Activision teams up with developer ELEX for unannounced Call of Duty mobile game

Activision launched at least three Call of Duty mobile games in the last three or four years, but the most popular seems to be Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, the only one that costs money.

Apparently, well-known games publisher Activision is about to launch a fourth with the help of China-based developer ELEX. A new report claims the publisher has agreed to work with ELEX on a yet unannounced Call of Duty mobile game.

ELEX has already signed the agreement, which is said to last for up to three years following the release of the mobile game, but the companies …

Qualcomm reveals the first chipset of its new Mobile platform

This morning, Qualcomm announced its new entry-level 205 platform at a launch event held in New Delhi. The new SoC is designed to provide 4G LTE services and connectivity for budget phones sold in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, India, and Latin America.

As we’re looking at a system chip that is made with the intention of being present in sub-$50 mass-market phones, the specs aren’t anything to write home about. The features of the 205 chipset include a Dual Core CPU at 1.1GHz, an Adreno 304 GPU, capabilities of supporting a 480p VGA display at 60 frames …

Google's JPEG encoder reduces image size by 35%, could help you save mobile data in the future

Google’s new open source image compression algorithm is capable of reducing the size of JPEG files by 35 percent, without compromising image quality too much, and the results it produces are compatible with all web browsers and image editing software.

Called Guetzli, which is apparently Swiss German for cookie, the new JPEG encoder does its magic during the so-called quantization stage of image compression, which is when the encoder tries to strike a balance between removing detail to keep size down, without obliterating the source image.

Guetzli uses what …

Netflix considers making mobile optimized versions of original series?

Fan of Fuller House, or the rebooted One Day at a Time? Do you watch Netflix original programming like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black? If you watch on a mobile device you soon might notice improvements in the way these shows appear on your phone or tablet. Netflix chief product officer Neil Hunt spoke to the media today and revealed that the company is thinking about better satisfying mobile viewers of the Netflix app by producing a special cut of original shows for mobile devices.

According to Hunt, Netflix has yet to decide whether it will provide different cuts for different …

Report: Samsung to use a mix of fingerprint, iris, and facial scans for mobile payments with the Galaxy S8

Mobile payments have now been around for more than a couple of years and are slowly dripping their way down to the mainstream, as vendors pick them up and consumers get acquainted with them. Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, a rumored LG Pay, and who knows what else — mobile payments are obviously going to become the norm in the future.

Back to present day, however, the technology is still not fully trusted by users. Yes, it does require a fingerprint scan in order to authorize a payment, but numerous hackers have been successful in spoofing and fooling a phone’s scanner.

So, a …

LG Stylo 3 brings Android 7.0 Nougat to Boost and Virgin Mobile for less than $200

LG Stylo 3 was officially unveiled back in December and made its first public appearance at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in early January, where it was showcased alongside the new K series mid-range smartphones.

Today, Sprint announced the LG Stylo 3 is available for purchase at Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile for just $179.99 (plus tax). Customers don’t need to sign up for a long-term contract, but they can choose one of Boost or Virgin Mobile’s unlimited plans.

Judging by the specs list, the LG Stylo 3 offers more bang for the buck than most smartphones …

Millennials fuel increasing usage of mobile payment systems

Apple’s fiscal Q1 earnings report showed a 500% increase in Apple Pay transactions year-over-year. Since Apple gets a slice of every transaction, this is a big deal financially. Besides Apple Pay, other mobile payment services are seeing a rise in usage. Scott Blum, VP at Total Merchant Services, gives credit to the millennials for this. Making up one quarter of the U.S. population, Blum predicts that this generation will lead the way as credit cards become obsolete, replaced by the mobile wallet.

As typically occurs with new technology, there are those who would prefer to use the old methods. …

Taiwan Mobile launches 32GB Gold Apple iPhone 6

As we told you it would last week, Taiwan Mobile today launched a 32GB version of the Apple iPhone 6. When the phone originally launched in 2014, it was available in 16GB/64GB and 128GB variants. The 32GB model fills a gap in the lineup. The phone is not available from Apple, and is offered exclusively in the region by Taiwan Mobile, where it is priced at the equivalent of $435 USD.

The handset comes with iOS 10 out of the box, and features a 4.7-inch LCD display with a resolution of 750 x 1334. The dual-core A8 chipset is under the hood along with the M8 co-processor. Yes Virginia, optimizing …

FCC investigating why AT&T's mobile 911 service went down for five hours yesterday

If you’re an AT&T subscriber, hopefully you didn’t have a medical emergency or an issue requiring the police yesterday afternoon. From 5:49pm to 10:25pm Eastern Time Wednesday, AT&T mobility customers were unable to access 911 in 14 states and Washington D.C. Emergency response officials used social media to alert AT&T subscribers. The Hendricks County Communications Center in Indiana, a dispatch center, said that 911 calls placed over AT&T’s network were not connecting. “We have conducted test calls locally and it will just ring,” the Center posted on Facebook.

By 9:30pm …

Lightroom Mobile update adds raw HDR capture mode for iOS and Android

Adobe has just announced a new version of its Lightroom Mobile application is now available to all compatible Android and iOS devices. There’s just one new feature called raw HDR capture mode included in the latest update.

The new raw HDR capture mode allows users to achieve a dynamic range on their mobile devices that was previously only possible shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, Adobe claims.

According to the developers, the new feature works by automatically scanning the scene to determine the correct exposure range and then capturing DNG files. These files are then aligned, …