Microsoft launches Photos Companion app for easy phone-to-PC photo transfers

Microsoft has announced the launch of its Photos Companion app on both iOS and Android. The app lets you easily copy pictures from your iOS/Android device to your Windows 10 PC wirelessly and hassle-free. 

The Photos Companion app works in combination with the native Photos app in Windows 10, but to use its features, you need to go through quite the routine. Worry not, as it sounds less complicated than it actually is. 
First, you need to launch the Photos app on your computer. Be sure that the app is updated to the latest version.Then you click …

Microsoft Launcher for Android now includes Cortana integration

The Microsoft Launcher for Android has received an update that adds Cortana integration to version 4.6 of the app. The update also allows you to add the Daily Bing Wallpaper to your home screen or lock screen, or both. You can also choose which contacts to put on your people card, and place widgets into the dock. Lastly, you can also pin a searched app or contact to the home screen.

The Microsoft Launcher allows you to change the wallpaper on your phone, or use theme colors or icon packs. Take a picture on your phone and it will show up on your Windows PC. With the app, you can set up a …

Microsoft patent application could lead to a smaller notch for future iOS and Android handsets

Microsoft has applied for a patent application that could result in a smaller notch on future versions of the Apple iPhone X. The technology that the patent application covers would combine the front-facing camera and infra-red camera into one sensor. There are other advantages to doing this besides saving space. The technology in the patent would allow infra-red sensors to be placed in a camera alongside visible light sensors. This would allow the phone to collect infra-red data and visible light data at the same time, without parallax issues disrupting depth calculations.

The patent, named …

Microsoft Outlook for iOS gains new Search-related features, major improvements

Outlook has just received a new update on iOS that brings a handful of improvements meant to enhance the Search experience. The first thing you’ll notice after the update is that Search now has its own tab on a simplified navigation bar.

However, the most important addition to the app is the option to search for emails, files, and contacts in multiple accounts from a single search box. Furthermore, Microsoft added a new sport for the search icon, at the bottom of Outlook. In order to get access to top contacts, upcoming itineraries, package deliveries and recent attachments, simply tap on …

Microsoft adds an important tool to OneNote for Android

Microsoft is trying to make OneNote a much easier app to work with on Android devices. The latest update brings a much need tool – lasso. Apparently, many OneNote users requested the feature that would allow them to freely select ink drawings and other content on their page.

But that’s not the only new addition to OneNote, as the changelog also mentions Android users will now be able to change the size of images and move text and images around on the page. The option to change sizes of content should allow you to keep things more organized.

Aside from the usual bug fixes and performance …

5 of the most important skills data analysts can learn using Microsoft programs


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Are you the type of person who flaunts their Excel and Powerpoint skills at every opportunity? Microsoft’s Office Suite is pretty much essential to any kind of job, and knowing how to use it efficiently can make a big difference in how you do your work. But there are a few Microsoft apps that aren’t as well known and can make your life much easier if you work with data regularly. 

Being a data-driven worker makes you a more desirable candidate, so even if you think you might not need these skills, think again. Read more…

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Microsoft releases major OneDrive update on iOS, here are all the changes

OneDrive for iOS has just received a major update that includes important design changes and a plethora of new features and improvements. Some of these changes are based on customer feedback, such as the new context menu next to each item so that you won’t have to tap and hold or open a file to take action on it.

Also, the app now uses space more efficiently and the text style is more streamlined to make it easier to read file names and spot important information quicker. The same goes for shared files and thumbnails, which are now larger and more detailed.

Furthermore, the update …

Microsoft Launcher scores a handful of optimizations and improvements in the latest update

Microsoft has been on a roll expanding the functionality of its Android launcher over the last couple of months. A new update for Microsoft Launcher is now rolling out on Google Play, adding a handful of practical and customization features to the mix. The new stuff includes adjustable size for home screen and app drawer icons, Oreo app shortcuts, and other improvements. Here’s the changelog for the new version of Microsoft Launcher (v.

Let meeting attendees know you’re running late from the calendar card.Employees whose enterprises …

Microsoft updates Bing Search for Android with improved browser experience, more

It’s true that Bing Rewards is not available worldwide, the consumers in the United States can take advantage of the only service that rewards them for their curiosity. Bing Search for Android has just been updated and if you’re wondering what new features Microsoft has added, keep reading.

Google is probably the search engine market share worldwide, but Bing Search is still being used in the US. Microsoft fans will be pleased to know Bing has just received an improved browser experience on Android, including video, image tab and the ability to find text in page.

Also, the latest …

Cancelled Microsoft Band 3 would have been a nice improvement over the Band 2

The Microsoft Band 3 was cancelled before the fitness tracker hit the market. However, a prototype of the device was recently discovered and it included some useful improvements over the Band 2. Thanks to Electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors, the Microsoft Band 3 would have provided more accurate heart rate readings. The sensor would have also given wearers readings on their blood pressure, stress levels and temperature. The Band 3 would have been able to tell users whether they were in good health, or if there was an underlying problem brewing.

While the Band 2 was water resistant, the Band …