Qualcomm details its Snapdragon 845 chip: 30% more efficient, fastest modem, 4K HDR video capture

As promised, the second day of Qualcomm’s Tech Summit seems to be completely dedicated to the newly unveiled Snapdragon 845 processor. There’s a lot of technical info about Qualcomm’s most advanced chipset to date, so we’ll try to simplify it for you.

First off, the Snapdragon 845 is 30% more efficient than the previous top-tier chipset, the Snapdragon 835. Also, thanks to the new graphics processing unit (GPU), the Adreno 630, the chipset offers 30% improved graphics, video rendering, and power reduction compared to the previous generation.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon …

Verizon vs AT&T iPhone X versions tested, big advantage for Qualcomm's modem in weak-signal scenarios

Entangled in a patent war with Qualcomm, Apple is trying to avoid the use of its components like cellular modems any way it can, and has been shipping iPhones with Intel modems for a while now, destined for GSM networks. The iPhone X isn’t spared this duplicity, and comes in versions with both Qualcomm’s X16 LTE modem, and Intel’s XMM7480. 

The X16 is the modem of choice for all flagships sold in the US this year, as it allows CDMA network tapping, and allows up to 1Gbps downloads, but since the Intel chip maxes out at 600Mbps, Apple has neutered …

Qualcomm is the odd man out as Apple and Intel design 5G modem for future iPhone models?

If there is a sign that Apple remains upset with chip maker Qualcomm, it is found in a new report published today that says Apple is working very closely with Intel on the design of a 5G modem chip for future iPhone models. Apple and Qualcomm are tied up in a series of lawsuits related to the latter’s handling of royalties on its standard essential patents. Qualcomm sought to have iPhone sales banned in China.

From the Apple iPhone 4s through the Apple iPhone 6s, Qualcomm was the sole provider of modem chips for the iPhone. Last year, Qualcomm provided the key component for the CDMA variant …

Apple, looking ahead to life without Qualcomm, designs 2018 models for Intel and MediaTek modem chips

The legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple over patent royalties, which led Qualcomm to seek an injunction banning iPhone sales in China, may end up permanently damaging the San Diego based chip designer. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is designing its 2018 iPhone and iPad models to work with modem chips supplied by Intel and MediaTek. Apple will apparently not use Qualcomm’s modem chips for its 2018 mobile devices even though Qualcomm says that the “modem that could be used in the next generation iPhone has already been fully tested and released to Apple.”

Apple has always …

T-Mobile, Nokia hit 1.175Gbps using Qualcomm's Snapdragon X20 LTE modem

T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network was employed by Nokia and Qualcomm on Friday, to send data at speeds of 1.175Gbps. The test was run on 60Hz downlink spectrum and used  3x carrier aggregation to increase the capacity of the network. The device used in the test was powered by the Snapdragon X20 LTE modem, and included 4 x 4 MIMO to increase the number of connections between the device transmitting the data, and the device receiving it. It also included 256QAM, a technology that helps T-Mobile achieve gigabit speeds. A single Nokia 4.9G AirScale Base Station was used in the testing.

The …

iPhone 7s Plus bare logic board poses for the camera, A11 chip and Intel modem markings observed

The announcement of the new iPhone models is just around the corner. Despite Apple’s secretive ways, more and more information about the devices is starting to leak out as we draw closer to September. 
An interesting photo was recently uploaded by Benjamin Geskin on Twitter. A quartet of bare logic boards, allegedly made for the iPhone 7s Plus, can be seen on the image shared by the popular concept creator. 
When compared to the logic board of an iPhone 7 Plus (see top image), it is clear that …

Rumored Snapdragon 845 SoC to include X20 modem chip capable of 1.2Gbps downlink speed

Last month, we passed along a report stating that the Snapdragon 845 chipset will be Qualcomm’s next high-end SoC, and will power the next-generation of high-end handsets. While the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ got first crack this year at selling handsets powered by the top-shelf Snapdragon 835 chipset (leaving the LG G6 to rely on the Snapdragon 821 SoC), the early reports suggest that LG and Qualcomm have already engaged in talks that would guarantee the presence of the Snapdragon 845 chipset on the LG G7.

According to a profile of a Qualcomm Senior Staff Engineer that was …

Apple iPhone 6s Duo come with LTE Cat.6 Modem

A new leaked picture of the next generation iPhone 6s motherboard suggest Apple will be using a new Qualcomm modem, which will allow for LTE Cat.6 connectivity and will reduce the energy consumption.


Qualcomm MDM9635M is the chip visible on the board. It is manufactured on a new 20nm process, which reduces the chip size, energy consumption and heat signature. The new modem is also known as 9X35 Gobi and supports LTE Cat.6 connectivity. The latter translates into theoretical 300Mbps download and 50Mpbs upload speeds.
The smaller modem may give Apple some extra space, which can be used either for the rumored Force Touch display or perhaps a bigger battery. If Apple can come up with an even smaller motherboard, than the one in the iPhone 6 generation, we may be getting both.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus should go official in September, but the recent rumors have it Apple is already pushing the new iPhones into production.