Black or white bars with your iPhone X? Landscape mode is a pain, but devs are getting crafty

There is no doubt that the new iPhone X screen aspect ratio, and the notch that houses the Face ID set, present challenges for app developers, so Apple has updated its iOS 11 development guidelines to reflect the X’s screen canvas realities. 
Needless to say, devs are hard at work coding examples in the iOS emulator, and have come up with really ingenious ways to shun or incorporate the status bar in their apps. 
Actually, in the guidelines Apple advises against blending it in, leaving them only one option to choose from:
Don’t …

The Galaxy Note 8 has a neat and useful one-handed mode on deck, here's how it works

The Galaxy Note 8 is a big 6.3″ device that will offer its users a competent marriage of hardware, software, and unique features that undoubtedly set it itself apart from just about anything we’ve seen thus far. It’s not as disruptive as other phones, but it’s the culmination of all the top technology you can find today.
But it’s a bit big still.
Even people with large hands would likely benefit from a dedicated one-hand usage mode from time to time. Luckily, the Note 8 doesn’t skimp on features and has a built in single-handed mode …

Samsung Internet Browser v6.0 released with night mode, new high contrast option

Samsung updated its beta version of Internet Browser a few days ago, but the features and improvements added haven’t been tested for too long before they made it to the stable app.

The new version of Samsung Internet Browser has been improved with all the new features introduced in the beta app. Among the most important new improvements included is the night mode, which seems to have more and more fans among smartphone users.

Also, Samsung Internet Browser v6.0 now comes with a new high contrast option, which makes everything on the screen look clearer and …

Xiaomi previews MIUI 9: split-screen mode, new lock screen, see all the latest features here

A couple of new Xiaomi products are set to break cover on July 26th. Apart from launching the Mi 5X, a handset in the upper mid-range category, the Chinese phone maker will also introduce the 9th iteration of its MIUI interface. 
Today, an official preview of the custom Android skin appeared on the MIUI forums, so let’s quickly review all the new stuff coming with the software update. 

Split-screen multitasking

Split-screen multitasking is finally coming to MIUI. The feature initially …

Firefox 8.0 for iOS released with tons of new features: night mode, QR code scanner, more

Mozilla announced today it had released a new version of its Firefox browser for iOS devices. The updated browser comes with many new features and improvements, but these are just a taste of what’s to come later this fall.

All the enhancements announced today are supposed to set the stage for Mozilla’s Project Quantum, the company’s effort to develop the next-generation web engine and offer significant improvements to all users by the end of 2017.

Among the highlights of the latest Firefox release, we should mention the new Night Mode which dims the brightness …

Picture-in-picture mode for video calls coming to WhatsApp on Android O

WhatsApp is very close to getting a new feature that would allow users to watch YouTube videos directly in the app, but only on iOS devices. We had already reported on the matter a few days ago, but if you don’t remember, then you should know the feature is still under development and will work just like picture-in-picture mode.

Apparently, the team behind WhatsApp is working on a similar feature for Android devices, which will work on video calls. The bad news is it will only support devices running Android O since the picture-in-picture mode was added to WhatsApp thanks to an API included …

Results: what Screen mode (color setting) do you have your Galaxy set to?

Sammy’s phones have pretty much become synonymous with that super-punchy Super AMOLED panel, which the manufacturer has been working on for years now. And yeah, while there are those who love the searing reds, cold blues, and cold whites, there are also quite a lot of users who prefer a more subdued look on their display, with more natural colors to it. Thankfully, Samsung has acknowledged this and has created a few different color modes for their users. Love super-punchy colors and cold whites? Go for Cinema mode. Love natural colors and a warm display? Choose …

Samsung users, what Screen mode (color setting) do you have your Galaxy set to?

Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays have long been hailed as some of the best on the market. Over the years, Sammy kept working on the quality of their image reproduction and colors. And, due to the nature of an AMOLED screen, it was able to also include a bunch of different so-called Screen modes to cater to all kinds of tastes. Love super-punchy colors and cold whites? Go for Cinema mode. Love natural colors and a warm display? Choose the lauded Basic mode. Want to display to auto-adjust itself, based on what you are looking at? Use Adaptive display!

And it seems …

Smart Invert in iOS 11 is as close to Dark Mode as Apple gets for now

Perhaps it has something to do with joining the dark side, but Apple has teased us for years about a system-wide Dark Mode and has never delivered. Perhaps the force is not strong enough to make this a feature on iOS even though every year there is a rumor that it is coming. While iOS does have an Invert Color feature, this is not exactly what the Apple faithful have been hoping for. The latter feature will invert colors used on photos, emoji and Message attachments.

But with iOS 11 comes Smart Invert. This brings users the same features as Invert Color, but is smarter. In other …

Spotify is testing Driving Mode and voice commands to make jamming while driving safe again

One of the most annoying and dangerous things everyone does when behind the wheel is navigating through music playlists, or skipping through songs. Your fingertips rarely find the right touch spot when you are driving, as you can’t really pay attention to both the road and your phone equally at once. You always end up frantically tapping on your screen and swirling your vehicle, as the fiddly interface and small control buttons in most music apps just do not let you navigate as easily as you’d like while driving.

Thankfully, the most popular music-streaming app, Spotify, …