Your iPhone X has a dark interface mode that might save you some battery, here's how to turn it on

The iPhone X is Apple’s first smartphone with an OLED display on board and just as any other OLED smartphone out there, it has the same scope of strengths and weaknesses: excellent contrast, vivid colors, but color inaccuracies when viewed at an angle and susceptibility to burn-in. And just as any other OLED display out there, the iPhone X is theoretically going to use less power when displaying dark images or content.
Now, if only the iPhone X had a dark theme to make use of that OLED display characteristic… Fortunately, it sort of has …

Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL software update fixes voice call clicking, adds saturated display mode

A new software update for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is out now, and aside from bringing a fix for the Wi-Fi-related Krack vulnerability, it’s also aiming to mend the devices’ audio and display problems.

As a refresher, numerous reports about clicking and cracking in the earpiece during voice calls and OLED display burn-in have marred the launch of Google’s latest flagships. Oh, and let’s not forget that some devices are shipping sans an operating system out of the box.

In particular, a new toggle in the display settings menu allows users to choose …

How to use iPhone X in one-hand mode (Reachability)

When the iPhone X was announced to have absolutely no home button, this raised a number of questions. How do you access Siri? How do you do screenshots? How do we even get to the home screen? Wait… how do we enter Reachability (one-hand mode)?

The new iPhone’s interface is entirely gesture-based, and to return home, one simply needs to swipe from the bottom up. There is a black bar down there, conveniently placed to show us that a gesture is available. And while many thought that Reachability is gone, since there’s no home button to tap to activate it, it seems this black bar is also used …

Galaxy Note 8 "Pro" mode camera tips & tricks: use RAW and manual controls to take gorgeous photos

In this day and age of mass automation and AI-driven experiences, it may seem counterintuitive to rely on manual camera controls on your brand new, shiny, bezel-less, smartphone. I mean, why even bother with adjusting so many variables when you can just point your phone at something, tap a button, and get an arguably good-looking result? Right? Well, there’s actually a good reason dabble in the mighty manual mode. In fact, let me tell you, using manual mode is just like shooting on full “Auto,” only a heck of a lot better!

Let’s take the Galaxy Note 8 for …

Portrait Mode with just one camera: Google publishes Pixel 2/XL Portrait Mode pictures

The Google Pixel 2/XL are the world’s first phones to make true DSLR-like Portrait Mode – where the subject is in focus and the background blurred – possible with just a single camera. The effect is achieved through some advanced technology and thanks to the power of AI and machine learning, but how good do photos actually turn out?
While we ourselves are in the process of a detailed assessment of the Pixel 2 Portrait Mode, Google has already released a bunch of real-life Potrait Mode photos made with the new camera and we are eager to share …

Google Pixel 2/XL Portrait Mode is unlike any other: here is how it works

The Google Pixel 2/XL looks just like any other smartphone out there, but hidden inside is something powerful and innovative: artificial intelligence (AI).
Google publicly stated that it is moving from a mobile-first to an AI-first company last year, but this year it really doubled down on AI, machine learning and neural networks, and the best result of its effort are summed up in the Pixe 2/XL camera.
First, let’s state the obvious: the Pixel 2/XL – unlike many other phones – does not have two cameras on its back. …

Update to the Google Home app for iOS/Android brings new UI and Night Mode

The day before the Google Home Mini is officially introduced, Google has pushed out an update for the Google Home app for iOS and Android. The Google Home is Google’s vision of a smart speaker, the tech product that was created by Amazon with the Echo. The app version is, and it includes a new UI that makes it easier for users to make their way around the app. For example, three tabs (Watch, Listen, and Discover) are gone, replaced with Discover and Browse categories found at the bottom of the screen.

The Discover category shows users how best to use the Google Home smart speakers. …

Black or white bars with your iPhone X? Landscape mode is a pain, but devs are getting crafty

There is no doubt that the new iPhone X screen aspect ratio, and the notch that houses the Face ID set, present challenges for app developers, so Apple has updated its iOS 11 development guidelines to reflect the X’s screen canvas realities. 
Needless to say, devs are hard at work coding examples in the iOS emulator, and have come up with really ingenious ways to shun or incorporate the status bar in their apps. 
Actually, in the guidelines Apple advises against blending it in, leaving them only one option to choose from:
Don’t …

The Galaxy Note 8 has a neat and useful one-handed mode on deck, here's how it works

The Galaxy Note 8 is a big 6.3″ device that will offer its users a competent marriage of hardware, software, and unique features that undoubtedly set it itself apart from just about anything we’ve seen thus far. It’s not as disruptive as other phones, but it’s the culmination of all the top technology you can find today.
But it’s a bit big still.
Even people with large hands would likely benefit from a dedicated one-hand usage mode from time to time. Luckily, the Note 8 doesn’t skimp on features and has a built in single-handed mode …

Samsung Internet Browser v6.0 released with night mode, new high contrast option

Samsung updated its beta version of Internet Browser a few days ago, but the features and improvements added haven’t been tested for too long before they made it to the stable app.

The new version of Samsung Internet Browser has been improved with all the new features introduced in the beta app. Among the most important new improvements included is the night mode, which seems to have more and more fans among smartphone users.

Also, Samsung Internet Browser v6.0 now comes with a new high contrast option, which makes everything on the screen look clearer and …