Project Fi now works in 37 more countries; buy a compatible phone and get a free month of service

Google’s hybrid MVNO Project Fi has added 37 new countries to its international coverage list. With the new additions, Project Fi now supplies talk, text and data to 170 countries around the world. Pricing remains the same for text and data. Unlimited texting is offered in all countries on the list and data remains priced at $10/GB until Bill Protection kicks in, limiting your monthly payment at $80 ($60 for data + $20 for talk/text). Phone calls outside of the U.S. are billed at 20 cents per minute and are not included in Bill Protection.

Project Fi will even send out a notification to …

'Get Out' returns to theaters this month with free screenings


Missed out on your chance to see Get Out last year? Or just want to see it again? Either way, you’ll have a shot to do just that this month.

On Feb. 19, Presidents’ Day, Get Out will screen for free at 55 AMC Theatre locations. You’ll want to line up early, as each location will host only one 7:00 p.m. screening and tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis on that day.

You’ll need a photo I.D. handy in order to get a ticket, and the offer is limited to one per customer. So if you’re planning to see your local Get Out screening in a group, everyone will need to request a ticket individually at the participating AMC location of your choice. Read more…

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ESPN Plus launches this Spring on iOS and Android for $4.99 per month

Disney president Bob Iger told CNBC yesterday that ESPN Plus, a new streaming service from the self proclaimed “sports leader” will be priced at $4.99 a month when it launches this spring. The platforms that will be offering the app include iOS, Android, tvOS and Chromecast. “10,000 live regional, national, and international games and events a year” will be streamed including Major League Baseball, National Hockey League and Major Soccer League contests.

ESPN Plus will rollout at the same time that the revised ESPN app makes its appearance. The latter will continue to offer scores, highlights …

Buy an Apple iPhone from Virgin and get 6 months of high-speed data for $1 per month

Pre-paid carrier Virgin Mobile is offering consumers who purchase any Apple iPhone from them, 6 months of unlimited talk, text and high-speed data for only $1 a month. Taking that into consideration, you could purchase a refurbished 32GB Apple iPhone 7 for $299.99, or a refurbished 32GB Apple iPhone 7 Plus for $349.99. Add to that the $6 it will cost you for 6 months of wireless service through Virgin’s Inner Circle plan, and you will end up paying $305.99 for an iPhone 7, or $355.99  for the iPhone 7 Plus, with half a year of high-speed data. There are two caveats, neither one an insurmountable …

Project Fi's Bill Protection plan offers unlimited talk, text and data for $80 a month and less

Google’s Project Fi hybrid MVNO uses a combination of Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular networks to connect its customers to the internet. And now Project Fi has announced a whole new unlimited data plan that it calls “Bill Protection.” Previously, for $20 a month, customers got unlimited talk and text and paid $10/GB for data. Money spent on data not used during a given month was refunded.

To better compete with carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint and their low priced unlimited offers, the new Bill Protection plan again supplies unlimited talk and text for $20 a month. And yes, you still pay $10 …

Lease the Apple iPhone X for $25 per month from Sprint with eligible trade-in

Sprint is running some interesting deals on the 2018 Apple iPhone models, which includes the Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone 8 Plus. With an eligible trade-in (which must be owned free and clear), you can save $300 toward the 18-month Flex lease on any of the three handsets. In addition, you also become a member of Sprint’s iPhone Forever, which allows you to turn in your current iPhone for the newest model after 12 monthly lease payments are made.

The $300 that you get for your trade knocks $16.67 a month off your lease payments. With that in mind, the 64GB Apple iPhone …

All the news that fits won't print as the New York Times closes its BlackBerry 10 app next month

BlackBerry and its faithful had high hopes for BlackBerry 10. After all, the company that developed the operating system, QNX, received high marks for its work on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. BlackBerry was so impressed that it bought the company and had it get right to work on its next-gen operating system for smartphones, later dubbed BlackBerry 10. While the gesture based OS shared some of its capabilities with webOS, and there were some who loved the software, the hardware was a let down for many.

Instead of offering top-shelf handsets to compete with Apple and Samsung, BlackBerry …

A new OnePlus 5T (sandstone version?) might be released next month

Yesterday, OnePlus posted a teaser video featuring people
reacting to a mysterious product hidden inside a box. As you can see in the
video – embedded above – most people seem to like the texture of the product,
and some say it’s reminiscent of the sandstone variants of the OnePlus One and
OnePlus 2.


In case you didn’t know, unlike OnePlus’ newer smartphones, the
OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 did not have metal backs. On the sandstone versions of these two handsets,
the back had the texture of real sandstone, with a grippy, distinct feel. So
we’re thinking that OnePlus may have been working …

Lease the Essential Phone for $6 a month at Sprint

It’s hard to believe that it was just this past January when Andy Rubin, known as “the father of Android,” said that he was building a phone to compete against top shelf models like the Apple iPhone and the Google Pixel. The Essential Phone launched during the summer with an edge-to-edge display, a smaller version of the notch, and a dual-camera setup that is improving with every update.

Originally priced at $699, a few months later the phone received a permanent (and rather hefty) $200 price cut to $499. Now, you can walk into Sprint and lease the Essential Phone for just $6 per month on …

Apple iPhone X suppliers report weak November shipments, and expect this month to be worse

November was apparently a rough month for companies that supply Apple with components for the iPhone X. On a sequential basis (month over month), camera lens manufacturer Largan Precision saw its revenue rise only 0.05%. The company expects to see revenues decline in December. This is a pattern that other iPhone X suppliers are running into. Chassis and casing supplier Catcher saw its November revenue decline 10.4%. The company that provides touch panels, General Interface Solutions, struggled through a month-over-month 15.53% revenue drop in November.

The main problem is that Apple’s component …