Pro 9.7in this has been expanded. The 9.7in model adds a 256GB upper-tier model to the mix, and Apple has added this storage option to the 12.9in variant too. Meanwhile, the iPad Air 2 comes in three models: 16GB, 64GB, or 128 GB. It’s also worth noting both iPad Pro types have four internal speakers, so the sound quality of audio should be much improved over the Air.

On the design front, all the iPads feature the same aluminum body and both come in Space Grey, Gold, or Silver – the iPad Pro 9.7in also comes in Rose Gold. The iPad Air 2 is still the thinner than the 12.9in iPad Pro at 6.1mm thick, but the iPad Pro 9.7in has closed this gap and is the same proportions as the iPad Air 2.

iPad Air 2 vs iPad Pro: Display

Of course the most noticeable difference between the iPad Pro 12.9in and the other two iPads is the size of their displays. The iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7in both feature a 9.7-inch display of 2732×2048 pixel at 264 pixels per inch. The iPad Pro features a 12.9-inch 2732×2048 pixel display at 264 pixels per inch. You’ll note that their PPIs are the same, meaning the displays look identical to the naked eye–the bigger iPad Pro’s is just larger.

The logic behind the iPad Pro 12.9in larger display is simple: by giving you more screen room you can be more productive and do more work. This is helped in part by iOS 9’s split screen mode, whereby you can run two applications side by side, say Safari and Pages, for instance.

Apple wants you to use the iPad Air 2 as a consumption device and the iPad Pro as a work tool. In order to do this Apple has developed a keyboard and stylus for the iPad Pro, borrowing heavily from Microsoft and Samsung in the process.

Apple’s Grand Plan is to make people question WHY they need a PC. The iPad Pro 12.9in is designed to replace MacBooks, but, oddly, Apple is still selling MacBooks. And the reason? Again, simple: Apple wants people to question what they want from a computer too and REALLY push the boundaries with its PC line as well and basically confuse the hell out of everybody as to which product they actually need to do the stuff they’ve been doing for years on things like tablets and PCs anyway.

The iPad Pro 9.7in has a few key differences from the others, though. While the iPad Pro 12.9in features Apple’s pressure-sensitive 3D Touch, this is absent on the 9.7in iPad Pro (and the iPad Air 2, in fact), however, the iPad Pro 9.7in instead features a much more advanced display using an oxde TFT “True Tone” panel; Apple says it is considerably brighter and less reflective than previous iPads and in fact any other tablet on the market, while the “True Tone” label refers to the display ability to use on-board sensors to measure the ambient light colour in the room and adjust the display colour gamut accordingly.

iPad Air 2 vs iPad Pro: Key Features

But of course the iPad Pro isn’t just called the Pro because it has faster specs and a bigger display. It also has a few advanced features that the iPad Air two doesn’t have. These features, however, come in the form of optional accessories. The iPad Pro works with the new Apple Pencil, an advanced stylus that allows artists to work on the iPad as never before. The reason the Pencil only works with the iPad Pro is because of a new Multi‑Touch subsystem built directly into the iPad Pro’s display.

The less cool unique feature is the optional iPad Pro Smart Keyboard accessory. This is essentially an Apple-made keyboard cover for the iPad. I say this feature is less cool because there are plenty of third-party keyboard covers.

The iPad Pro 9.7in also features Apple Pen support and its own smaller Smart Keyboard accessory.

iPad Air 2 vs iPad Pro: Price

Here’s the rundown of the various costs for the different models of each iPad:

iPad Pro: Wi-Fi 32 GB $799, Wi-Fi 128 GB $949, Wi-Fi + Cellular 128 GB $1079.

iPad Air 2: Wi-Fi 16 GB $499, 64 GB $599, 128 GB $699; Wi-Fi + Cellular 16 GB $629, 64 GB $729, 128 GB $829.

As you can see, the iPad Pro is significantly more expensive than the iPad Air for the comparable storage size.

Know More About Unlocking Cell Phone

Of late, lots of mobile phones are regularly hitting the market to fulfill the need of communication. There are two types of phones in the market – locked phones and unlocked phones.

CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access is designed predominantly as a standard network in America. In other words, you cannot switch user if your phone is locked or CDMA. What are unlocked phones and how do they work? Unlocked phones are the GSM phones which are used in every part of the world. GSM are locked in USA, Canada and many other countries as well as on T Mobile and ATT.

If you are using GSM or Global System for Mobile communication, you are free to switch different users. When you travel outside to a different country, you can change the SIM or the Subscriber Identity Modules for you to use your mobile phone.

However, you will find it difficult to switch users. In this case, you have to buy new phone which is capable of switching users. If in case you are going to travel outside the country, you can change the SIM and save your money. Using unlocked phones is an advantage because it is charged lower roaming rates when compared to CDMA or locked phones.

The only problem in using “locked phones” is that you have to change your number in order to have contacts with your love ones. The same is applicable for businessmen too. They use unlocked phones because they experience less hassles to contact people in the company as well as in handling transactions properly. Apart from that, they pay less call rates compared to CMDA or locked phones.

A solution can be discovered for any problem. There are many ways of unlocking mobile phones. It is legal and remember that your provider is in no way responsible in unlocking phone even if you asked reuqested. If you want to unlock your phone, then ask an unlocking professional. Due to great demand, mobile phone companies manufacture and sell phones in the world market.

There are also cell phone operators who know how to unlock mobile phones. In some companies, there is an agreement that the customer must have an active account for at least 3 months before unlocking the phone. You can also call the customer service representative who might give the unlocking codes for your phone. The only option that you are left with is to let an unlocking professional help you. You will be charged from 20 to 100 dollars depending on the model of your phone.

When purchasing a phone, you have to see if it is locked or unlocked. Make a note of your phone needs before deciding to buy it. As you know that money is precious, you have to be cautious while buying any product.

Mukul Verma started his business in 2003. He is the owner of the website www.globalunlock.com. This website deals with unlocking of mobile phones. The services are most sought after in the world. There are solutions to almost all models of the mobile phones here. This firm has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Reasons Why Buying A Blackberry Makes More Sense Than A Iphone

iPhones without a doubt get the most media coverage of all the latest generation ‘smartphones’ but that doesn’t mean it’s better than the rest. This article looks at the iphone’s main competitor the Blackberry and discusses why it’s a better phone.

1. Security – The Blackberry is the most secure phone on the market and the iphone cannot compete. There have been numerous successful attempts to hack into its systems and this has caused iphone users all over the world to lose numerous files and data.

Security has never been a problem with the Blackberry and it’s used by some of the top politicians around the world including Barack Obama. This tells its own story.

2. Typing – The Blackberry benefits from a full QWERTY keyboard which makes it very easy to type at a decent rate. The iphone has a touch screen keyboard which for people with large fingers or for those who are quite clumsy makes typing very hard.

3. Network Providers – Unlike the iphone, the Blackberry is available on every network and this competition has led to downward pressure on price. The iphone is only available on a selection of networks so prices have remained high. If you get poor signal where you live on one of the only networks to do iphones you can’t really get one!

4. Picture Messages – Not a lot of people know this but iphones cannot actually send picture messages. Apple obviously deemed it unnecessary which seems like a big oversight to me. It is possible to send pictures via email but it’s impossible to send to someone who doesn’t have a smartphone.

5. Emails – The ability to send and receive emails messages on the move is one of the greats technological advancements brought to us by the smartphone. Blackberry have perfected this process and integrated email seamlessly into the phone’s menu and alerts systems. The integration between an iphone and an email account is more clunky and can be a cumbersome process.

Learn more about unlocking blackberry. Stop by Jerry Le Bon’s site where you can find out all about blackberry curve unlock codes

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Android Applications Getting More Inviting Among Mobile Users

With the growing development in technologies including mobile phones are making the industry speed a swiftly shift. The mobile app development industry is rising with every passing minutes and with the same a tremendous growth in the field of mobile application industry is overseen. With the launch of various smart phones like Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry, most business organization and professionals are using mobile applications to accelerate their growth with huge speed.

These mobile applications are playing significant role in communal growth. Various mobile applications are now available. These applications or programs are either already installed in their respected devices by the manufacturing companies or the user itself installs these applications for their further use. The rising demand for enhanced practicality in mobile devices has given birth to excessive expanding range of advanced technologies for custom mobile application and the rapidly rising category of smart phones.

Mobile devices are gradually accepted as suitable medium for multimedia-enabled applications. Microsoft along with Apple and Android is having a close eye on the rate at which mobile applications are getting into their mobile application markets. Various companies have started promoting mobile application development platform to fulfill the requirements of mobile device users in wide array.

All mobile application development companies are choosing the best platform for mobile apps development after taking into consideration the demands and requirements of the mobile users. Among all, Android Application Development is most common now days. Motorola, LG, Samsung and many other smart phones of different brand are there which are running Android Operating System. This extensive usage of Android OS powered smart phones has made Android Application development a lot trendy. Iphone application development, window and smart phone application development is also getting common among the users who are keen to use these applications beside android application development.

Among all applications, android apps are comparative easier and comfortable for the mobile application development companies and for end users than other app development. This application said to be top choice as large numbers of android mobile users are using these applications. This is mainly because that Android Operating System is an open source mobile application development platform. Android mobile applications are usually written by using the Java programming language. Besides, other benefits that android applications are offering are improved support with variety of devices, easy version upgrades, supported by google and yet cost effective.

With a number of features available in Android, users are now looking for various application based on Shopping, Business, News, Social Networking, Entertainment & Games, Health and Fitness, Education etc. Android app development services furnish your requirements significantly. Feasibility of these applications and other essential features are making them a market leader and their recent market share is a proof of large user acceptance.

All Apps Developers is a leading mobile application development company offers high end android app development usa and other mobile app development, consulting and solutions.

Mobile Applications Making The People More Engaging

With the evaluation of mobile technology, people are being transformed with the new mobile age that is not only offering them high end resources in limited time slot but also making them stay attached for the long time. People love having mobile due to various reasons and the impact of smartphone making their really addicted.

The use of mobiles are not limited up to calling but it come with various associated features and the help people in every segment no matter it is in meeting to give the presentation or maintaining the spreadsheet. It also offers sleek features of hotel and ticket booking and other sort of innovativeness to public in a snap by extracting the data from various resources. Various mobiles are now days available in market outside that are integrated with their supported platforms. The android platform is being highly used and also augmenting fiercely among the users of entire arena. Due to being compatible with low budget phones, it is receiving immense popularity as compare to others. Blackberry, IOS, Windows mobile and others are also here are helping people to join hands with the evolution of entire mobile world with this smartphone innovativeness.

The use of mobile apps into these handsets and gadgets is really helping people to step up with the success in their business and making everything done with in a fraction. As compare to old style desktop Pcs, these are movable and can be used more handsomely. With the higher demand of smartphones, mobile apps are also getting immense popularity. People from the every corner of world are looking forward to get sorts of apps that can not only reduce their work burden but also offer them high class functionality with elegant look.

Various mobile application companies usa are taking care of their users by offering them high class apps that are not only innovative but elegant in look. Now days a big number of free android applications are being downloaded from the entire user community to accomplish their kind of purposes. People love to have high class games and other sort of applications to pass through the time while being in travel or being in such place where they don’t have such work to do. With the use of mobiles, people have been increased by 40-50 internet usages in their handsets and also in increasing order. Business applications are also a first love for those belong to certain business and helping them to overcome by related issues and to build high class business scenario with great tips and tricks generated by the application. App innovativeness in being witnessed by entire world thus planning for a business app will bring more customers closer and making them engaging for big time.

Looking for a mobile application companies usa, Vincent IT is a right place for your all mobile application development needs.

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Learn More About The HTC Surround And How To Protect It With Proper Accessories

Windows 7 has recently released the HTC Surround which is expected to attract a lot of attention because of its unique features that it offers over other smart phones. It includes a number of great apps such as weather watching, picture enhancement, sound equalizing, stock market updates, sticky notes, flashlight functions, metric conversions, and future forecasts. You can also use the HTC Surround as a portable entertainment device, with its large screen designed for movie and video watching and its top notch virtual surround sound system designed to let you hear big things from a very small package. This article will discuss some of the other top features of the HTC Surround so you know why this might be the must have smart phone of the season.

Imagine being able to watch your favorite movies no matter where you are on a little screen that can keep up with you throughout your day and night. That is the future with the HTC Surround. Through the smart phone interface and integration with Microsoft’s smart phone operating system, Windows Phone 7, you can watch whatever you want whenever you are on the go with the HTC Surround. It includes a 3.8 inch touch screen that allows you to pinch to zoom in or out on your favorite scenes, and offers a dazzling 380 x 800 WVGA resolution.

The phone was clearly built for audio and video playback; it includes the capacity to play a number of different multimedia formats, including wmv, mp3, m4v, mp3, wma, and m4a. You can even record video in mp4 format through the included 5 megapixel color camera. And if you’re simply in a picture taking mode, you will be happy to know that the camera comes with an auto focus and flash, not to mention 720p hd video recording.

Even though the smartphone is designed to go everywhere you go without leaving anything behind, this rugged little smart phone can still use all the protection you can find. It’s always recommended to protect your valuable investments and smart phones are no exception. When you buy accessories such as cases or screen protectors, you make the decision to protect your technological investment, and that means you will be able to enjoy your phone for years to come.

You can find all sorts of cases and screen protectors that will fit your smart phone in stores or online, and if you shop around, you can easily get them without spending a fortune. It is worth doing a little research to buy them so you don’t lose your phone prematurely due to an accidental interaction with a concrete floor. It doesn’t cost much to buy these accessories, but they can pay off in a big way the first time you accidentally scratch the face of your phone with your keys or drop your phone while in a rush to catch an elevator.

Want to learn more about HTC Surround accessories , please visit Think Mobile Solutions. We have hundreds of HTC Surround cases and accessories. We offer free shipping within the U.S.

Responsive Design: More Advantages for More Devices

One of the latest approaches in web development has been responsive design, which allows a site to be viewable across different devices while maintaining an optimal user experience. There are many advantages to building a responsive site, from better SEO to increased conversion rates. This article will cover many of these benefits in greater detail.

When consumers view a site on their computers at home or at work, they expect to see something very similar when they load it on their smartphones or tablets. Responsive sites literally respond to the device a visitor is using and adapt the layout and content to the dimensions of its screen according to a CSS module known as a media query.

Although the aesthetics of a website – the color scheme, the typeface, the imagery – may be similar across each device, the layout has been revised to capitalize on the amount of space available. On a mobile phone, real estate is at a premium, so only the essential information has been retained; with the increase in dimensions, there is the ability to take advantage of the added space. This “mobile first” mentality ensures that your site adapts to the customer rather than the customer adapting to the site, ultimately providing a better user experience.

The mobile space is growing
It seems that everyone uses a smartphone or tablet more and more each day. Nielsen reports that 61 percent of mobile subscribers own smartphones, which all have the capability to access an internet browser and represent yet another opportunity for consumers to see your website. Furthermore, the mobile space is not only limited to smartphones; tablets are also on the rise and are forecasted to top total PC units shipped by 2015. The combination of mobile growth is on the rise from 2012-2017 as reported by IDC.

With this increase in mobile device usage, having a responsive site is more critical than it’s ever been. Research has also shown that 10% of U.S. adults access the web only with their smartphone. People may very likely only be using their mobile device to view your site.

Better SEO
When it comes to search engines, Google reigns supreme. You’ll also be happy to know that Google prefers responsive sites and even recommends them. While having a mobile-friendly site won’t necessarily give you any bonus points, having a site that is not mobile-friendly will demote you in the rankings.

In a mobile-optimized site, everything restacks itself in the order that it was created. This flow is consistent from the desktop version all the way down to the mobile version. No matter what device you are using to view a site, the SEO structure stays the same; it is simply reordered to accommodate the device size. Furthermore, your website will be easier to redirect to, and creating a responsive site ultimately saves you time because Google only has to crawl your site once instead of multiple times for each version.

Increased conversion rates
The big question when it comes to making your website responsive is will it convert more? When the design is done this way, then a higher conversion rate will be the outcome. The main reason behind this is that users will now have the same high quality experience or a near experience as the desktop version on their mobile phones or tablets. There are many companies that have not only seen increased conversions on their website once they switched to a responsive design, but also increased revenue, traffic, visit duration, and a lower bounce rate. One study from Electric Pulp found that a site they redesigned, O’Neill Clothing, had conversions on iPhone/iPod devices go up by 65.75%, while on Android devices they went up by 407.32%. Revenue increases were even more staggering, as on iPhone/iPod devices they rose by 101.25% while on Android devices, they rose by 591.42%!

Many more advantages
While these advantages just scratch the surface, there are many more benefits to choosing a responsive design. Consider these great starting points as to why you should rethink the way you currently have your website laid out.

Searchoptics.com is a leader in digital marketing solutions for the automotive industry. Automotive marketing services by Search Optics include custom websites, search engine optimization, paid search and mobile solutions that generate leads which result in sales opportunities. Search Optics specializes in car dealer marketing and automotive SEO services.

More Information On The HTC One V

During the beginning of this year HTC launched its new range of smart phones. The new products include a variety of technical specs and some are more fascinating than the rest. One of the greatest brand new designs is the One V.This new gadget is a android phone which may try to compete with all the best cell phone deals around.

The model is sure to get the hottest version of Android referred to as Ice Cream Sandwich. The new variation is faster and presents more visual outcomes compared to the earlier model. There are hardly any models who use this software, so you will be among the first to have access to it.

The newest information that was released is the fact that the new model will get brand new colored cases. The new phone will not stick to the classic black design and it will come in a purple shade too. Some photos appeared online with the more recent model and it looks fantastic with the new shades.

It is rumored that the new phone shall be available in April this year. This is a terrific time to unveil a brand new phone as people are organizing their summer holidays and typically they need modern gadgets to make an impression on their close friends.

This cellphone has medium specifications and the main feature of the model is the display. The monitor has a pixel resolution of 480×800 pixels and a density of 252 ppi. This is a great density for a mid range phone and it will provide extraordinary images to suit your needs. The luminosity ratings are likewise very good therefore you will be able to use the mobile phone without any difficulties outside in strong sun shine.

Among the other features, the camera is worth mentioning. The mobile phone has a 5 megapixels camera that is capable of shooting 720p videos. It is correct that there are various other designs that come with similar video cameras but no many of them are able to shoot videos like this one.

Those that are interested in using the internet should know that the browse of the phone can support HTML5 and Flash information. The cellphone will also include some built-in apps that will assist you to upload photos to Picasa and videos to Youtube. This is terrific as it will take significantly less time to update you albums and Youtube channels. Overall, the cell phone looks good and really should provide a good experience for the final purchaser.

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