Microsoft's Arrow Launcher lands many new features in latest update

The team behind Arrow Launcher has just released a major update for their Android app, which has already been pushed to Google Play Store. Arrow Launcher 3.7 brings many new features and tweaks based on user feedback.

One of the most useful new features introduced in the latest update is the option to merge or remove any contact dupes in the address book. You can now let Arrow Launcher manage your contact list and never have to worry about having any duplicates in your address book.

Another important change is the option to sign in with a Microsoft Account …

Pictures of Microsoft's canceled Nokia Mercury tablet emerge

Microsoft canceled more than one device while its mobile division was active. We’ve already talked about the Lumia 960 flagship smartphone and the Surface Mini tablet. However, we haven’t yet reported anything about Nokia Mercury, a slate that should have been released in 2014-2015 with Windows RT on board.

Some press pictures of the Nokia Mercury surfaced a long time ago, but now we get to take a look at the real thing. A few live pictures of the canceled tablet has just been published by Italian publication WindowsBlogItalia.

The slate was powered by an …

Pictures of Microsoft's cancelled Surface Mini tablet surface online

Back in the good old days of 2014 (oh, how time flies!) Microsoft was setting up for a launch of not just one, but two tablets running its Windows RT operating system — the Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Mini. But for one reason or another, the latter of the two got scrapped at the very last moment, as CEO Satya Nadella had little confidence in its success in the crowded small tablet market.

But while we’ve heard official confirmation of the device’s existence, we’ve never actually seen a prototype in action — until now, that is. Pictures obtained by …

Microsoft's OneNote app gets completely redesigned on iOS

If you’re part of the Office Insiders group, then you already know what’s new in the latest version of OneNote for iOS. Microsoft released a major update for the application a few weeks ago, but the new features were only available to beta testers.

Today, OneNote version 16.0 has been officially released in the App Store, so everyone can give it a try and check out the improvements added by developers. However, the first thing you’ll notice is the complete re-design of the iOS application.

Microsoft changed the way notes are organized by improving the layout. …

Harman Kardon and Microsoft's Invoke smart speaker is coming too late to endanger Amazon

Not letting Amazon whisk all the attention away with the Echo Show, Harman Kardon formally announced the Invoke. This is a Microsoft Cortana-integrated smart speaker that’s not going to hit the market until Fall at the earliest. Being a HK product, the Invoke has a predictably pleasant look with a metal chassis, pretty much ready to fit any modern room. In the brand’s good name, Harmon is aiming for high quality sound as well. But we all know the acoustic properties of such a speaker are too constrained to deliver the kind of hi-fi audio that melts your soul.

The …

Microsoft's Groove Music scores a couple of improvements in the latest update

Groove Music is probably not among the most popular music players available on the iOS platform, so thumbs up to Microsoft for trying to offer a smooth experience to those who use it often.

In the latest version of Groove Music for iOS, Microsoft did some tweaking with the navigation and addressed some issues that have been reported by users.

All in all, the most important change is the simplified app navigation, which should make it easier to find recently played music. Long-time users will notice that the “Your Groove” category has been renamed and is now listed as “Recommended” …

Microsoft's SEC filing confirms that Windows Phone is dead

Microsoft’s latest quarterly filing with the SEC confirms what everyone has already known. Windows Phone is dead. The filing, in which Microsoft lists investments in products that it will be making in the future, included Windows Phone in the fiscal Q2 report. The new report filed for the fiscal third quarter has no mention of Windows Phone. And if you want to tell us that Microsoft is focused on Windows 10 Mobile, the latter wasn’t included in the report filed with the SEC just three months back when Windows Phone was listed. So yeah, we’ve heard that punchline.

Microsoft knows that Windows …

Microsoft's Cortana powered Harman Kardon smart speaker is called the Invoke?

One of the most innovative new products of the last few years has been the Amazon Echo. This is a smart speaker that features cloud based personal assistant Alexa. The Echo led Google to come up with Google Home, which features Google Assistant inside. Last year, we told you that Microsoft was going to make its own smart speaker that would come with Cortana playing the role of virtual assistant. A Harman Kardon speaker will bring outstanding sound quality to the device.

Two months ago, the product received its Wi-Fi Alliance certification, and now we might have a name for the smart speaker. …

Important new features come to Microsoft's OneNote for Android

If you happen to use Microsoft’s OneNote app for Android, then you will be pleased to know a new update has just been released. As with all updates launched by Microsoft, this one comes with a couple of new features and improvements meant to enhance OneNote’s functionality.

Among the most notable new additions are the options to cut, copy and paste within the application. Aside from that, Microsoft made it so users can now send out notes using the Share a Page feature. Keep in mind though that the latter only works on devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and higher.

On top of that, …

New beta update of Microsoft's Arrow Launcher for Android is underway

Just a few days ago, the Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android received a large update to version 3.0. The update carried with it support for tablets, and a utility page where certain features such as a contacts list, reminders and a list of frequently used apps can be pinned. Now, Microsoft is in the process of beta testing another update to the Arrow Launcher. Among the features being tested is one that locks widgets and apps so that they cannot move around the screen accidentally.

Another new feature that is part of the beta test includes a date/time widget that displays the time of your …