George Michael's family shares touching message for everyone missing him on Christmas


It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since pop star George Michael passed away.

He will forever be tied to Christmas, as the mastermind behind Wham! tune “Last Christmas” passed away on Christmas Day 2016.

Michael will also be forever remembered for his many acts of kindness, the details of which didn’t emerge until after his death at age 53.

A year later, his family has shared a Christmas message to his many fans who are still mourning his passing. (“Yog” is a nickname for Michael, which comes from the pronunciation of his given name Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou.)  Read more…

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OnePlus 5T missing features: 8 things that would've made it better

Well, just like last year, OnePlus has again chosen to refresh its flagship phone after just 6 months of life. It’s an incremental improvement, which brings the phone a bit more in line with the 18:9 trend of 2017 and adds a few improvements here and there — here’s the complete list.

But are the new tweaks enough to make the OnePlus 5T the perfect phone? Hardly — there’s no perfect phone out there. And if one were to nitpick, they’d definitely find some faults in the latest “flagship killer”.

You guessed it — that’s exactly what we are about to do. Here are 7 things that would’ve …

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ missing texts issue affecting users across all major US carriers

There’s something strange going on with certain Galaxy S8 and S8+ units. A lot of people are complaining that their handset is either delaying or not receiving a good portion of the text messages that have been sent to them. 

The problem seems to be related to the phone itself, as it has affected users across all major US carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Furthermore, it seems that the default Samsung messaging app isn’t the only service that’s misbehaving – users are also experiencing complications with Textra …

Are you missing the mechanical home button on the Samsung Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are fresh new beasts, with lo-o-ong displays and super slim bezels. The design might be breathtaking, but it has its limitations. Among them, we have the lack of room for a physical home button, which has — for ages — been located on every Samsung phone’s chin, neighbored by capacitive “Recents” and “Back” buttons.

The new Sammy flagships have virtual navigation keys, like Google’s Pixels and LG’s phones. With that, we at least get the advantage of being able to (finally) arrange the “Back” and “Recent” placements to how we prefer them, which …