YouTube grows to 1.8 billion monthly registered viewers

YouTube now has 1.8 billion registered users according to its CEO. It’s no secret that YouTube is the largest video platform worldwide and, after confirming back in June of 2017 that it had a total of 1.5 billion logged-in viewers each month, the company’s CEO Susan Wojcicki has announced that this number has grown significantly since then.

Speaking at the Brandcast event, it was confirmed that in the space of 10 months the video site has increased its monthly user base by 300 million, reaching the 1.8 billion mark just recently. It’s worth noting, however, that this figure fails to include …

Report: Apple plans to combine Apple News and Texture to sell monthly subscriptions

Back in March, Apple bought Texture. The latter is widely known as the “Netflix of magazine publishing” since it allows subscribers to choose among 200 magazines to read for $9.99 a month. A fresh report published today says that Apple is going to take Texture, and absorb it into a revised Apple News to create a premium subscription service. Apple will reportedly launch this sometime within the next year, using some of Texture’s technology and remaining employees (Apple canned 20 of them after the acquisition).

With smartphone sales suffering a small decline in shipments last year, the first …

MoviePass is great, but we'd like these other monthly subscriptions as well


We’ve got MoviePass, we’ve got ClassPass, but don’t we need more? 

Woe are the memories before monthly subscription passes came out. Now, we can work out, watch a movie, work out again, then come home to our Book of the Month!

But it shouldn’t stop there.

Here are 10 more passes that we want, that we need, and on which we would love to become dependent.


Young boy playing with golden retriever dog outside in the grass

Image: Getty Images/RooM RF

This pass would allow you to pet any dog in the city without their stingy owners getting in the way. Be sure to register 45 minutes early, because these dogs are getting snatched up like hotcakes. Read more…

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Telegram announces impressive 200 million monthly active users milestone, releases new update

Telegram has been gathering followers from other messenger services since its release and it looks like the number has reached an impressive milestone. The company behind the chat app has just announced that within the last 30 days, Telegram was used by no less than 200 million people.

Above all, we at Telegram believe in people. We believe that humans are inherently intelligent and benevolent beings that deserve to be trusted; trusted with freedom to share their thoughts, freedom to communicate privately, freedom to create tools. This philosophy defines everything we do.