Something is fishy at Essential as the company loses its third exec in just one month

Bad news for Essential and all fans hoping the startup led by Android founder Andy Rubin would find a worthy place in the smartphone industry. After the successful reveal of its first product, instead of bringing the Essential Phone on the market as quickly as possible, the company kept delaying it.

Then, people started to leave the business, and we’re not talking about mid-management, but top executives picked by Andy Rubin to form a formidable team capable of competing with some of the most appealing Android and iOS devices on the market.

At the beginning …

Deal: Get the Moto Z2 Play for just $5 per month at Verizon ($288 off)

If you’re not particularly interested in the recently announced Moto Z2 Force (or maybe you find it too expensive), but you still need a new Moto Z from Verizon, you may want to purchase the Z2 Play this week, as it’s now offered for just $5 per month.

Normally, Verizon is selling the Moto Z2 Play for $17 per month over 24 months (or $408 outright). But starting today and through Sunday (July 30), the carrier allows customers to save $288 on the handset, in certain conditions.

If you’re signing up for an Unlimited plan, you can get the Moto Z2 Play for …

Pre-order the Moto Z2 Force from Verizon for $15 a month and receive a free Moto Mod projector

Last year, Verizon had the Motorola Moto Z Force Droid as an exclusive in the states. For the sequel this year, the Droid branding was removed and today all four major U.S. wireless operators announced that they were taking pre-orders of the Moto Z2 Force. And that, of course, includes Verizon. Not that this is the only change made to last year’s flagship phone. We can start with the addition of a second camera on the back of the handset, allowing users to take pictures with the much desired “blur” effect.

The fingerprint scanner is now a pill shape instead of a square, and the battery …

Survey shows Samsung Galaxy S8+ producing the highest daily revenue per active user last month

The Apple iPhone has traditionally been the top revenue producing phone in North America. In other words, more games have been purchased by iPhone users than by those sporting an Android handset. And while that continues to be true for the most part, fresh data shows that the iPhone is being challenged by the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the Google Pixel XL for the title of the top revenue producing phone in North America.

A survey conducted by analytical firm deltaDNA revealed that in North America last month, the phone that produced the most revenue per user on an average day was the Samsung …

Telegram blocks “thousands of ISIS-related” channels every month

The subject of heavily encrypted chat apps is a rather controversial one. Unlike regular phones and other more conventional forms of communication, such messengers are often impossible to “wiretap” even by the companies that provide the services.

Such is the case with Telegram, that has been under fire by a lot of governments worldwide. The latest case involves the Ministry of Communication and IT of Indonesia, which blocked the web version of Telegram on Friday and threatened to do the same with the app itself. The Indonesian government claimed that Telegram has been used by terrorists …

BlackBerry KEYone now available at Sprint for $528 or $22 per month

Sprint has just become the first carrier in the United States to officially sell the BlackBerry KEYone. Although previous rumors indicated Verizon might be the first to offer the CDMA version of the smartphone in the US, Sprint was faster.

Starting today, customers can purchase the BlackBerry KEYone via Sprint’s online store. The handset can be had for $528 outright, but if you can’t afford that amount in one go, then you can get if for free on a $22 monthly plan for 18 months.

According to President and General Manager of TCL, North America, …

Google's Triangle app can help you preserve your data every month

If apps running in the background are consuming too much data each month, Google has a new app called Triangle that might help you. No, this has nothing to do with the offensive set favored by NBA coach Phil Jackson, who was just fired today as president of the New York Knicks. This is actually an app being tested by Google in the Philippines which shows you which apps are eating you out of house and home with their data consumption.

In addition, Triangle also acts as a “Data Saver” by limiting certain apps from going online for more than 10 minutes or 30 minutes at a time. All of this information …

The HTC U11 supposedly squeezed in more sales than its predecessors in less than a month

Focus Taiwan reports the new HTC U11 smartphone has already outsold both its predecessors, the HTC M10 and M9, in less than a month on the market. The information comes directly from the president of HTC’s smartphone and connected device division, Chang Chia-lin.

According to the director, HTC’s smartphone business is facing the challenge of a homogeneous market where increased sales won’t always translate to increased profits. As part of its strategy to combat this, HTC is re-focusing is research and development efforts on preparing the launch of 5G services by …

How to get unlimited Verizon hotspot data for $50 a month. Shh, it's a secret!

How would you like to score unlimited Verizon data from a Big Red hotspot for $50 a month? All you have to is join the Family Motor Coach Association, better known as the FMCA. This is a group of RV owners that gang up together to save money on RV insurance, campground costs, roadside assistance, tires and more. Among the “and more” part is a deal that the organization made with Verizon.

Sign up for the FMCA for a one-time charge of $50. Verizon then gives you a Novatel MiFi 7730L wireless hotspot for free, and allows you to access unlimited data via the hotspot for $50 each month. And …

8 meaningful ways you can make an impact this LGBTQ Pride Month


Sure, LGBTQ Pride Month is partly about rainbows, glitter, and house music. But make no mistake, it’s also a time for impact. 

Especially in the Trump era, uplifting the LGBTQ community needs to be a priority this Pride Month. President Donald Trump, for instance, hasn’t even officially declared June as LGBTQ Pride Month, which many advocates say is a reflection of how his administration views LGBTQ people.  

That’s why support for the community is so essential — this June and beyond.  

Between the drinking, dancing, and drag queens, it’s vital to take time to support the needs of LGBTQ people. Whether you’re straight or LGBTQ-identified, there are countless ways you can make a change this Pride Month.  Read more…

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