The Elephone U and U Pro draw near. The phones will accept 1 TB microSD cards.

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Over the past month, Elephone has been teasing us over and over with its new upcoming high-class phones — the Elephone U and Elephone U Pro. Shiny phones built with metal and glass, curved AMOLED displays, dual cameras on the back, and presumably bargain price.

So, here’s the quick rundown on both phones — they will have the same …

Do you use a microSD card to expand your storage?

MicroSD cards used to be a pretty common thing back in the day among Android users. While handsets used to come with a more… limited internal storage, you could always trust that there would be a slot to allow you to expand it.

Now, a lot of manufacturers are omitting the microSD card slot. Google insists on keeping it away from its own Pixel line and many of its partners has followed suit. Some major manufacturers still keep it — like Samsung and LG — but their phones also come with plenty of internal storage. That, combined with the contemporary cloud features — like Google Photos and …

Deal: SanDisk microSD cards in many sizes are on sale at Amazon, offer ends today

ProductLocationStorage capacityCurrent PriceOffer expires in
SanDisk Ultra microSD card
+ adapter

32GB$9.49 ($14.99)

17 hours 
(at the time of posting)

64GB$13.99 ($24.99)
44%128GB$28.49 ($49.99)
43%200GB$49.99 ($84.99)
41%256GB$89.99 ($149.99)


Do you have a smartphone or tablet in need of some extra storage space? If yes, you’re in …

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be launched in September, free 256 GB microSD cards offered with pre-orders

Last week, we heard that the Galaxy Note 8 could be released on August 24, just one day after Samsung’s Unpacked event where the handset will be officially announced. However, according to Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), who almost always gets things right when it comes to leaked information, August 24 is the day when the new Note will only be available to pre-order.

Apparently, the launch date of the Galaxy Note 8 is set for September 15, at least in the US. The good news is that folks who pre-order the smartphone will receive a free 256 GB microSD card, in addition …

ZTE Axon 7 getting new update in the US that adds support for 256GB microSD cards

The Axon 7 is one of the few high-end smartphones launched by ZTE in the United States. The smartphone recently received an upgrade to Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but the Chinese handset maker continues to improve the software on the phone to make it even more appealing to customers.

The latest update for ZTE Axon 7 brings a couple of interesting new features and improvements like support for large 256GB microSD cards to make room for even more storage space. In addition, ZTE added a new setting that allows Axon 7 users to enable “Night Mode.”

More importantly, …

Deal: Looking for some extra storage? Grab the waterproof Samsung EVO 64GB microSD card at 60% off!

If the built-in storage of your smart device is almost full and you have a microSD expansion slot available, now might be perfect time to grab the Samsung EVO 64GB microSD card for $24.18 (60% off) on Amazon!

Samsung’s EVO range is extremely resilient, as it is water proof, resistant to extreme temperatures, X-Rays, and magnets. The 32GB version of this particular memory card is also discounted and is available for $18.19, which is 52% less than the standard retail price.

If you’re interested in this offer and would like to place an order, follow the Amazon …

Deal: Galaxy S7 & S7 edge get official $250 discount with free 128GB microSD

With the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ looming, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are coming towards the end of their flagship life cycles. The duo has endured an especially busy year, having been forced to pick up the Galaxy Note 7’s slack whilst fending off Google’s new foray into the high-end smartphone arena. Still, the S7 series has withstood the test of time and while we’re desperate very eager to see what’s next, heavy discounts on the models of yesteryear could prove very tempting indeed. 

From the outset, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge were costlier than …

64GB SanDisk microSD card just $15.99 at Amazon

Looking to add a little more storage to your Android powered device? You can now order a 64GB microSD card for just $15.99 directly from SanDisk, by way of Amazon. That works out to roughly 4GB of storage for each $1 you’re paying. Just a couple of weeks ago, Amazon was selling a 200GB SanDisk card for $63, or slightly more than 3GB of storage for each $1 paid. The 64GB card transfers content at speeds as fast as 80MB/sec. With a Class 10 certification, the accessory supports video recorded in 1080 x 1920 (FHD).

The sale price of $15.99 saves you $3.51, or 18% from the regular price of $19.50. …

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge concept dreams of a phone with microSD card slot

Just around a month before the expected official unveiling of Samsung’s next big thing, the upcoming Galaxy S7, we still haven’t seen any huge leaks and the phone remains a fairly well kept mystery.


We have heard some things: Samsung is expected to introduce various versions of the device, and by now it seems certain that there will be a model running on Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 820 system chip and another one, with Samsung’s custom Exynos solution. Other rumors have also mentioned that Samsung might release a regular Galaxy S7 and then a curved Galaxy S7 Edge.

While we have not seen the phone in its physical form, here is a wild concept made by the brilliant designer Martin Hajek that explores the idea of a futuristic Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with one more curve to it. While the current Galaxy S6 Edge has its screen curved on both of its sides, this wild S7 Edge concept imagines a phone with three curves: both edges and the bottom. Interestingly, the home key is somehow build inside that curve, and so are the two capacitive keys.

There is also a microSD card slot depicted right on the bottom of the device, with the slot being particularly interesting: it looks like your typical card reader where you don’t have an enclosed tray for the card, but rather an open slot.


With a razor thin border around three of its four sides, all of the ports of the phone are pictured at the top: the 3.5mm headset jack and the USB Type C are all there.


You can see images of the concept right below, but don’t forget for a moment that this is merely a concept and a wild one at that. Chances are that the Galaxy S7 Edge, when it arrives, will be much less radical than those images show.


Hugo Barra of Xiaomi says MicroSD cards from SanDisk and Kingston

Memory is the lifeline of any good phone. When you need to save those 1080p HD quality movies or tonnes of songs on your smartphone, you need memory. This is one field where Android smartphones beat iPhone because of Apple’s insistence on fixed memory aboard them. When the Android smartphone manufacturers are ganging up to give more memory to you, the user, one company is bucking the trend and released its latest smartphone without extended memory. You may ask why? Because Hugo Barra, Vice President of International and other top honchos at Xiaomi dont think it is necessary.


Speaking to Engadget, Hugo clarified why his company dislikes microSD cards. First things first, Barra says SD cards impede the functions of a smartphone, “For high performance devices, we are fundamentally against an SD card slot.” says Barra.

Xiaomi’s latest offering, the Mi 4i provides a second SIM slot instead of microSD card slot, because, Barra says microSD cards are “are incredibly prone to failure and malfunctioning of various different sorts.”

He then gives a more definite answer by Xiaomi Mi 4i lacks external storage,

“You think you’re buying like a Kingston or a SanDisk but you’re actually not, and they’re extremely poor quality, they’re slow, they sometimes just stop working, and it gives people huge number of issues, apps crashing all the time, users losing data, a lot of basically complaints and customer frustration. It’s gonna be a while before you finally accept that maybe the reason why it’s not performing is because you put in an SD card, right? You’re gonna blame the phone, you’re gonna blame the manufacturer, you’re gonna shout and scream and try to get it fixed, so many different ways until you say, ‘Actually, let me just take the SD card out and see what happens.’”

Barra says that Xiaomi smartphones may remove external memory slots all together from future releases. “It is a trend: SD cards will disappear,” Barra stated “You should basically not expect SD card slots in any of our flagships.”

Another important feature of the Xiaomi smartphones is they dont have removable batteries. Barra says its just for making the Xiaomi smartphones cost effective. “Our thinking is if you’re gonna have a removable back for the purposes of having an SD slot, you might as well make the battery removable,” Barra said. “It doesn’t really increase the cost of the battery that much.”

Most new releases from big smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Asus, Huawei and LG feature expanded slot for 128GB memory which may be increased in future if Samsung’s new chip, 3-bit NAND-based Embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) 5.0 storage is brought into use.

Do you believe SanDisk and Kingston make bad quality microSD cards and do you believe microSD cards impede optimal functioning of smartphones. Most importantly, do you think Xiaomi Mi 4i is better better off without external memory. Do drop in your comments with your opinion.