Deal: Moto Z2 Play on sale for just $192 at Best Buy (Verizon model)

Best Buy is trying to steal the Black Friday deals start with a couple of promotions on some decent flagships. Along with the LG G6 deal that we’ve already reported about, Best Buy is running a promotion on the Moto Z2 Play, not quite a flagship, but a decent Android smartphone nonetheless.

So, for a limited time, customers can grab the Verizon Moto Z2 Play at Best Buy for just $7.99 per month for 24 months, which makes the smartphone cost only $192. Considering the fact that Verizon sells the prepaid version of the Moto Z2 Play for $408, you’ll be saving $216 when …

Deal: You can now grab an LG G6 for just $120 at Best Buy (Sprint model)

Looking at the price, it’s hard to believe that the LG G6 is a flagship launched this year. The smartphone is frequently available for purchase for less than $500 and, in some cases, even lower than $400.

It appears that the LG really wants to get rid of the G6, which wasn’t too popular among Android fans. That’s quite unfortunate since LG G6 is a decent device, so the only explanation could the fact that the competition offered much better products in the same price range.

So, the only thing that could make the LG G6 sell, would be to drop its price. That’s …

Apple can now ship any iPhone X model in 3-4 weeks

It’s a big day today for Apple, as the company released the
near-bezel-less iPhone X, arguably its most important handset since the
original iPhone of 2007.


Despite plenty of previous reports predicting severe iPhone
X stock shortages, Apple is doing rather well in this regard. Right
now, if you’re ordering an iPhone X from Apple’s official US website, the
device will be shipped in 3-4 weeks – this means you’ll likely get it before
the end of November (or in the very first days of December the latest). This is
good news because, just a few days ago, iPhone X shipping times were 5-6
weeks.  …

Huawei Mate 10 Pro hands-on: The questionable "Pro" model

Forging a similar strategy as its competitors, Chinese maker Huawei is bringing a one-two punch with its latest devices in the Mate series this upcoming holiday season. Just like Apple and Google before them, with their new iPhones and Pixels, the new Huawei Mate 10 smartphones are largely two slightly different devices. On one hand, you have the standard Mate 10, while on the other, we have its slightly beefier sibling in the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

Naturally, the “Pro” attachment once again indicates it’s going to have a few tricks up its sleeves that you won’t find in …

Foldable Samsung Galaxy X will be a limited edition model with just 100,000 units produced?

Samsung has been slowly clearing the decks, getting things ready for a possible 2018 launch of the bendable Samsung Galaxy X. The oft-rumored handset has received certification from the Bluetooth SIG, and from South Korea’s National Radio Agency. With the model number of SM-G888N0, we could see the Galaxy X surface just prior to the CES show in Las Vegas next year. In 2018, the trade show debuts on Tuesday January 9th, and runs through Friday January 12th.

A CES appearance for the Galaxy X makes sense since the MWC event in Barcelona is usually when the latest version of Samsung’s new flagship …

The cheapest LG V30 model will cost $840, but Europeans might pay a higher price

LG is trying to compete with Samsung and Apple by launching a slightly cheaper flagship, but it looks like that won’t be hard considering the high price both smartphone companies are expected to put on their top of the line devices.

Although there have been quite a few rumors regarding LG V30’s price, it’s still unclear how much the phone it will cost. One thing is certain though, the flagship will be more expensive in Europe compared to the US model.

We now have information that suggests the South Korean company will sell the 64GB LG V30 on its home turf for around $840 outright. …

Apple iPhone tenth anniversary model is now rumored to be the iPhone X

Yesterday, we passed along a rumor that the actual name for the tenth anniversary iPhone model would be the Apple iPhone Edition. Even with the story on Friday, some of us were hoping that the tenth anniversary iPhone model would be called the Apple iPhone X. This would have a great double meaning. The “X” in iPhone X would give the model a designation indicating a premium device, just like Motorola did with the Droid X back in 2010. And iPhone X would also mean the tenth anniversary of the iPhone as “X” stands for the number 10 in Roman numerals.

As it turns out, the premium version of …

New Apple Watch model with LTE nears mass production

The next version of the Apple Watch is in the final test phases before entering mass production and it will be manufactured exclusively by Quanta, the same company that made the first two Apple Watches, according to a report citing supply chain sources for the Chinese Economic Daily.
The report also confirms that the new Apple Watch will have a version with cellular data connectivity that will make it an independent device that does not need to be tethered to an iPhone to function.
The latest rumors around the Apple …

Apple iPhone 8 display assembly leak could be another sign not to expect Touch ID on the model

Sure, we can hear brokerage house analysts, anonymous Apple executives, purported Foxconn assembly line workers and a cocktail waitress tell us that there is no Touch ID button on the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone. Then, we can see renders of the device purportedly containing an extra large power button; this starts a theory that Apple will deploy Touch ID on the side of the phone, a placement that has been used by Sony for its biometric scanner.

Today, we have a little more proof that Touch ID will not be touchable (or even available) in the iPhone 8. Images alleged to show …

Unlocked Asus ZenFone AR is cheaper on Amazon than the Verizon-bound model

Asus ZenFone AR recently went on pre-order at Verizon, one of the few placed where Android fans can purchase the high-end smartphone. The good news is Amazon is selling the unlocked version of ZenFone AR as well, and it’s much cheaper than the Verizon model.

If you’ve already placed your pre-order with Verizon and purchased the Asus ZenFone AR for $649 outright, you probably made a mistake. Amazon now offers the unlocked version of the smartphone for just $599, but there’s a catch.

While Verizon sells the 6GB RAM/128GB version of Asus ZenFone AR, Amazon offers …