Check out the official trailer for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' mobile version: PUBG with style

Guess what, battle royale fans, the official trailer for the mobile version of the wildly-popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds free-for-all gunfest has just arrived.

Chock-ful of content that’s not even in the base PC game yet, the trailer is a rather cinematic take on what a regular PUBG match would look like if it was directed by Michael Bay himself (sans the tons of aimbots and wallhackers that break the game). Sadly, no gameplay has been included in the trailer thus we can’t really see what the current state of the mobile port of the battle royale is yet, but what we get to …

Google Search gets redesigned with mobile shopping tools, more product information

With just a few days ahead of Black Friday, Google announced that its Search app has been redesigned to help users search for gifts while on the move. The new app features a set of shopping tools, as well as more product information available at first glance.

First off, you can now tap the “Quick View” button in the Google Shopping ad to preview details such as a larger image, product description, reviews, seller rating and so on.

Furthermore, Google announced it is now showing buying guides for broader categories. Moreover, when you search for a specific …

Marvel Strike Force is a new mobile RPG launching in 2018, pre-registrations now open

Remember Marvel: Contest of Champions, the game developed by a studio called Kabam? In the meantime, Kabam was bought by Netmarble, although many members of the team departed to form a new studio called FoxNext Games.

Well, the folks over at FoxNext Games are now working on a new game in the Marvel universe, which will be released on Android and iOS sometime in 2018. The game is called Marvel Strike Force and it’s a mobile RPG where players will get to play iconic superheroes in the Marvel universe, including Iron Man, Captain America, Daredevil and Doctor Strange.

Moreover, …

Qualcomm, ZTE and China Mobile report successful test of first 5G New Radio system

Qualcomm, ZTE and China Mobile announced early Friday morning that it had a successful test of the world’s first end-to-end 5G New Radio system. The system allows data to run at multi–gigabit per second speeds (> 1 Gbps) with latency of under 4ms. That compares to the 20ms latency that is the standard for current LTE networks. The system is based on the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards. That group is made up of telecommunications companies that set the standards for 3G, 4G and now 5G networks and equipment.

Because 3GPP standards will be the ones used by the industry …

Football Manager Mobile 2018 out now on Android and iOS

The popular Football Manager franchise couldn’t skip mobile devices. Each year, SEGA brings a new sports management game to the fans of the genre. This year’s title comes with 1,000 new improvements and features over the last year’s game. There are new staff roles and enhanced scouting reports, as well as improvements to match analysis, press conferences, new player personality traits and morale.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 features 17 countries and all the big European leagues, so there’s plenty to choose from. In fact, SEGA added two new leagues that weren’t …

MediaTek to provide approved Android builds and Google Mobile Services to smartphone makers

It looks like MediaTek is under the radar from multiple giants of the smartphone industry. After Apple showed interest in its modem chips, Google allowed the Taiwanese company to offer pre-tested, pre-certified, and fully compliant builds of Android and Google Mobile Services (GMS) to smartphone makers.

MediaTek announced that it’s the first SoC (system-on-chip) manufacturer that becomes a partner for GMS Express, a special program that’s meant to offer device makers approved Android software solutions such Google Mobile Services and Google Compatibility Test Suite …

HP Elite x3 now available on Verizon, Windows Mobile is not dead (yet)

Microsoft this week started selling a Verizon-compatible HP
Elite x3 – following months of speculations about this. Originally released in
2016, the HP Elite x3 is a high-end smartphone running Windows 10 Mobile, a
platform that Microsoft will no longer be focusing on.


The Verizon-compatible HP Elite x3 can be found only at
Microsoft’s website (see the source link below), and costs $599 outright, free
Desk Dock included. It doesn’t look like you can buy the smartphone with
monthly payments. While Microsoft is mainly targeting business customers with
the Elite x3, nothing stops regular …

New MOBA for mobile: a mix between LoL, Overwatch, Dota

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena — MOBA, for short — is the name given to those top-down, action RPG-strategy mix games like DOTA and League of Legends. It’s a very popular genre among competitive players, as it requires quick thinking, twitch reflexes, knowledge of the heroes and various item strengths, as well as a dash of clairvoyance.

There have been a couple of attempts to make a “serious” MOBA game for mobile — not a half-baked money-sponge that nags you for IAPs every second, but fleshed out games that cater to competitive players. First, we had Fates Forever, …

DJI Osmo Mobile vs Feiyu-Tech SPG vs Zhiyun Smooth 3: smartphone gimbals

Optical image stabilization, OIS for short, has done wonders for smartphone cameras. Once regarded as a luxury amongst few camera-centric phones, it has gone on to become prevalent throughout the range. And nowadays, it’s almost unfathomable for any high-end device to lack it – so it’s just that commonplace, which is amazing to say the least.

They’ve proven their worth, obviously, as they’ve been able to stabilize otherwise shaky looking video footage that would almost certainly make them unusable for professional use. While OIS has been touted by some manufactures to deliver …

iPhone X will be available at Boost and Virgin Mobile on November 10

Available to pre-order starting today, October 27, the iPhone X will be
officially launched on November 3. However, only Apple and major carriers
(Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint) will actually release the handset on that
day. Customers wanting to get the iPhone X on Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile
will have to wait an extra week for it.


Both Boost and Virgin Mobile (which are prepaid brands of
Sprint) announced that they’re going to launch the iPhone X on November
10. At Virgin Mobile, Inner Circle
members can pre-order the new Apple phone starting November 3. At Boost Mobile,
orders …