Best Wear OS watch faces: analog, digital, modern, stylish

If you happen to be a proud owner of a couple of oil wells, then chances are you can afford having several sparkling Swiss-made watches and switch between them depending on the occasion – one for golfing, one for those fancy receptions, one for an afternoon of sailing the yacht across the bay, and so on. That kind of luxury is beyond the grasp of mere mortals, but a Wear OS smartwatch can be the ideal alternative.

One of the many things to love about smartwatches is how switching to a different watch face can feel like having a completely different timepiece. But with thousands of watch …

Old-school phones, modern reincarnations: Motorola MPx200

HMD Global has been causing quite a stir in the mobile community of late! Sure, its new line of Android powered Nokia smartphones have been surprisingly well-received by everyone since their introductions back at Mobile World Congress 2018 last month, but there was one single phone that garnered the most attention – and that was the Nokia 8810! This isn’t a new strategy for HMD Global, who interestingly enough has been on this retro kick starting last year with the Nokia 3310.

While we certainly love these throwbacks, giving us a taste of the simpler times back then, it got us …

Tomi Adeyemi: "'Children of Blood and Bone' is an allegory for the modern black experience"


If you count the seconds as Tomi Adeyemi opens her gold package — one (pause), two (pause), three (pause) — you’ll notice that it takes her a full 30 seconds before she’s able to speak.

As she rips at the sparkling paper, digging for the prize inside, Adeyemi whimpers and laughs and cries, but it takes a full half minute before she’s able to muster words.

When she’s finally able to talk, Adeyemi’s speech comes out as a stunned gasp.

“It’s really beautiful,” she says, sniffling. “And it’s real.”

In her hands, for the first time ever, is a book, HER book, Children of Blood and Bone. And it feels like magic. Read more…

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Motorola Moto E5 leaks out – the first modern Moto phone with a rear fingerprint scanner

After the Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus of last year (both
released as attractive cheap smartphones), Lenovo and Motorola Mobility are now
seemingly planning to introduce a Moto E5 family. While official details about
this are currently missing, a render that allegedly shows a Moto E5 was just revealed
by Indian website MySmartPrice.


Unlike the Moto E4 and E4 Plus, which – similar to all recent Moto handsets – feature fingerprint scanners embedded on the front, the Moto E5 comes
with a rear fingerprint scanner. The scanner is embedded into the Moto logo,
just below the main camera.


In …

A math legend just died. He literally reinvented aspects of modern math.


Not going to class isn’t typically something good to boast about. But perhaps the late Vladimir Voevodsky is the exception to the rule. 

Voevodsky is credited with founding new fields of mathematics, such as motivic homotopy theory, and a computer tool to help check mathematical proofs, as the New York Times explored in an obituary this week. The latter was a feat that other mathematicians didn’t dare approach, but Voevodsky’s effort has overwhelmingly benefited the industry — and everyone, really — by allowing mathematicians to fact-check their work.

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Modern Combat Versus is out: new thrilling first-person multiplayer shooter

The new Modern Combat Versus game is out and it is all about 4v4 first-person shooter multiplayer on a mobile phone (it’s available on both iPhone and Android).
And it rocks. The game features smooth controls and offers you a choice of one of 12 agents, each with their unique set of weapons and skills.
You have 5 maps to explore and fight in, and if you are doing well, you are getting a chance to enter competitive leagues and earn rewards.
The game is free to play and you can check out the …

This free service puts all artworks at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art right in your phone

If you are an art fan or just looking to waste some time on your mobile, doing something that is a lot more sophisticated than, say, chasing Pokémons around, then the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) has something you will truly love.

Apparently, the museum kicked off a service last year that allows you to get on-demand photos of pieces of art from the collection the museum holds. SFMOMA houses more than 35,000 artworks, mostly sculptures, paintings and photographs, all of which could be accessed by sending a text to 572-51.

Your text message should …

Farming Simulator 18 lands on Android and iOS to turn players into modern farmers

Farming Simulator franchise is hugely popular in Europe, especially in Germany where developer Giants Software will hold FarmCon, a community event for Farming Simulator players, modders and devs, later this month.

Until then, their mobile version of Farming Simulator 18 is now available for download for Android and iOS devices. The game doesn’t come for free, but for $2.99 you’ll have access to a big selection of more than 50 farming vehicles and machines. All these vehicles were recreated from over 30 of the largest names in the industry.

If you’ve never …

The Coming IPhone Rage: IPhone 6 Rumors, Architecture And Modern technology

The launch of iPhone 5 late last year was most certainly a phenomenon; a great deal of testimonials were released on exactly how the product was supposed to be the most effective smartphone model yet. However, it seemed that while everybody was examining the latest version, Apple was already gearing up for the next design which is the iphone 6.

In the past couple of weeks, a lot of iphone 6 rumors have begun to appear. People from the mobile device industry have begun to publish rumors about iphone 6 which involve feasible iPhone 6 style, along with so called iPhone 6 modern technology. There are additionally those that have actually started to hypothesize when the iphone 6 launch date is.

The New phone

What are individuals claiming about this new line of iPhone? Exactly what is the difference between the iPhone 6 style, iPhone 6 modern technology and previous models? What will make this design stand out? Right here are four of the most prevailing iphone 6 rumors today:.

* iPhone 6 Design. A main focus of rumor gives away that the new model is going to be larger than its predecessor. It is reputed to have a display screen that is around 4.2 to 4.8 inches with the same pixel resolution as the latest model at 1136 x 640. If rumors are on the money, the product is reputed to be lighter compared to iPhone 5 at 104 grams along with 108.5 x 55.7 x 7.1 millimeters in dimension. One of the most faddish iphone 6 rumors is the idea that the product is expected to do away with the home button which is apparently to make the design more attractive to the general public.

* iPhone 6 Technology. In addition to rumors about iPhone 6 design, rumors about the new iPhone’s technology were also disclosed to the public in the past few days. Some purported iPhone 6 technology modifications involve iOS 7. This phone is additionally thought to finally feature an infrared sensing unit that uses sound for distance detection. This implies that the phone can now notify its owner of its location as well as find an incoming things.

These are several of the things that make this highly anticipated item worth the wait. Apple has always specified the standard for mobile devices with regard to ergonomic style, impressive programs and applications. The brand-new iPhone 6 design will surely continue to change the course of various other brand styles and technology.

The Apple iPhone Craze.

Before Apple confirms the various rumors surrounding the iphone 6 release, yet another model has to first be launched. This is the Apple iPhone 5S which is reported to be available in the stores by the summer of 2013. Why are individuals anticipating the iphone 6 launch if the 5S has not been released yet? And exactly what makes Apple items so unique?

For the past few years, Apple has supplied the world with products that are top of the line mobile devices which address all the demands of consumers. Although there are products that are specifically known for interface, video camera or applications, only the Apple iPhone line of phones includes the very best of each feature without losing any other part. This is the reason individuals so hotly anticipate every Apple iPhone launch.

The Coming IPhone Rage: IPhone 6 Rumors, Architecture And Modern technology